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Free download Fake It Til You Break It 105 ¹ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Fake It Til You Break It By Meagan Brandy – FakeThat’s what we areThat’s what we agreed to beI thought it would be harder convincing everyone our school’s star receiver was mine and mine alone but we played our parts wellSo well the lines TiArts wellSo well the lines between us began to blur until they disappeared completelyThe thing about pretending though someone’s always better at it and by the time I realized my mistake there. This book was so cuteFrom time to time I really enjoy high school romances they give me all the nostalgic vibes and feels However when you move HS Romance to the New Adult category it can be difficult to get it right Very often you see characters that are larger than life absurdly rich controlling the whole school etc and while that can be fun it can get old very uickly tooSo I was very pleasantly surprised that this wasn't the case with Fake It 'Til You Break It This was a sort of down to earth story where you can actually see or remember lol teenagers behaving the way they did in the book refreshingOf course you have the fake relationship that is nothing new under the sun Guy likes girl there's a sort of absurd reason for them not to be together they start a fake relationship that evolves to something real Yadda yadda But the way the story is told is honestly ADORABLE The overall conflict was a bit exaggerated and their parents were over the top bad parenting much But other than that the miscommunication made sense and I can see 18 year olds ish behaving and talking like they did in the book I loved all the characters they were such a fun gang And the chemistry between Nico and Demi SWOONYThank you Wildfire Marketing Solutions and Meagan Brandy for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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Til You PDFEPUB #187 FakeThat’s what we areThat’s what we agreed to beI thought it would be harder convincing everyone our school’s star receiver was mine and mine alone but we played our p. whoever chose the cover is a marketing genius because y'all know we've been thirsting on Chase Mattson for a while nowok so when i first discovered that Nico H was the one that was PINING over Demi h for years i was like y e s that shit is so rare and the fact that this has a fake relationship trope where H's reason is to secretly make the h fall in love with him while h's reason is to make Alex OM jealous because she had zero romantic feelings for the H before this all happened y e sthough i know a lot of people are hesitant to read new adult books takin place in high school i still think this was still pretty good so i would still recommend this↠ characters Demi was your not so typical new adult heroine where she's smart and doesn't date though she was also atypical since she wasn't a virgin surprising right and she's part of the popular crowdNico was apparently your typical football player uiet and kind of a loner man ho but honestly his man ho vibes were actually pretty tame compared to other H's i've read so i appreciated that at leastas for the side charactersfriends i found them soo annoying in the beginning they were the literal definition of cockblockers and i don't know they were just too much and too loud for me if that makes sense mostly in the beginning tho↠ OWOM drama SPOILERS one thing i hated here was that little voyeur scene in the beginning where h sees H having sex with OW in his hot tub h H are neighbors and H lives behind her i don't really know why this scene was included because it was kinda irrelevant and honestly compared to the intimate scene between h H this whole scene just made it seem like H enjoyed his time with the OW than with the h since there was only one scene with h and all the other intimate scenes after that were either fade to black or it was only told i think the main reason for this is how it was writteni'll give y'all an example of a uote from the h They were so lost in each other they didn't even—or couldn't even—realize how loud they were being He had Sandra in tunnel vision a tunnel that leads straight down his shaft I mean he was enjoying her just as much his groans deep and exhilarated as he chased his release i know H was probably thinking about h since he caught her but like WHY silver lining to this was that Demi didn't feel angry or hurt and she actually didn't even feel any romantic feelings towards the Nico till they were fake dating but you know still this scene was just ewas for OM drama Demi lost her virginity to Trent aka Nico's best friend to be fair i understand his anger and betrayal and im actually pretty glad he knew he was being hypocritical since she literally saw him have sex with someone else AND he also hooked up with her dancing coach soo↠ fake relationship this was my favorite part of this book since we get to see Nico doing most of the chasing there were a lot of cute moments because of this and ugh i was all for it one of my guilty pleasures is new adult high school romance since the first romance book i've ever read has this trope so it's kind of sentimental to me and i think that this was a pretty good NA book despite of my dislikesanyways the best thing about this book is the Chase Mattson cover soo 35 stars

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Fake It Til You Break ItWas no going backI fell for our lieAnd then everything fell apartIt turned out Fake It PDFEPUB or he and I were never playing the same game He didn’t have to break me to win But he did it anywa. 5 Only a matter of time stars #IT'S LIVE# You don't have to be looking to find the best fucking thing for youSometimes all you have to do is open your eyes and realize it found you first A strange thing really I'm drawn toward Meagan Brandy's books like a moth to a flame and even though she is burning me down every single time i just can't seem to stay away and i don't ever want toThere isn't a book of hers that it doesn't draw me into it and swallow me wholeAnd i'm loving when something like that is happeningI love all the drama the angst and the refreshing touch that she is providing me with through her writingAnd this book wasn't an exception and i had so many expectations of her after the Brayshaw series and she met them all Who am I kidding there is no preparing for a guy like himFake feelings or not Guys it's time for you to meet Demi and NicoTwo wonderful kids with many parental issues that are about to fake date Or not UghWell i loved these two very muchNico was the broody silent guy who is making you hot and bother just because he exists and Demy was so carefree and wonderful when the opportunity to be like that was showing upThese two used to spoke to each other some years ago after all they are neighbors but then Nico stopped every interaction with Demy and life just go on “He thinks he’s a candy bag and all girls have his kind of sweet tooth and when you don’t you’re as worthy as a wallflower”Seems the boy knows you better than you thinkDoes he Now they are becoming partners at school and even though Demy is not very happy with this arrangement she can't do anything for thatAnd since that moment Nico seems to be everywhere around her and he is proposing a strange arrangement that will benefit both of themShe will win the one that she wants and he is claiming that he has his own reasonsWill this fake dating will be beneficial after all or it will comfuse things further You're supposed to act like you want me That is your jobAfter a moment I nod reiterating what he said to me before Make people believe thisHe shakes his head reaching up to tuck a loose piece of my hair behind my earNoNo he confirms Not people Me Make me believe it DWhen I think of her I want When I touch her I hate to stop When I look at her I see mine I need her to feel the same I loved Demy very much She had her own issues to face but she was always so nice and easygoing I loved how she were with her friends and I liked how devoted she was to dancingI also liked how she was when she was with NicoNico had serious problems in his life And he didn't want to drag Demy or anyone into themHe just needed his peace but he is about to lose it once and for allI love how well he was playing this game I liked how he tricked Demy to participateAnd even though he wasn't admitting it he had so much things to gain from this arrangement and that was showing through out the book all the time Slip of the tongue i guess My little Pixie An elusive unattainable creature Can hardly see it Can't possibly catch it Could never keep itThis is a problem because I no longer want to fake date Nico I sort of want to keep him Well i loved this story and this couple very muchI loved the intensity and the connection between themI loved how beautiful they were fitting togetherI even loved their stubborness and bad decisionsI loved the feels and the anticipation that i was having through out the reading processAnd I loved their friends very much Even if we had to fake it to make it I was sure ofEven when you had no fuckin’ clue you were my baby Oh no Don't you dare to think that i loved everyone in hereThere were persons that i hated with all my guts and that i would love to put some sense inside their shitty heads several timesBahaha But that's the beauty of reading To love and to hate so intensely I need to distance myself of Nico becauseWhen he says it's time to break I just mightHe and I we're nothingFake as the smile I'll wear today I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC copy of this book