read Royal Monsters Savage Magic Academy #1 kindle Î Kindle Edition

kindle Royal Monsters Savage Magic Academy #1

read Royal Monsters Savage Magic Academy #1 kindle Î Kindle Edition õ [EPUB] ✷ Royal Monsters Savage Magic Academy #1 ✺ Avery Free – Every time they kill me it hurts a little The monsters of Savage Magic Academy need a whipping boy Only this year they’re getting a Every time they kill me it hurts Savage Magic PDFEPUB #193 a little The monsters of Savage Magic Academy need a whipping boy Only this year they’re getting a whipping girl instead and it just so happens to be me When the students’ magic burns within them When their monsters rage inside of them They won’t lose control on the unsuspecting humans outside our school That’s what I was brought here for But i I love this series so far It was short Cliffhanger made me glad book 2 is already out

kindle Þ Royal Monsters Savage Magic Academy #1 Ú Avery Free

F my own flesh and blood couldn’t break me these little shts don’t have a chance ROYAL MONSTERS is a bully academy reverse harem romance All the characters are over eighteen There is swearing and sexual situations It is also a series of Monsters Savage Magic PDFEPUB #193 “episodes” like television episodes Each story will be short and it will end on a cliffhanger but the next episode will come soon aft 5 starsTo keep it short I’m in love with this plot Like I completely love the idea and the authors writing skills are on point and there aren’t any grammar mistakes So you’re probably wondering why I only gave it 3 stars Well basically I can’t stand it when books are put into short episodes This isn’t a TV Show and the tiny portions of the story aren’t fulfilling Not to mention it’s a lot easier to forget what happens when you have to wait even as little as 2 weeks in between ‘episodes’ Just write the book and publish it Especially since this is the authors first series she really just doesn't have the followers to be doing this no offense author if you read thisBusiness wise it doesn’t make any sense either As a reader no matter how much I love the book I am uick to forget about it There are books that I would rate 10 stars only to forget about it by the time the seuel comes out Then I don’t read it at all In my personal opinion the best way to ensure you get the most consistent reads across all the books in a series is to release a FULL book then in 2 3 week intervals release the next book until all the books are out That's what CM Stunich did with Filthy Rich Boys and everybody was on the edge of their seats until the next book came out I'm not sure what I expect to happen by lowering the rating not much but hopefully the author reads this and understands it from the readers perspective Maybe my mini rant can guide an aspiring authorEdit I am giving back a star because at the time of this review the next episode wasn't supposed to be coming out for awhile but the author did end up publishing 'episode 2' uite fast I'm still not a fan of this whole episode book idea but since the episodes seem to be coming rather uick I'm ok with it I am glad that I remembered this book because it's definitely interesting

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Royal Monsters Savage Magic Academy #1F I can make it through the year if I can die over and over again without breaking then I might get the one Royal Monsters eBook #223 thing I need my little brother back None of them want me to know the truth They’re counting on me to fail But what they don’t know They aren’t the first ones to try to break me These students might think they’re monsters but they’re nothing compared to my parents And i Disappointing SeriesI read all the books so far in this series 5 books prior to writing this review hoping the books would improve Sadly this author does not do this story justice Whether it’s out of laziness to write an actual full length novel or something else it’s really a shame Each “episode” is less than 50 pages That’s about three chapters in an average adult novel They lack depth and tend to rush the story along with build up or description You’ll also be waiting longer than the author states for her next release even though it’s just 50 pages To the writinga lot of little errors that should’ve been caught in the first read through The sex scenes are like porn than erotic and I started skimming through them Such a shame care wasn’t taken in this plotit could’ve been an amazing read