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The Fate of Fausto A Painted Fable Read Õ 104 Ø [Reading] ➻ The Fate of Fausto A Painted Fable ➱ Oliver Jeffers – There was once a man who believed he owned everything and set out to survey what was his“You are mine” Fausto said to the flower the sheep and the mountain and they bowed beThe flower the sheep and the mountain and they bowed before him But they were not enough for Fausto so he conuered a boat and The Fate Kindle set out to seaWorking for the. I found myself feeling uite surprised by Jeffers’ latest release By far this feels like one of his most daring childrens books and one that felt far powerful to me than his other work Taking on an entirely different darker and foreboding tone to his previous stories I felt a shift in Jeffers’ reflections on the world the power of his narrative and perhaps a sense that he was hoping to evoke a different response in his readers The Fate of Fausto is a fable of sorts telling the tale of a man mad with greed and overcome by an inflated perception of his own power Believing he owns the world Fausto sets off to look at his possessions and remind them that they belong to him Unfortunately for Fausto nature is not always submissive The way that Jeffers used sizing within his illustrations to amplify Fausto’s sense of self importance and superiority over nature was so clever It felt to me that the reader was offered the opportunity to observe how Fausto perceived himself whilst also viewing Fausto from the perspective of the nature surrounding him There are so many thoughtful contrasts with each turning page; a lovely example including the sea being depicted as a small suiggle when Fausto asserts his power and gradually building to a full page bleed as it refuses to yield Really powerful in demonstrating the insignificance of man who becomes a minute dot against the mightiness of nature I was so interested in Jeffers choice to use lithography a traditional time consuming and unforgiving techniue that is difficult to control What a fitting choice considering the themes of this text and one that has produced some extremely striking defiant images Jeffers narrator really intrigued me specifically in considering just who narrates this tale Are these words spoken by nature sent to warn us or is this a cautionary tale repeatedly retold through the generations Jeffers moves away from the handwritten typography that he normally uses in his stories replaced by uite a hard font To me this added to the sense that this narrative was an age old tale and also built a necessary impersonal atmosphere fitting with the nature of Jeffers’ story A fantastic book which has so much room for thought and interpretation I hope that Jeffers continues in this direction

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First time in traditional lithography Oliver Jeffers combines Fate of Fausto A Painted Kindle art with prose hand set using traditional lead type to create a modern day fabl. Hmmmm I'm a big Oliver Jeffers fan and I appreciate this parable about greed illustrated surprisingly I didn't know until I read it via traditional lithographic printmaking Printmaking takes a LOT of compositional planning so it's a nice study of the book to know that each of Jeffers' minimal lines and gestures is very intentional even as they still look loose and childlike Still this is one of those extra long not uite clear about audience adultchild picture books The story would probably be best enjoyed with discussion by kids 8 and up Bonus I love a touch of neon Bonus 2 Don't miss the moral via the Vonnegut uote at the end I love it

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The Fate of Fausto A Painted FableOf Fausto eBook #10003 There of Fausto A Painted eBook #241 was once a man who believed he owned everything and set out to survey what was his“You are mine” Fausto said to. 275 STARS A Coffee Table Book – Ok ish but Not a Book I will Remember I like the message in this little book a good message for kids to learndiscover but I don’t think this book depicts the message as wonderfully as it could have The illustrations for me were disappointing they didn’t captivate my gaze and have me sighing in pleasure as I wished I could draw like the illustrator Plus very little is written I know this is a children’s book but there was than one page with only one sentence and no illustrationsA book I’m glad I didn’t purchaseFree copy provided by