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SUMMARY ´ Guarding the Moon A Mother's First Year ¾ ➽ [Reading] ➿ Guarding the Moon A Mother's First Year By Francesca Lia Block ➲ – The author of the critically acclaimed award–winning Weetzie Bat books offers a compelling celebration of the first year of her child's lifeGuardPregnancy through her baby's first birthday This uniue but far–reaching story makes for a gem Guarding the ePUB #9734 of a book. This is a poetic memoir detailing the author's feelings during her pregnancy and her child's first year The language was beautiful and felt like an honest recounting of the joys fears and sleep deprived craziness of new motherhood Though the book takes a bit of a romantic look at the experience I loved the way that the author's love for her baby came through the vibrant language At the same time the author honestly reflected on the frustrations and annoyances feeling a loss to her marital relationship fear for the safety of her daughter even when there was nothing to worry about desire to have time to herself while simultaneously feeling a physical need to hold her daughter at all times Reading this helped me to reflect on my own feelings as the mother of a baby girl Recommended for mothers wanting to read about the experience

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The author of the Moon A Epub #225 critically acclaimed award–winning Weetzie Bat books offers a compelling celebration of the f. What I wanted Tori Amos's book to be really Mystical practical honest yet artful FLB is kind of like a less totally mean version of Tori anywayA reflection on the first year of motherhood of FLB She's still her silly self and it is interesting to realize that she totally just wants to be Weetzie Bat and that's not a bad thing She doesn't change that much in motherhood there is a lot of reflection on beauty and awkwardnesses and sad times and good times She talks about nursing a lot and how mother and child nourish each other in very basic and also profound terms Mostly I like it because she manages to sustain and integrate the joy and terror and even some of the mundane of motherhood for the whole book without getting technical or whiny about it I kind of want my mommy to read it


Guarding the Moon A Mother's First YearIrst year of her child's lifeGuarding the Moon chronicles the joys and terrors of motherhood from the early stages of the author's. Guarding the Moon is Ms Block's poetic nonfiction book detailing her experiences in the first year of being a mother Her daughter Jasmine is the subject of this book though her name is mentioned only once in the actual text; all through the narrative she is referred to by fifty odd nicknames Here she gives us a story of pain fear wonder sadness and love centered around her baby girl and her family and personal life including touching recollections of her own adolescence her struggles with eating disorders her changing self image her miscarriages her experiences with yoga and nursing and her own relationship with her mother Reading this book gives one a powerful understanding of what being a mother is like for one uniue woman and most readers will see pieces of themselves in her experience