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Prelude to ExtinctionEarth's first interstellar mission An alien colony in ruins Their fight for survival has only just begunWhen Jack Harrison climbed down the short ladder from the airlock and stepped onto the debris covered soil the ground crackled with the sound Prelude to PDF or of dried leaves and twigs Warm sunlight shined through his helmet making him almost forget the decade he just spent captaining Earth’s first ship to another star system The serene tropical surroundings though stood in stark contrast to th. Awful Just awfulSo first the positive Some of the “hard science” aspects of the book are really great Also the skeleton of the story the basic storyline is compelling Now for the real review This was uite possibly the worst book I’ve ever read The characters are so unlikable Even the good characters can be absolutely mindblowingly annoying The characters are completely one dimensional There are logical gaps and logical leaps galore I had constant innumerable “WTF” moments as I read I wound up reading the whole thing mostly out of morbid interest in how bad it could be like continuing to watch an awful movie just for the entertainment of how awful it is

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Iege offers little hope As they struggle to find a way home signs begin pointing to a danger darker than any they could have foreseen Jack knows that playing it safe may no longer be an option – but his only other choice is to confront a threat that they don’t even begin to understand“Fans of hard science fiction will particularly enjoy this thought out well paced tale of a small crew’s unintentional close encounter A highly engrossing and believable space exploration novel” Kirkus Reviews. I tried this hard science fiction It was engaging and entertaining the first half I'll just assume that a lot of the science was good because I'm not too much of a science person and it sounded believable But then it went downhill pretty fast and made it really hard to believe some of the stuff no spoilers even within the framework of the story Some behaviors made no sense at all And the lead character was dull and really flatboring But I do think the author has promise and I'll give his next book a try if he releases one because the book had a lot of promise

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Free download Prelude to Extinction è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î [PDF / Epub] ☉ Prelude to Extinction By Andreas Karpf – Earth's first interstellar mission An alien colony in ruins Their fight for survival has only just begunWhen Jack Harrison climbed down the short ladE long abandoned structures that lay nearby Evidence points to a massacre – the systematic extermination of an alien colony hundreds of millennia ahead of humanity Time however has erased any trace of the attackers Jack and his crew barely start probing the ruins before their curiosity betrays them as an abandoned alien device cuts them off from their main ship Lost and short on supplies survival soon becomes their only goal Even their short lived rescue by an alien race who themselves are under s. I almost gave up on this one There are deep flaws in the way he sets up the characters that evoke cheesy Buck Rogers Sci Fi But I stuck with it for the good hard SF tech and highly advanced benevolent and not aliens The Captain character becomes tiresome with his I'm the Boss attitude And the occasional mansplaining between characters was tedious I mean one character who has been on this spaceship for 10 years with another has to explain in detail how the clever space suits work really He violates the show don't tell rule a lot here But I did stick with it and it was ultimately worth it to put aside my gripes and finish the story He does come up with some cool science concepts from how practical wormhole transportation and light near speed drives would work His physics background shows here and he had fun with that