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read قصر الشوق doc ½ Paperback Í naguib mahfouz è [Ebook] ➤ قصر الشوق Author Naguib Mahfouz – بعد وفاة فهمى ابن السيد أحمد عبدالجواد، تمر خمس سنوات، ويخرج الأب إلى الحياة لقد انتقلت بنابعد وفاة فهمى ابن السيد أحمد عبدالجواد، تمر خمس سنوات، ويخرج الأب إلى الحياة لقد انتقلت بناته بعد زواجهن إلى حى قصر الشوق بالجمالية خلال العشرينات من هذا القرن، حيث ولدت زنوبة فى بيت العالمة زبيدة ولم يلتفت إليها السيد عبد الجوا This second book in The Cairo Trilogy follows the family and friends of Al Sayyid Ahmad as they pick up the pieces of personal disaster and move on The grip of the patriarch over his family loosens and Egypt’s brittle social structure begins to demonstrate unexpected strengths The action starts in 1924; seven years have passed since the first book endedThis continuation I thought to be as good as Palace Walk Here Mahfouz exerts the same masterful control over the narrative Character development is delectable and the author knows exactly what and how much to say to give readers an engaging picture of each person A humorous side shows in this volume than in the first One typical gem comes to us when the Theory of Evolution suddenly takes center stage in the plot On the other hand this family and its friends need little help from theories to entertain readers with their ordinary antics Such is the mirthfulness that even people who don’t usually smile while reading might find themselves making a concession to these pagesLike the first this second book in The Cairo Trilogy is exceptional literature Anyone who likes the first book will do well to take up this one too Palace of Desire will extend a special appeal to older readers who will relate warmly to many of the characters who animate the saga As with its predecessor I gave this book the highest rating because I saw no way the author could have improved on what he actually wrote

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صلة بينهما وتتزوجه بعد أن تهجر السيد أحمد وتدخل أسرتهم كزوجة محترمة لابنه أما كمال، فيحب عايدة أخت صديقه لكنها ترفض الزواج منه وتتركه يكفر بالمبادئ والمثل التى لطالما آمن بها، بعد أن تعايره بفقره وتتزوج من أحد أصدقائهم الأثرياء The second of the Cairo Trilogy picks up around 7 years after the end of Palace Walk review herein 1924 The Al Jawad family is moving on from the death of Fahmy and the ageing patriarch Ahmad is slowly losing control over his family as they move into adulthoodThese books are named for the street where the action mostly occurs book one for the family home on Palace Walk this book is named for the house of Yasin on Palace of Desire Alley The third book is named for Sugar Street where the families of Khadija and Aisha liveThis book largely focusses on the three male members of the family Ahmad the hidden and hedonistic lifestyle having to slow with his age also being discovered slowly by his sons; eldest Yasin who furthers his 'pursuit marriage and divorce' cycle; and youngest Kamal the young scholar who is in pursuit of his beloved Aida seeking to determine his career choices and growing from boy to man The central plot themed by the fact that each of these men make fools of themselves in their pursuit of women who were not good for them I have tried not to illustrate the plot than general themes as there is no reason to spoil it for future readersThere is enough side story and background to keep us up to date with the progress of Khadija and Aisha who are both married and have children and the ever subservient Amina trying to keep her family together and at peaceThe writing style changes a little from Palace Walk in that the uick fire short chapters I enjoyed so much swapping from character to character are gone The chapters are longer and sometime subseuent chapters stick with the same character With Kamal in particular we are subjected on purpose to demonstrate his torment to his long torturous inner monologues on his unreuited love his religious thoughts and his changed philosophical viewpoint These changes make this book a little less readable for me interrupted as my reading time often is by an 8 month old baby competing for my attentionsupervisionAs with the first book there are dramatic events left open in the last few pages to whet the appetite for Overall I still really enjoyed the second in this trilogy and I look forward to getting to the third Four stars for me the same as Palace Walk although perhaps that should have been five stars as it is still slightly superior to this one

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قصر الشوق وقد ترك حياة الليل، يقرر عبد الجواد العودة إلى منزل زبيدة العالمة ويفاجأ بأن طفلة الأمس زنوبة قد كبرت وأصبحت فتاة توقع زنوبة السيد عبد الجواد فى حبها وتقنعه بشراء عوامة لها، ولكنها فى نفس الوقت تحب ياسين ابنه دون ان تعرف حقيقة ا It pales out when compared to the first volume of the trilogy The narrator spends far lesser time with the female characters And the three male characters are all obsessed with desire love or list as the case may be There are some beautiful lines all around though the only point of interest is Kamal's troubles as he discovers Darwin's evolution theory and struggles to find a place for his religious beliefs Kamal is author's alter ego and Mahfouz did go through a similar crisis which gave birth to 'Children of Alley' upon discovery that Darwin's discoveries didn't agree with Islamic theory about how the world was created