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Nischen Geburtsstadt Wloclawek nach Berlin übersiedelt verabschiedet ihn seine Lehrerin mit den Worten »Du fährst mein Sohn in das Land der Kultur« Doch das Land der Kultur stellt sich schon dem Kind nicht ohne düstere Seiten dar Wie ein roter Faden zieht sich diese widerspruchsvolle Erfahrung durch sein weiteres Leben Das Glück das er der deutschen Literatur verdankt der Musik und dem deutschen Theater scheint untrennbar verknüpft mit der i hardly read autobio books but it seems the book by Marcel Reich Ranicki came to right time at the moment i wanted to find a book just to kill a day and now i have the feeling that sometimes i should read not only to NOT KNOW but to KNOW Yeah it's useful book for me i spent the whole day to finish it to learn facts of minorities to know one way that the critic the writer the human being tried his best to live in his realimaginary country that called literature

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Mein LebenAngst vor der deutschen Barbarei Im Jahre wird Reich Ranicki nach Polen deportiert Als Jude erfährt er im Warschauer Getto die schrecklichsten Demütigungen die Menschen Menschen bereiten können Zusammen mit seiner Frau Tosia überlebt er das Inferno Im Polen der Nachkriegsjahre wird er Kommunist und Zeuge des größten Verrats an der Idee einer gerechten Gesellschaft kehrt er nach Deutschland zurück und wird beinahe sofort als Kritiker anerkan I am usually not much into autobiographies if there is any insight from political people it will be discussed in the news anyway and I couldn't be bothered about the private lives of singers actors and other so called celebritiesThis one is way different most of the book is about a young jew trying to survive in Poland between 1939 1945 OK there are a few books on exactly the same topic but this one is factual I trust the writer even though he might cook up here and there in order to keep the flow and dramaturgy but essentially it's certainly factual and most certainly better written than all other similar reports in fact better written than the vast majority of fictional stories about the same don't know about the translations I read it in Germanso that part would be a 5 star from me the part after 1945 is covered superficial and frankly unless he has some funny anecdotes to tell not much interesting to me and contains a lot of potty name dropping so there goes one star off

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PDF ↠ BOOK Mein Leben Ñ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY ¸ [Epub] ❧ Mein Leben By Marcel Reich-Ranicki – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Marcel Reich Ranicki viel bewundert und viel gescholten war so bekannt und populär so einflussreich und schließlich auch so umstritten wie wohl kein deutscher Kritiker zuvor Mit seinem LiterarischenMarcel Reich Ranicki viel bewundert und viel gescholten war so bekannt und populär so einflussreich und schließlich auch so umstritten wie wohl kein deutscher Kritiker zuvor Mit seinem Literarischen uartett bewies er dass die Vermittlung von anspruchsvoller Literatur im Fernsehen höchst unterhaltsam sein kann Was steckt hinter Reich Ranickis unvergleichlichem Aufstieg hinter diesem unglaublichen Erfolg Als er kaum neun Jahre alt aus seiner pol I think you can say without exaggeration that Marcel Reich Ranicki was one of the greatest literary critics in Germany Since he passed away two years ago I wanted to read his autobiography which was published in 1999There are ups and downs in this book just like in any life I guess It comes as no big surprise that the downs in his life are the highlights of this book; and vice versa The most desperate and dangerous time were the years he had to spend in the Warschaw Getto during World War 2 He was lucky to get out of there alive while his parents and brother were killed by the Nazis This is by far the most moving part of the bookLater after he became famous in Germany the book sort of drifts into a name dropping mode and here his high handed nature comes to the fore I watched uite a few of his appearances on TV Das Literarische uartett and I could see he hardly ever deviates from its positions on books or authors and he represents those positions vehemently against his discussion partners sometimes even rude He was no easy person to deal with that's for sure On the other hand he was very well read I think there wasn't a book of any literary value he hasn't read in his life Very impressiveIn the second half of his biography the encounters with different authors are the best parts to me I already knew most of this from the TV series called Lauter schwierige Patienten nothing but difficult patients If you understand German and have an interest in German literature I highly recommend to check this out In fact those 12 broadcasts 45 minutes each are a good substitution for the greater part of the second half of this book links below in the comments sectionThe first part I can recommend to anyone who is interested in modern history This part can also be read as a historical document of the time period 1938 1945You can think of Marcel Reich Ranicki as you like love him or hate him but you have to admit he was never dull and the German literary scene has become poorer without himUpdate 926I just found out how to uery the X Ray Information of a book on my Kindle it's an SLITE Database So let's drop some names too Here are the authors from the book whose name appear at least ten times in the textName                   MentionsBertolt Brecht               55Thomas Mann                  54Heinrich Böll                43Wolfgang Koeppen             35Walter Jens                  33Johann Wolfgang von Goethe   31Ernst Nolte                  29Günter Grass                 28Elias Canetti                27Heinrich Heine               25Golo Mann                    24Theodor W Adorno            22Erich Kästner                21Ingeborg Bachmann            21Friedrich Schiller           19Stanislaw Jerzy Lec          19Siegfried Lenz               18Theodor Fontane              18Martin Walser                18Max Frisch                   18Franz Kafka                  17Hugo von Hofmannsthal        15Arnold Zweig                 14Rainer Maria Rilke           13Gotthold Ephraim Lessing     13Thomas Bernhard              13Klaus Mann                   12Anna Seghers                 12Hans Mayer                   12Heinrich Mann                11Hermann Hesse                10Friedrich Sieburg            10Gerhart Hauptmann            10 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 30 Unported License