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Bedding the Beast Read ✓ 2 ê [Reading] ➶ Bedding the Beast By D DeSalvo – Mail order bride Mariana submits to the shocking sexual demands of the man who bought her and finds some happiness in life but a ghost seems determined to drive her away Can Beauty keep her very kinky Mail order bride Mariana submits to Ide but has been substantially revised and expanded for this edition It contains graphic sexual depiction of some acts that may be objectionable to some readers. It was okay Porn without plot in my humble opinion Not really much of character development or plot I read it in like two hours so is an easy read I found it entertaining mostly because I was looking for escapism and this book was not particularly challenging for my mind or emotionsI'd only recommend it to people who want something really light to read because is not really a book I would re readThe sex scenes were okay read better in fanfiction and the characters were okay All in all it was an okay book

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Mail order bride Mariana submits to the shocking sexual demands of Bedding the MOBI #233 the man who bought her and finds some happiness in life but a ghost see. JohnGiovanni and Mariana John is a farmer in America now after being raised in an orphanage in Italy from a young age He had contracted with Mariana's father back in Italy to marry Francesca Mariana's older sister But Francesca died of a fever after only a few months So John asked for his money back and instead is sent Mariana The story starts with John opening the door to a bedraggled young woman She's 20ish and he's 30ish he wasn't expecting John is a gruff big man with an ugly scar on his face hiding a sweetly thoughtful man He knows he is ugly and is pretty self conscious about it He doesn't think much of this skinny girl who is meant to be his next bride But there is little choice because Mariana has no money and nowhere to go and his neighbours know she is there Mariana has a sweet disposition but isn't a doormat She is inuisitive and uick to improve her English and far from a doormat They have 4 days before the local preacher returns and can marry them Four days to get better auainted nudge nudge wink wink ; The blurb suggests that the story is pretty kinky and maybe it is by standards in the early 1900's but I didn't find it too much or too much of the story It was pretty spicey without getting into gymnastics or bondage There is some anal play And Mariana isn't very shocked but pretty accepting She does after all have a curious natureThere is a ghostly presence that may be her sister but don't worry it is a small but fitting part of the tale There are communication errors misunderstandings but they aren't over done There is some mystery about what went on in his first marriageOverall I found it uite romantic and well done I'd love to read by this author but it all seems to be BDSM stuff and less on the romance side And she hasn't written anything since 2007 Too bad

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Bedding the BeastMs determined to drive her away Can Beauty keep her very kinky Beast Publisher's Note Bedding the Beast was previously released under the title A Valentine's Br. Edit I bumped up my rating from 3 to 4 stars I liked this much on my second read The misunderstandings that bothered me the first time weren't as bad because I had context The couple have only known each other 4 days before they clear things up so that's not really so long They are still new to each other and haven't learned to trust Some of the sex scenes were a little too much for such a short book but all in all I liked this story a lotOriginal ReviewI love a good Beauty and the Beast retelling and this one scratched that itch I haven't read one involving the American frontier My only uibble is that Mariana was a bit too sweet and forgiving and John was a bit too harsh They let their misunderstandings about John's first marriage go on for too long practically the end of the book The reconciliation at the end was perfectly romantic Although I would've loved an epilogue so we can see them happy as a married couple Aside from these small issues I really did enjoy this book