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From the bestselling author of Yellow Crocus and Mustard Seed comes the empowering novel of two generations of American women connected by the past and fighting for a brighter future It’s Jordan Wallace and Sadie Wagoner appear to have little in common Jordan a middle aged black teacher lives in segregated Chicago Two thousand miles away Sadie the white wife of an ambitious German businessman lives in tolerant Oakla. The ties that bindGolden Poppies lays out a patchwork uilt of different interlocking pieces that tell the story of the human experience While the colors and patterns seem to compete for a dominance hierarchy truth be told one patch is no less valuable than the next in the scheme of things Each patch gets ruffled in the winds of time Each patch fades out over that same stretch of time exposed to all things that eventually erode the precious threads that hold us in placeIt's April of 1894 in Chicago as Jordan Wallace sits at the bedside of her dying mother Mattie A similar uilt covers her tiny figure worn by age and by the harshness of her life Jordan's daughter Naomi is a trained nurse who hovers to the side Nothing prepares you for the letting goOn the west coast in California Lisbeth Johnson and her daughter Sadie Wagoner are boarding a Pullman train that will take them to Chicago and to that room where Mattie lays on her death bed There's a history here between these two families Mattie served as a wet nurse and slave on Fair Oaks Plantation where Lisbeth was raised with luxury But there is a bond here that transcends circumstances place and time Jordan and Naomi will eventually move to Sacramento where their life stories will intertwine once againI was not aware that this is the third book in this series It does read as a standalone I've already ordered the first two books Laila Ibrahim takes us deeply into this storyline with America's leaning towards industrialization urbanization and creativity through invention We'll experience the signposts of the uests for civil rights the pursuit of women's suffrage the eradication of child labor the non acceptance of domestic violence and the freedoms of acceptance and the fulfillment of life to its fullest by all Some attained Some so terribly lacking even nowGolden Poppies reads as fiction laced with familiar and unfamiliar names throughout this time in history It makes me think of that uilt once again all sewn together in appealing sections on the front But if you turn it gently to the backside there's tangled threads and knotted pieces reflecting the setbacks the struggles and the successes and failures that occur as one generation either rises upward from the previous generation or sets it on the road to ruination Only time will tellI received a copy of Golden Poppies through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Lake Union Publishers and to Laila Ibrahim for the opportunity

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Golden PoppiesNd California But years ago their families intertwined on a plantation in Virginia There Jordan’s and Sadie’s mothers developed a bond stronger than blood despite the fact that one was enslaved and the other was the privileged daughter of the plantation’s ownerWith Jordan’s mother on her deathbed Sadie leaves her disapproving husband to make the arduous train journey with her mother to Chicago But the reunion. Such an amazing novel and series The Golden Poppies is the third in the Lizabeth and Mattie series If you have not read Yellow Crocus and Mustard Seed you need to purchase and read them immediately before reading The Golden Poppies This series has followed and white woman and her family as well as a black female and her life on the plantation then as an escaped slaveThe two families have undoubtably always been there for the other no matter the skin color and no uestions asked Often they are uestioned on their trust in the other as the US is still in turmoil over slavery and women gaining rights and starting to speak up and out for themselvesLizabeth had moved out west to California and had not seen Mattie in years them still being in Chicago But one day a black negro male knocks on her door summoning her back to the east with no time to spare Lizabeth doesn't think twice and heads back as soon as she can with her daughter Sadie in towMattie and Lizabeth act as if a day has not passed since they last saw each other although time is of the essence currently Meanwhile Jordan daughter of Mattie and Sadie tiptoe around the other not uite understanding their mothers devotion towards each other Each clearly understands the color of the other's skinSadie's husband was not very approving of her going with her mother in the first place and now it has been longer than just a week or so and as they attempt to return some of the railroad goes on strike and trains are not moving in or out This delays them even further however this delay may just turn into a godsend as Jordan decides to make the leap and head West as wellThere are promises of less racism and worry of the color of skin but Jordan is still hesitant and not too trusting She will believe it when she sees it as her past and her mother's past has proven you cannot trust anyone California does seem different but the true colors of some still show throughOnce again both families need the other at some point to help and protect the other and soon Jordan and Sadie learn and come to understand their mothers friendship and devotion to the other It is heartfelt and it really does not matter what color their skin is in Lizabeth's eyes as the families are connected than they knowThank you so graciously to the author Laila Ibrahim for putting these stories to paper so I can journey them as well I just love living with Lizabeth Mattie Jordan and Sadie during these times I will cherish the autographed arc I cannot say Thank You enough and I will eagerly be awaiting the next chapter in their lives

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Characters ☆ Golden Poppies Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ø ❴KINDLE❵ ✽ Golden Poppies Author Laila Ibrahim – From the bestselling author of Yellow Crocus and Mustard Seed comes the empowering novel of two generations of American womenBetween two families is soon fraught with personal and political challengesAs the harsh realities of racial divides and the injustices of the Gilded Age conspire to hold them back the women find they need each other than ever Their courage their loyalty and the ties that bind their families will be tested Amid the tumult of a uickly changing nation their destiny depends on what they’re willing to risk for liberation. Once I started I couldn’t put this book down I’ve truly enjoyed following the lives of Mattie and Lisbeth and all the families Heartbreak love sadness and hope for a better tomorrow I can’t wait for the next journey to come