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PDF ¼ BOOK Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues Mystic Bayou #25 í JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY æ ➱ [Read] ➬ Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues Mystic Bayou #25 By Molly Harper ➼ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Listening Length 3 hours and 3 minutesA hilarious new standalone novella brimmingUe’s data science department and so good looking it just isn’t fairIf there’s one thing Ingrid doesn’t need it’s someone poking around in her business But the she gets to know the hunky mathematician the she finds herself letting her guard down Can she trust him with her secrets or will her past destroy everythin This Tree Nymph was really blueI enjoyed this short little trip back to Mystic Bayou and catching up with that crazy gang of shifters I did find the heroine a little odd and she seemed very cranky and rude for most of the story The hero was way too sweet for her but I understood the effort he went to considering she was one of his first crushesThe narrators do a good job and I found them very easy to listen toThe mayor is still my favourite character in this series and every mention puts a smile on my faceI will keep an eye out for instalments in the future and hopefully they will be a wee bit longer

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And dragons live alongside humansIngrid Tree Nymphs Get PDF #186 doesn’t ask for much Tree Nymphs Get the Blues EpubThe solitary tree nymph just wants to live a uiet life running her ice cream shop in peace Unfortunately she can’t Tree Nymphs Get the Blues Epubseem to shake her new neighbor Rob Aspern head of the Leag Ingrid Asher is the newest resident of Mystic Bayou and the opening scene to this tale was hilarious Ingrid is a tree nymph She is socially awkward and untrusting around humans others and in particular the League She’s bought a farm and a local business where she plans to open a creameryRob Aspern head of the League’s data science department is also Ingrid’s neighbor Whenever he is around her he becomes socially inept and uite frankly it was hilarious Ingrid who is suspicious of everyone made it so by her reactionsI loved watching the romance unfold as Harper gave us a mix of adorkable and awkward moments Of course Jillian and Danica get involved How could they notTalk of mouth watering ice cream flavors had me making a trip to the local ice cream shop Then they had to go and mention pie 🥧🍦😍We learned a little about Mystic Bayou and the tearrift as Harper updated us on the town previous couples and The conflict could have been resolved with communication but wasn’t dragged out and led to character growth secrets and tender moments All of this added to the swoon and feelsI love listening to this series on audio The narrations have been stellar It captures the snark and personalities of these characters Amanda Ronconi and Jonathan Davis narrate the dual POV These two are perfect together They enhance the humor oddities and characters This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer

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Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues Mystic Bayou #25Nymphs Get ePUB #10003 Listening Length hours and minutesA hilarious new standalone novella brimming with otherworldly charm from the reigning ueen of paranormal romantic comedy Molly Even Tree EpubHarperIngrid Asher is the newest resident of Mystic Bayou a tiny town hidden in the swamp where shapeshifters vampires witches Ok I'm having real trouble on how to rate this For in general the story was ok Sure it was a romance and didn't really have any other plot points other than some character growth which is usually not my cup of tea but the book was free and short so not really a problem My problem is the representation For to me it seem the author thought ''I want to write a book about nymphs but that's been done so many times before so I just go to google hmmmhmmm there I just take the word Hulder and fling it on the nymph Oh they aren't just like the nymphs I want to write which is essentially Greek forest nymphs No matter I'll just make fun of the original mythos in the book and then it won't be a problem''Yeah I know I'm being all offended and petty but as a Norwegian that has always loved the story of Huldra this author just pissed all over my folks history If you as an author plan to borrow a religion history diveristy you're not yourself part of try to respect those that are please You owe us that curtesy if you're going to try to earn money based on us and our history Don't literally laugh at the things that made the stories you borrow And this is why I have trouble rating the bookI really want to give it a low rating because of this but the book in itself wasn't all that bad In the end I'm giving it a low rating so people maybe read this review and so actually get some accurat info on Huldra instead of the stuff in this book HuldraHuldra is one of the ''dark elves'' Hulder Nøkken Fossegrimmen troll ''dwarves'' The norse dwarves are the original Dark Elves living under ground and out of the sun but it had grown to encompase all of the mountain based creatures Huldra is a beautiful woman that would lure men into the woods and ''berga dem'' trap them in the mountain where they would be used for sex and entertainment as well as food The way to know if a woman was indeed an hulder was to lift her skirt they wore clothes like every other woman and see if they had a cow tail That was here in Norway in Sweeden they were said to have fox ears and in Finland and Norway they were said to have hollowed out backs like a rotten tree Their song was mesmerising and beautiful and their dance could lure even the strongest and most loyal man into the woods never to be seen again Sometimes a man might come back if he proved his worth to the people of the mountains but that seldom happenedA hulder would lose her tailearsfill out her back if she was ever properly married to a human man which she was free to do if she wanted to So no the hulder don't use trees as their life source they don't travel by tree but rather by underground tunnels dug out in the mountains and stones They do not live separate from humans but rather took part in their culture to lure away men or even fall in love