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Violence Unveiled Humanity at the Crossroads review ½ eBook or Kindle ePUB å ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Violence Unveiled Humanity at the Crossroads By Gil Bailie ✼ – This is a Girardian influenced engagingly written classic on the nature of violence and the hope for ovThis is a Girardian influenced Humanity at Kindle #211 engagingly written classic on the nature of. Rene Girard's work on sacrificial culture Christian theology and modern theory remains for me the most compelling work of the past decades Apparently the same can be said of Gil Bailie a Christian theologian who heads his own California institute This book is an extended reflection and restatement of Girard's importance for modern evangelicals Worth reading but perhaps the casual reader would do better to go straight to Girard himself Read on the train ride back home

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Violence and the hope for overcoming it in our conflict ridden world It is also a literary work an o. This is an amazing book with tons of insights into the formation of human culture and the role Jesus' death and resurrection played in teaching the world about the myth of sacred violence Bailie is trying to describe the insights of Rene Girard a French cultural critic who is a prolific but difficult to understand writer Even my very intelligent husband gave up on Girard and searched for an easier read Girard believes that humanculture was founded on violence as a way to create cohesion among groups of people Just think about how countries band together in times of war Sacred Violence is the role religion plays in given violence legitimacy Bailie's book isn't for the lighthearted either however It took stamina to read the first half of the book where he lays the groundwork of Girard's theory The last half of the book became much interesting as he applied the theory to the Old and New Testaments My effort was well worth it though I had many aha moments that really got me thinking If you've ever wondered how the God of love could be so violent in the Old Testament you should read this book I recommend another book for those interested in a very easy to read introduction to the topic It's called The Wicked Truth When Good People Do Bad Things Suzanne is a friend of mine who introduced me to Girard's theory She uses the musical Wicked to explain Girard's theory about mimetic desire and scapegoating She uses lots of interesting examples from her own personal life too If you've seen Wicked or read the book by McGuire check out Suzanne's book

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Violence Unveiled Humanity at the CrossroadsFten miraculous interplay between Violence Unveiled PDF or cultural documents and historical periods. This book changed my understanding of Christianity and the meaning of the cross of Christ It forced my Christian views to go deeper than ever before I won't say I understand it all now or that I believe without reservations But forcing a better and thoughtful understanding was powerful for me