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R eyes on meThey hate me simply because I’m a Norm If they knew who I truly am they’d tear me apart limb by limb But I’m done cowering away from Idols It’s time for the Norms to fight back and it all starts with me Wicked Gods is a steamy paranormal academy RH bully romanc I liked the premise of a segregated society with mortals and superpowered Idols and an in between class as well but some of the characters came off as a bit one note

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Wicked GodsNowhere is safe when the gods are wickedSince the beginning of times there have always been two sides Norms and IdolsBut never have the scales been so unbalanced as they are todayI’m a Norm which means I grew up in fear of the Idols and their godly powersAnd now I’m going to I would like book 2 now please Wicked Gods will give you a girl who falls in love with a couple of assholes These said assholes have all wanted to kill said girl at least once in this book Unfortunately for them not one of them actually harms her Breaks her heart into a million pieces ✔Bullies her ✔Lets others bully her ✔Falls in love with her ✔They really just hurt her pride but in a way each guys heart grows like 5oo times bigger because they start to develop feelingsEnter Daisy the girl we were talking about before She's a Norm who doesn't really like Idols They are a piece of work and were definitely born with a silver spoon in their mouths Idols also like to be treated as gods and Daisy wants no part in that The thing I love about Daisy is that she's a strong independent woman She has one mighty strong backbone and is definitely feistystubborn when it comes to her opinionbeliefs That is until four guys start to maneuver into her lifeheart The first moment they met they wanted to kill her Now a day later they all seem to be intriguedenad by herOf course this book has a ton of secrets I had no idea someone's mom was so close to the school or what is really going on with Daisy Why do people want to use her for something Maybe she isn't really a Norm but maybe a Fringe No idea but I have uestions that need answersThen there's the guys Rufio Bryce Morpehous and Phoenix Two are actual brothers but they all think of each other has family They are pretty high level idols as well so that makes them bad asses These guys all have one plan get Daisy to leave What they don't plan on his actually liking her and wanting to protect her to all the damage and chaos that they have createdOther than that the sexual tension is off the charts and I can't wait for the romance to be in the air The damn ending of a cliffhanger got me and now I'm hoping book 2 will give me answers than uestions

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Download Wicked Gods Ebook ´ ´ Johnscyclingdiary á ➶ Wicked Gods Free ➬ Author Michelle Hercules – Nowhere is safe when the gods are wickedSince the beginning of times there have always been two sides Norms and IdolsBut never have the scales been so unbalanced as they are tBe surrounded by them day and night I’ve been offered a place at the prestigious Gifted Academy an opportunity very few Norms getTo survive I must become invisible But my hope to get through the academy unscathed goes down the drain when the most powerful boys in school set thei I have no one but myself to blame for reading these kinds of books I don't like saying guilty pleasure because I wont feel guilty for things I enjoy but some how these fall into that category for me Its not necessarily the books fault on this one It follows the formula I think people like when it comes to this type of book the whole Bully romance academy shtick I am so over them yet I get desperate for something to read so I say fuck it and then the entire time im annoyed for reading it 99% of the time the girl is always such a cry baby push over and I mean I get it the guys are full on cruel assholes but that's the thing they are such assholes to me I dont ever see how they are redeemable at all like sorry but no I keep reading these because I hope to find a girl who takes all the have to give looks them in the eye and just laughs and laughs because they are so pathetic and moves on and finds a hot guy group off to the side to date and have fun with because they are nice view spoilerthe guys in this are just fucking pieces of shit like straight up like maybe they have some oh this is mean moments in their head but then they do it anyways as well as no one else is in their head so only us readers are seeing blips of their humanity so they just are still a straight up asshole and the one guy is just a bystander and lets it happen and were supposed to be like oh but hes nice to her like no hes not I feel genuinely scared for girls who read these and think this is okay I'm all for a bit of fantasy read but I knnnoowwwww there's girls out there who wont get that and this this is okay in real life and that's the part I cant deal with Also one guy is seemingly getting raped by his father as if that horrifying and disgusting thing is supposed to make us forgive how horrible he is to the main character I can feel it being set up so she finds out and she feels bad for him and see's him in a new light and forgives his shit treatment like no I can feel sympathy for a character but cant forgive the actions uhg hide spoiler