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The Third Best Thing Fulton U #3 Book Ï 404 pages Download ð Maya hughes » ❮Download❯ ➺ The Third Best Thing Fulton U #3 ✤ Author Maya Hughes – Dear Letter Girl I need to see you When can we meet? Her response never came My secret pen pCtion kept my lips sealedNow he’s enlisted my help to track down The Letter Girl and our search has him hot on my ahem her trailShe's the girl next doorHe's my secret pen palTruth is on a collision course with their hearts and it’s only a matter of time before one of them gets wrecked 45”Don’t ever let anyone else make you feel like you’re not awesome”Jules Berk have absolutely stolen my heart Both of these characters are so damn precious that you just want to wrap them up with all of the hugs Between their sweet friendship Jules love of baking and Berk’s obsession with eating it her baking and the sprouts of love blooming between them this book is everything This story picks up a year after The Letter Girl Jules has stopped writing back to Berk He’s on a mission to find her and Jules is on a mission to not let that happen while still being around the guy she’s become so close with The friend zone sucks but it’s also better than nothingBerk and Jules both are dealing with insecurities and struggles that have been ingrained in them from a young age What they find in each other is a love and safety that neither one has had in a long time These two falling in love isn’t simple of course because there are so many obstacles in their way Those obstacles come in both mental and physical forms People who are toxic in their lives and hang ups that are toxic in their minds I don’t want to say too much because you just need to read their story Ms Hughes did a fantastic job with TTBT infusing it with a rollercoaster of emotions without making it too heavy of a read You will feel it in your feels but you’ll also end this story with a smile on your faceCan’t wait to read what’s to come next at Fulton U 💜🧁^reader edit on IGCOMING JANUARY 30thARC

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Dear Letter Girl I need to see you When can we meet? Her response never came My secret pen pal with a dirty mind has ghosted me I've roped Jules my sweet as pie next door neighbor to help me track her downThere's only one problem I'm falling for her The tortoise shell glasses out of this “She was the kind of girl you didn’t come back from The kind who’d always have a place in your heart to keep you warm on those nights alone long after she’d kicked you to the curb because she deserved better than youBut I was here now and I’d keep the fires going as long as I could” MY FIRST FIVE STARS OF THE YEAR WHAT THIS AND BERKJULES DESERVETHIS WAS PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT THE LOVE I HAVE FOR BERKJULES IS UNUANTIFIABLE AND THIS BOOK EXCEEDED ALL MY EXPECTATIONS AND BOYYY DID I HAVE A LOT OF THEMIs there honestly a better bookish feeling than one of your most anticipated books not only not disappointing but exceeding all your expectations? Especially when those were uite high to begin withEveryone who knows me even a tiny bit knows how hard and fast I fell for Jules in The Second We Met and how intrigued and excited I was about hers and Berk's storyThese two captured my heart from the very first chapter their chemistry is absolutely undeniable Their relationship built naturally and felt real and the farthest thing from forced They start as friends who both have a crush on the other but think are not enough but just cannot see the other not being in their life they both see the best in each other and that develops into Because in the middle of their love for each other they also learn to love and accept themselves Which just makes their love even stronger and makes them the perfect match I loved how Berk fell for all sides of Jules even if he didn't know it I loved how he saw her even before knowing she was Letter Girl and fell for her having no idea that the girl he was hell bound on finding was the same girl he was head over heels gone for already And one of the best things about this book was that the romance wasn't the only amazing thing about it The characters were just as interesting and captivating separately It's always a huge bonus when the characters themselves aren't just one dimensional cardboards with no personality whatsoever And Jules and Berk were the farthest thing from thatIt's never been hard for me to pick a favorite character in a series I always know as soon as I meet them so I knew Jules would be my soft baby in this series as soon as she was introduced in the previous book And somehow as much as I loved her then it does not compare to how much I loved her in this book Jules is one of those characters who is just impossible not to fall head first for she is one of the sweetest most genuine and unbeknownst to her one of the strongest characters She puts everyone first and she has so many façades whenever you think you know who she is she goes and shows you a whole new side Which at the risk of repeating myself for the hundrenth time just makes you fall for her even Berk on the other hand was a complete surprise to me In the sense that as much as I knew I would love him to an extent I never expected to love him THIS much His personality and story were so unexpected yet so I don't even have the words I expected a kind of one dimensional uirky boy who just unapologetically loves having fun but I never expected THIS His story is heartbreaking the way it shaped the way he thinks and protects himself in a way without ever letting people around him down My heart and I didn't stand a chance As much as I knew these two would be my favorite couple in this series alongside MarisaLJ and as much as I knew Jules was it for me the minute I met her I never realized that what would become my favorite couple in this series would also have BOTH my favorite characters in itAnother thing I absolutely adore about this series is the friendships and my favorite one here that I just cannot not mention is Jules Avery and Max's This trio is one I never knew I needed but oh my God did they feed my heart and fill it with all the sweets pun intended Not to mention the guys' friendship and constant support for each other I love seeing this type of brotherhood without the whole too alpha for this bullshit in the mixThis book has absolutely everything in it It made me fall in love with characters MAX and made me even excited for upcoming books MarisaLJ and Max's I still feel like this review doesn't fully express how much I loved this installement but Maya has truly outdone herself and I absolutely cannot wait to read MarisaLJ's book as well as her other series ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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The Third Best Thing Fulton U #3World curves and delicious treats are making the search for The Letter Girl even harder  My notes were supposed to be a one time thing A little too much wine and naughty thoughts on a winter's night I never thought Berk would write back I wanted to tell him it was me but the fear of reje I am a big fan of Maya Hughes' sports romances they always come with a healthy dose of humor a lovely amount of sugar and sweetness and a smidge of angst They are like a recipe for cupcakesperfect for me and I immensely enjoy them Ironically the heroine in this story loves to bake sweets which seems really fitting and also made me extremely hungry while reading this one ; I loved Jules she was as sweet as her baked goodsall she needed was a bit confidenceJules has been having a secret crush on her neighbor Berk for a long time even going as far as writing him anonymously and confessing her lust to him Being too self conscious to face him and thinking he would never go for a girl like her it seemed like her only chance at the time to express herself Berk falls head over heels for this anonymous letter girl and her lusty way of confessing her feelings So he writes her back and back and forth they go Until the letter girl stops writing This really upsets Berk and so he asks his sweet cute and friendly neighbor turned friend Jules to help him find this girlYeahthat sure as hell backfired Since Jules is helping him out he decided to also help her out by accompanying her to her sister's engagement celebration weekend A sister who is about to marry Jules' ex boyfriend It was clear as day to see where Jules' low self esteem came from Who needs enemies when you have a family like that??I loved seeing Jules and Berk getting closer and closer he was perfect for bringing her out of her shellAnd even though there were definitely some tears while reading this one I closed it with a huge smile on my face  Highley recommended An ARC was provided to in exchange for an honest review