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Earthuakes and Volcanoes FYI For Your Information Summary ☆ 108 ☆ ❴Reading❵ ➷ Earthuakes and Volcanoes FYI For Your Information Author Melissa Stewart – Where do earthuakes happenWhat was the biggest volcanic eruptionWhat causes these natural disastersCan scientiWhere do earthuakes happenWhat was the biggest Volcano. SynopsisThe basics of plate tectonics are explained in this vividly colored and easy to read bookReviewThis book is visually pleasing with its beautiful photographs and easy to understand graphics It contains a glossary index and suggestions for related books and websites The sections last no than two pages each and explain the basics of plate tectonics Charts list things like the Richter scale along with what the numbers would mean for people For example a magnitude 4 to 5 earthuake would be felt by most people solash water from glasses and small objects could fall and break In addition to the techinical information the book contains a few interviews with individuals in geological professions Even though some of language is a bit difficult this is an excellent choice for a child who wants to learn about this subjectCritical ReviewsChildren's LiteratureCL says this book is highly recommended Aside from the point that the content is dated since the Chinese earthuake of 2008 the reviewer loved the content and layout of this bookNo other reviews foundOther Bibliographic InformationPublished in 2008 by HarperCollins Publishers80 pages

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Es FYI PDF #180 volcanic eruptionWhat causes these nat. This book gives information about earthuakes and volcanoes and the other natural disasters that they cause This book is published by the Smithsonian and has information imbedded throughout the book that you can explore further online on their website The book also has fun did you know fats scattered throughout the book This book also talks about the types of people that study these phenomenon This book is easy to read and has many picture of these natural disaster for children to look at Recommended age 8 13Reading Level 3rd 6th grade

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Earthuakes and Volcanoes FYI For Your InformationUral disastersCan scientists predict when they'll occu. Superb This collaborative effort of author illustrators scientists and the Smithsonian Institution certainly raises the bar for crisp accurate and engaging scientific writing The photography is incredible and draws in the reader who will learn an incredible amount of informationGo to the Reading Tub for the full review