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FREE READ Magic Unchained Half Blood Academy #4 î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ➸ [Reading] ➺ Magic Unchained Half Blood Academy #4 By Meg Xuemei X. ➭ – I abandon all hope that my demigods will come for meIn Hell's Academy it's either kill or be eaten DemD one night with him and his three dukes They don't want to conuer my heart but they have every intention of riding my bodyI'm no longer the Marigold my demigods once fell in love with I've Unchained Half Blood PDF #200 become a nightmarish monster bred in an infernoYet when my mates find me they ins. AMAZING SERIES Loved every book AMAZING SERIES Loved every book Could not put it down OK I did for 6 12 hours I fell asleep now just been on coffee and finishing this last book They are ALL incredible Don't miss this series

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Ist I'm still their beautiful monster Now and foreverToo bad the truth is dirtier than they could ever imagine Magic Unchained is the fourth book in the Half Blood Academy series a reverse harem and enemies to lovers romance starring four handsome cruel yet overprotective demigods and a badass heroin. More bookish content and other reviews hereHell's Academy is nothing like Marigold expected Nothing like the Half Blood Academy the Demigod of War dragged her too so long ago All she can remember are the looks on their faces when she was taken When they found out who she really was what she had to do to save themI abandon all hope that my demigods will come for meThis book suddenly focuses on of Lucifers world Which is where she technically came from as we learn about Marigold's history The serious whiplash I felt reading this book was a lot I liked that the story was moving forward at a uicker pace That we were learning about this world I was just bored by it Frustrated because this felt like a book two vs four of a series I was over a few parts of the story so having to read that was frustrating to me I think this series is still interesting And worth the readJust not sure when I will finish the series

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Magic Unchained Half Blood Academy #4I abandon Half Blood eBook #10003 all hope that my demigods will come for meIn Hell's Academy it's either kill or be eaten Demons turn violence into an art form and they've marked me as their newest victimA charismatic archdemon offers me a way out Magic Unchained ePUB #9734 of the pit His price Spen. Time to embrace the demon heritage This is the 4th installment in the Half blood academy reverse harem series It does end on a cliffhanger as there is still one book to go being published in Feb 2020 I really do like the storyline of this series The sex scenes are steamy and the action throughout the book is great I’ve enjoyed watching Marigold come into her powers throughout the series but I do feel like the story is starting to be dragged out uite a bit In this book we see marigold begin to embrace her demon side while still needing to complete the mating bond with Paxton apparently that poor guys never gonna get to “finish” Also fair warning there is some “corniness” throughout the series The pet names the demigods use for our FMC ugh I cringe every time they use them Also the way they actually refer to them as “alphas” We get it they’re alphas we don’t need it shoved down our throats to convince us And then sometimes the way the demigods talk toabout our FMC I don’t know how to explain it other than being corny I didn’t notice any major grammatical errors but there was one detail that didn’t fit When our FMC drank blood from Loki the half humanhalf demon prince she said his blood was black but a little later in the book she stated that half bloods had red blood because of their human side only pureblood demons have black blood So how could Loki’s blood be black if he’s the half blood prince Idk if this was just an error she missed or if something will come from this in the next book and he won’t really be part human we shall see Last thing sex sex and sex I’m all about books with good shes scenes but I swear it seems that all they think about is sex I know they get caught up in a “mating frenzy” but hell even Lucifer could only think about sex with Lilith in his one POV chapter I just feel like everything revolves around getting to each other so they can have sex The demigods don’t even make it seem like they want to get to her to make sure she’s okay it’s just about getting to her so they can slide on in basically It’s still a good series and I do plan to finish it out It’s not an all consuming tilt my world off its axis kind of series but it’s definitely still a good read