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Forbidden FruitVeterinarian assistant Ava Sweet has lusted after bad boy Luke McGiffin since high school and she's tired of him treating her like a kid sister It's time to show the hunky roofer her feminine side The plan let Jen her best friend give her a makeover and then tempt Luke right out of his sexy jeans But can Ava handle a man with such strong appetites or is she in over her head TO MY REA. Read this little diddy this morning pre work I don't know I just don't feel like the title fits I didn't feel the forbidden ness of this forbidden fruit It's simply one of those storied where two people like each other but don't realize it for a long time Nothing forbidden just two people holding onto their ego and pride rather than risking those and taking a chanceOddly there is almost an anal scenealmost They decide to do it she rolls onto stomach exposing bumhe's pouring warming lube onto said bumand the chapter ends No biggie except for the fact that the scene isn't continued in a later chapter I feel like I was watching something PG14 and we all know what's going to happen but because it isn't R rated the camera just sort of sweeps away from the couple before we get to see any of the really good bitsI'm not clear on why this anal scene was included It didn't further the plot in any way sometimes they do it wasn't written for the smut factor we didn't get there it's just there as if Anne Rainey wanted to be risue but then couldn't follow through or reached her word limit This anal ridiculousness lowered the rating for the book Also the dirty talk wasn't umm inspired I felt akward reading itSo yes 1 star out of 5 Skip this one all together There's better stuff out there

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DER It's a pleasure for me to create less than perfect heroines that are easy to relate to and I especially had fun with Ava Sweet She's one tough lady but with a soft center She deserved a hunky bad boy to show her just how beautiful she is I dearly hope you enjoy Ava's transformation from shy tomboy to sexy siren ABOUT THE AUTHOR Anne lives in a small town way out in the middle of. this is a great short story about Ava and Luke Ava is best friends with Luke's sister Jen and has been in love with him since high school but thinks he would never like her Luke has wanted Ava just as long but neither has said anything When the truth comes out about how they feel about each other there's no looking back This is how a short story should be written the story line and pace worked great for this novella and though not long I cared about everyone in the book The Ending of this book was great I would defiantly read books from Anne Rainey again

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Read & download Ê Forbidden Fruit ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ [Reading] ➬ Forbidden Fruit ➳ Anne Rainey – Veterinarian assistant Ava Sweet has lusted after bad boy Luke McGiffin since high school and she's tired of him treating her like a kid sister It's time to showNo where ville She is a gorgeous blonde with wonderful curves and a money tree in the backyard Clearly Anne is a mere figment A ghostly figure that pops in and out of my head like a drive by author Nevertheless I do so love it when she's visiting because her imagination really is wickedly delicious She'll bring you fantasies and erotic delights that will have you grabbing the ice wat. I liked this uick hot read I think I missed something though I don't get how the title ties into the story There was nothing forbidden about their love Ava was Luke's sisters best friend nothing very forbidden about thatI did like how she stood up to him when she heard him talking about her She didn't run away in shame like many others would have