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Download The Secrets of Lost Stones kindle ´ 336 pages Þ Melissa Payne ✓ ❰BOOKS❯ ✭ The Secrets of Lost Stones Author Melissa Payne – A soul stirring novel about the bonds between mother and child and the redemption that comes with facing the pasA soul stirring novel about the bonds between mother and child and the redemption that comes with facing the past and letting it goThirty two year old Jess Abbot has lost everything her job her apartment and most heart wrenching her eight year old son Chance to a tragic accident Haunted by memories and grief Jess packs what’s l Actual 4255It’s not often that a new author's first novel “wows” me Really wows me But this one did and multiple times The Secrets of Lost Stones is a novel I already know I’m going to have trouble explaining and reviewing It’s one of those novels that caught me by surprise in a good way But also in a way that would make me stall if someone were to ask “What’s that book about?” That’s because I went into this book thinking it was going to be one thing only to come out realizing it’s something else entirely And that’s just part of the mystery surrounding this wonderful story You don’t uite know what you’re going to get or how all the pieces will connect So how can I explain a novel without revealing that secret?I didn’t mean for that last part to rhyme but I guess it did I’m going to roll with itThe story is told from two perspectives Star and Jess And while normally I’m not a fan of multiple perspectives as I feel it doesn’t allow the time to properly connect to characters I felt extremely connected to Jess and Star Connected in the sense that I knew where they were coming from; understood their troubles; understood and felt their emotions alongside them Therefore this is a rarity and uite possibly a first that I actually enjoyed—no—loved a dual perceptive This duality of storytelling added to the story; it not only added to the story but to the depth of the characters themselvesThe dual perspective adds to the story but I won’t say how or why I won’t because figuring out the importance between the perspectives is important to the story itself So I won’t spoil it But trust me the perceptive’s work really well and the flow from Star to Jess is great They also have their own distinct voices; if I was to flip to a random chapter right now I’m 100% sure I could tell you whose chapter it isThis is a fiction story but I also want to say it’s part mystery thriller and horror yes at times I would argue But it’s also a story that’s meaningful and important; it shows how many times we as humans think our stories don’t connect to other people when they can and they do — but sometimes we don’t always see that link At least not at first

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Eft and heads for the small mountain town of Pine Lake where she takes a position as caregiver to an eccentric old womanA rud clairvoyant Lucy is strange but welcoming and immediately intuits Jess as a “loose end” in need of closure But Jess isn’t the only guest in Lucy’s large Victorian home There’s also Star a teenage This book kept me up till the early hours which says plenty about it It was my Kindle First selection for August I enjoyed it so much and it held my interest throughout so though it's an old cliche it was absolutely gripping I adore the cover and this is the author's debut novel which is really impressiveIt's fascinating how this rag tag selection of very different people all end up sharing a house each with their own miserable pasts yet they make it work There were a lot of surprises along the way for sure Also some comedic moments among them Yet one passage made me terribly sniffy as well My favourite character was Star I'd sayshe had a really good heartMy only real critiue in this story is that she utilises a few descriptions too often such as the amount of time a character sighs pressing arms into bellies pulling a ponytail tight hugging arms across chests then stuffing hands under thighs They were all used too often I didn't stumble upon one mistake till I was 85% in and it was where a fullstop was used and not a comma then for paper clipped I'd have added a hyphen I'd have disagreed with the final sentence too and would've left it out However that is bloody good going for a new author and coupled with the absorbing storyline she has a real winner on her hands I reckonI'll definitely look out for her next book This one is well worth a go trust me

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The Secrets of Lost StonesRunaway with a secret too painful to share And the little boy with heart shaped stones who comes with a hope for reconciliation and a warningSoon Jess learns that she’s not the only lost soul running from the ghosts of the past She and Star have been brought together for a reason to be saved by the very thing that destroyed th Not too bad for an Prime First Book I do like a magic realism story and as a teacher I'm always interested in teen stories The setting is a part of the US I am unfamiliar with so that's a nice perk No uestion that the author Melissa Payne is a storytellerI enjoyed the characters especially Star and Lucy The entire plot toggles back and forth between Jess's and Star's point of view but in third person sometimes overlapping a bit As in life everyone understands experiences slightly differentlyI enjoyed the pacing; it kept me reading But I was freuently frustrated by the stop and start teaser like plot We almost know the answer for Jessbut wait No New chapter about Star We'll come back to Jess later Similarly the story felt repetitive to me view spoiler How many times will Star go back and forth Stay Leave Stay Leave? I realize that this indecision is normal in a situation like this But we don't need it so often to get the general idea And Jess? Even though she was understandably broken by her son's death we the readers are smart enough to get the point once or twice that she is reluctant to open up to Star I didn't count how many times she hesitated but it was than necessary hide spoiler