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Read & Download Plastic by Frank Strausser ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ❰Download❯ ➵ Plastic Author Frank Strausser – Dr Harry Previn the renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is secretly called in to operate on the disfigured face of the ravishiImage makers who value beauty over all else he soon fears Fay is in mortal danger Will he risk everything to save her beauty her life or himselfPlastic is a novel of psychological suspense about a hei. You can read this and all of my reviews at Lit·Wit·Wine·DineWhen I first noticed Plastic being posted on Instagram a couple of months ago I knew I had to read it I was absolutely thrilled when Suzy of Suzy Approved Book Tours asked me if I wanted to participate in the blog tour I was drawn to this book as I suspect many readers will be because of my interest in society’s obsession with plastic surgery and the real or perceived need for Hollywood’s elite to maintain a certain level of youth andor beauty to maintain their careers and continue feeling attractive to their partners This book contained all of those elements with some darker twists that made it uite uniueDr Harry Previn has a lot going on His marriage is falling apart and he can’t seem to grasp why that is One of his patients has recently died His world is slowly coming apart at the seemsWhen he is summoned to help a beautiful young actress who has sustained some pretty horrible facial injuries he begins his journey into a darker part of Hollywood life Are Fay’s “people” benevolent friends and business associates looking to help her avoid unnecessary negative press and stress Or is there something else going on Plastic was a very uick and very interesting read Even if I didn’t know that Frank Strausser was a playwright I’d say this book would easily lend itself to film adaptation I do hope that it gets optioned if it hasn’t already I would definitely read Frank Strausser’s work in the futureMany thanks to Rare Bird Books and Suzy Approved Book Tours for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Nous crime that leads to a desperate Hollywood cover up Welcome to “The Capital of Good Looks” an ephemeral world of celebrity and beauty crashing at the intersection of Hollywood and rock and roll. Who Are YouWith personalities than Sybil this book didn’t seem to know what it wanted to beI thought I was on the MysteryThriller train based on the premise However the book focused on the doctor’s failed marriage his and his wife's separate artistic pursuits and the shallowness of Hollywood Not to mention that he was without emotional depth himselfI was put off by the doctor's attitude toward his patients and especially when one takes an unfortunate turn His character was written with sympathy but I felt anything butSo in writing this I figured out what this book was Superficial and empty despite the words on the page Great cover thoughI'd settled in for a thriller so I didn't finish

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Plastic by Frank StraussDr Harry Previn the renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is secretly called in to operate on the disfigured face of the ravishingly beautiful teen pop star Fay Wray following an assault Surrounded by. Here's what the book should have focused onA prominent plastic surgeon is blackmailed into keeping his silence while helping a beautiful pop star that has been brutally assaulted with a wine bottle to her perfect face“It’s a rare man who can heal a woman with a knife”She and her handlers are at a loss as to what is going to become of her career and are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to keep the cash flowingCool premise huhHere's what the book actually focused onThe surgeons careerhis carhis househis marriagehis patientshis pretentious sculptinghis soon to be ex wifeher failed fertility treatmentsher 20lb weight gainher hormonal meltdownher fledgling art careerdid I mention she's gained 20lbs There's way too much superficial background noise and not enough focus on the meat of the story This might fly for a Netflix series but not as a book