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Free read ✓ Code Name Genesis 100 ☆ ✹ [BOOKS] ✭ Code Name Genesis By Sawyer Bennett ❃ – A USA Today Bestselling Novel Years ago we were in love She was an up and coming superstar and I was the security professional hired to keep her safe We fell hard and fast no matter how much we tried A UA USA Today Bestselling Novel Years ago we were in love She was an up and coming superstar and I was the security professional hired to keep her safe We fell hard and fast no matter how much we tried to resist one another But Code Name MOBI #233 not everyone around us was happy about our relationship and a string of lies and deceit destroyed what we once had I moved on from her and didn’t look backNo. In theory this should have been just my cuppa tea but sadly Kynan I really can't call him the hero ruined it for me The book starts off with him having sex with another woman no issues there he was footloose and fancy free What I abhorred was that he did it in front of a woman who was deeply traumatised after being attacked and almost strangled by her stalker and who also happened to be his ex Who does that A bloody big fat baby who had issues because she dumped him rightly or wrongly TWELVE years ago Seriously He continued to be an utter unadulterated arsehole to her and she's such a bloody push over she let him What an odious pillock he wasThere was no grovel no real apology either Instead it was all just brushed away or disregarded Hello can you say underdeveloped plot What should have been an angst filled feels fest fizzled into almost nothing though we did get the momentous TSTL occasion where she almost got herself killed again SighAnother thing that annoyed me if you're going to write the character as British then get the terminology right Sodden is wet soggy saturated SODDING British slang was the correct word to use Really disappointed with this one

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W I’ve taken the helm of a nationally renowned protective services company and I’m looking to rebrand my career The newly crowned Jameson Force Security is moving from the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to the mountainous steel town of Pittsburgh and the last thing I have time for is to deal with my pastMore than a decade has passed since our split but even a bruised and battered heart remembers it. 45 StarsARC provided by author I'd loved him so much There had been a time when he'd been my entire world and sole future I felt such an intense connection with him I remember when there wasn't anything I wouldn't have done for this man had he asked Joslyn Meyers is a world famous actor and singer in Hollywood Originally from Montana she’s now a celebrity living in Santa Barbara Her life is thrown into chaos when she suddenly has a crazy stalker after her He’s been harassing her for a while but she didn’t realize what a real threat he was until he made an attempt on her life She’s in serious danger and she knows she needs help There are a lot of great security firms out there but the only person she trusts to protect her is her ex Kynan McGrath He owns and runs Jameson Force Security and he’s the best She hasn’t seen him in about a decade but she has to convince him to take her caseKynan McGrath lives and works in Vegas where his company has became the go to private security contractor He recently decided to expand their covert operations part and they weren’t focusing as much on celebrities so when his ex Joslyn shows up in Vegas wanting him to guard her he first says no Then he learns how serious things are and decides he’s the one for the job He would catch the psychopath that was after Joslyn and then they would part ways He would keep things professional and there would be nothing between them but business She’s nothing but a client but that doesn’t mean he can deny how beautiful she is or how she still has the power to affect him after all these years Joslyn Meyers is an irresistible siren She takes my breath away This Joslyn is a grown woman now one who does as she pleases and takes what she wants I like it a lot When I'm in Joslyn's presence it's difficult to think about anything other than how beautiful she is Our bond was forged twelve years ago and I had once thought it was broken It isn't It was only put on ice Now it's been thawed and has since heated to nuclear proportions Joslyn is stressed and scared Her life lately had become about fear survival and fighting her feelings for Kynan that are resurfacing He’d once been the love of her life and being around him was difficult Her British ex was even gorgeous than she remembered The years had been good to him even though he was a little harder and rougher around the edges They’d split up twelve years ago after she thought he’d betrayed her and it hadn’t been pretty She’d gone on to chase her dreams and pursue her career and now she learns they were both manipulated and everything they thought was a lie After she learns the truth leaving Kynan is her biggest regretKynan dated Joslyn when she was a 19 yr old Vegas pop singer early in her career They were in love and then it ended abruptly when she left him behind without so much as a backward glance He’d followed her career and always wondered what if He was bitter for years and had thought he’d moved past it but she still got to him The connection was still there and he realizes she’s than just a job to him They both soon come to know they never really moved on after they broke up Have they missed their chance or is there something still between them worth saving and fighting forCode Name Genesis is James Force Security #1 by Sawyer Bennett I first met this couple in their novella Wicked Force and was happy to get of their story as they find their way back to one another This was a fantastic second chance romance full of love passion action mystery danger and excitement I really enjoyed it and look forward to in this series NOW AVAILABLE

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Code Name GenesisS first love So when Joslyn Meyers comes to me for help I reluctantly agree to keep her safe from a terrifying stalker who keeps threatening her lifeAs the danger continues to intensify it becomes clear that I’ll stop at nothing to protect the woman who turned her back on me all those years ago Because one thing is certain no matter how hard I try to convince myself otherwise Joslyn still has my hear. Kynan is just so kick ass I've been so looking forward to this book Kynan first came into my life yes my life back in the first Wicked Horse Vegas book He has been popping up in and out in that series and then finally he got his own story in Cocktales That was just a tease at what was to come then there was in the Big Sky crossover series Wicked Force So you see this guy needed his book and the author has been a big tease and made me wait until now I finally got my hands on him and wow this book was so so worth the wait Kynan and Joslyn's relationship as been so hard It hasn't been smooth in any way and the way things ended wasn't great either But now 12 years later Joslyn need Kynan than ever She has a stalker that has gotten way to close and she needs him He's the only guy she trusts even though he's the one that broke her heart Kynan didn't think that he would even see Joslyn again and he didn't want to either After the way she broke things off with him after they had gotten so close to each other He didn't want to see her But love doesn't die he had a strong connection to her in such a small amount of time But she break that with one call Now she needed him he wasn't goin to make it easy for her but he has a job to do Even though she broke him he would protect her She still meant something to him no matter what happened This book was amazing I luvd every bit of it As you can tell I luv Kynan his character is brilliant He is so alpha strong protective and can be a complete prat But he's a man so I 'll let him away with that But when the guys loves he loves and Joslyn has never left his mind Joslyn has been the same to Kynan meant the world but she needed him now than ever It killed the both of them being close again But she knew he could protect her The sexual tension between them was stronger than ever but it has alway been that way Now things were different there was only one thing the same they still loved each other no matter how much they didn't want to This story was so good I really liked the twists and turns and was full of drama I really liked the characters and the getting to know the characters that will be in the following books I'm really looking forward to of this series I like that it's different to the rest of the books the authors writes She doesn't normally do action pack book It's sexy and sports but I have to say I really enjoyed this and dying for of it I would highly recommend it this book I couldn't put it down once I started it Bring on of The Jameson Forces