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Roger Williams Lives and LegaciesN for a general audience Readers follow Roger and Mary Williams on their journey to Boston where he soon became embroiled in many controversies most notably his claim that the colonists had unjustly Williams Lives and PDFEPUB #193 taken Native American lands and his argument that civil authorities could not enforce religious duties Soon banished for these troubling if farsighted views Williams wandered for fourteen weeks in bitter snow until he bought land from the Narragansett Indians and founded Providence which soon became a sanctuary for religious. Even though it is listed as juvenile literature I thought that this was a great book There were definitions of some difficult words which I did not need and there were uite a few pictures which only enhanced the well written prose but the life and work of Williams is by no means dumbed down Roger Williams has long been one of my heroes and after reading this book I am even appreciative of his beliefs about religious freedom and his efforts to insure religious freedom in Rhode IslandI hope a lot of juveniles read this book But even I hope a lot of conservative Christians especially conservative Baptists as well as many people who have a negative view of Christianity because of the Religious Right will read this book

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free read Roger Williams Lives and Legacies ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❮Read❯ ➪ Roger Williams Lives and Legacies Author Edwin S. Gaustad – The founder of Rhode Island and of the first Baptist Church in America an original and passionate advocate for relFreedom and a refuge for dissenters of all stripes The book discusses Williams' journey back to London where he sought legal recognition of his colony spread his enlightened views on Native Americans and alongside John Milton fought passionately for religious freedom Gaustad also describes how the royal charter of Rhode Island obtained by Williams in would become the blueprint of religious freedom for many other colonies and a foundation stone for the First Amendment Here then is a vibrant portrait of a great American who is truly worthy of remembrance. a nice short introduction to the fascinating founder of rhode island it seems to have been written for a younger reader though maybe high school or freshmen in college he explains simple concepts like a dowry or what a 'tract' of land is rather strange but a nice intro to the man nonetheless i'm going to seek out a substantial biography now

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The founder Lives and PDF #204 of Rhode Island and of the first Baptist Church in America an original and passionate advocate for religious freedom a rare New England colonist who befriended Native Americans and took seriously their culture and their legal rights Roger Williams is the forgotten giant among the first English colonists Now Edwin S Gaustad a leading expert on Roger Williams eBook #203 the life of Roger Williams offers a vividly written and authoritative biography of the most far seeing of the early settlers the first such biography writte. Interesting short read on Roger Williams Williams was the father at least in America of the concept of religious freedom He started the city of Providence got the charter for Rhode Island and founded the first Baptist church in America He befriended the Indians wrote about them and actually purchased land from them for Providence He believed in the liberty of conscience for all men no matter of what religion or even lack of religion He also was a staunch advocate of the complete separation of church and state He was a fiercely religious man who was a college educated minister and who studied his Bible consistently Oh and this was all in the early 1600s before John Locke Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine