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reader ä A Transcontinental Affair Kindle Edition read ¸ [Download] ✤ A Transcontinental Affair Author Jodi Daynard – A sweeping tale of adventure and danger innovation and corruption and two women whose lives intertwine in unexpected ways on America’s first transcontinental train triHan she is in the man awaiting her arrival As the celebrated train moves westward the women move toward one another pulled by an unexpected attractionBut there is danger in this closeness just as there is in the wilds of the frontier and in the lengths the railroad men will go to protect their investments Before their journey is over Louisa and Hattie will find themselves very far from where they intended to I liked the idea of this than the actual book It has a fairly slow start and I didn't find the plot or the romance particularly engaging Also some of the characters came across to me as stereotypes andor somewhat flat

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A sweeping tale of adventure and danger innovation and corruption and two women whose lives intertwine in unexpected ways on America’s first transcontinental train trip May Crowds throng the Boston station mesmerized by the mechanical wonder huffing on the rails the Pullman Hotel Express the first train to travel from coast to coast Boarding the train are congressmen railroad presidents and even George Pull ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5A Transcontinental Affair is my first time reading a novel by Jodi Daynard but it definitely won't be my last This was such a great historical fiction novel and one that I will remember for a long time to come A Transcontinental Affair focuses on the Pullman Hotel Express which is the first train to travel cross country from Massachusetts to California Before reading this book I knew absolutely nothing about this train or even when the first train traveled from coast to coast 1870 There was such a plethora of information in this book and I really enjoyed learning about this piece of our history that I knew nothing about I really loved the main three young women that the book mostly focuses on which are Hattie Louisa and Julia Hattie is traveling to San Francisco to marry a fiancé she has never met Louisa is the daughter of a Reverend sent aboard to work for a wealthy family as a governess and Julia is on board with her father who also ends up being Hattie's chaperone so to speak Hattie was such a strong character and she was so knowledgeable and inuisitive about so many things that I loved reading from her viewpoint It took me longer to warm up to Louisa but in the end she was completely endearing A Transcontinental Affair is only the second book I have read with a LGBT theme and it definitely wasn't too strong in this novel which might be why I didn't even know it was there until I read it There is also some violence towards both animals and people which could end up being a trigger warning for some This book is set in the days when Native Americans were still called 'Injuns' if that tells you anything Even though there was violence there were also so many things that made me laugh and usually it was because of Hattie Basically the only reason that I didn't give this book a 5 is because it tended to get a little confusing especially when there were a lot of things going on Other than that I absolutely loved the gem that is A Transcontinental Affair Final Thought I think most historical fictions lovers will be a fan of this book and if you love setting details you will definitely find them in A Transcontinental Affair I actually felt like I was on the train while reading which was something I personally really enjoyed I also really loved the ending and was so satisfied with what happened I can't wait to read books by Daynard Thank you to NetGalley for my advanced review copy All opinions and thoughts are my own

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A Transcontinental AffairMan himself For two young women strangers until this fateful day it’s the beginning of a journey that will change their livesSensitive Louisa dreads the trip but with A Transcontinental ePUB #9734 limited prospects she’s reluctantly joined the excursion as a governess to a wealthy family Hattie is traveling to San Francisco to meet her fiancé yet she’s far interested in the workings of the locomotive t Where's the disclaimer on this story I would like to be told in advance the story is about a gay romance I wouldn't have wasted my First Read opportunity on this book Everybody skirts around the elephant in the room book but nobody has the nerve to call it like it is I am not a homophobe I'm just tired of having the whole gay agenda shoved down my throat or in this case snuck into my bedtime reading