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CHARACTERS Dear God ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ [Reading] ➷ Dear God Author Norhafsah Hamid – In Dear God the seuel to Letters To God author Norhafsah Hamid weaves a tender story of young love second chances and a soul that is lost seeking to find what has been missing in his heart all alongJSail through life A family that is supportive cool friends that made university life a breeze and looks that won him the affection of many girlsExcept for one SarahAn encounter with Sarah made Jonah realise that there is to life than one revolving around hi. Love love loveeee It is one and the latestttttt seuel from #LettersToGod I've been waiting for this one like for months We can see this is from Jonah side if you guys already read Heaven Sent and Rough Diamond then you're already their story and this one is details for JonahJonah is a young boy with a looks that will won him affection of many girls but except for one SarahAs how many attempts he made to win Sarah's heart Sarah didn't fell for him That moment when Sarah said that she didn't date and she's a muslim Jonah start to find out about muslim and islamJonah starts to learn about Islam through their friends; Mat Bond and Jaws Then he continue his study about Islam at the mosue near to his work place after their university daysHow his story with Sarah will be connected againIt is mashaAllah very lovely and i cannot help falling in love 😂

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M Jonah decides to brave the past least taken in search for the meaning of eternal contentment He found himself connecting to The One that he has long forgotten since he was littleIs there still hope for him'Dear God grant me strength' prayed Jonah silently. Jonah character in this book is an eye opener to me It provide an image and struggle of a revert in a different angle Moreover the author did a good job in ensuring the character understand Islam where by it could spark interest of the reader to continue reading For a second there are instances when an image of Jonah could be imagined in my mind and how he reacts That itself shows how good of an impact the book is and this is my favourite book from the series because of the development of the character and it is the best climax of the series so far A good book for newbie in Islam or those who are just about to learn on Islam

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Dear GodIn Dear God the seuel to Letters To God author Norhafsah Hamid weaves a tender story of young love second chances and a soul that is lost seeking to find what has been missing in his heart all alongJonah thought he had everything a guy could ever needed to. At the end of the day you need to ask yourself why are you doing this do you really want to know God or are you doing it to impress someone else To fully embrace Islam and feel its blessings reuires sincerity Forth book in the Letters To God series It follows the story of Jonah who thought he had everything in the world; handsome face wealth health brain friends and lovely family But one thing he do not have is Sarah He could charmed every single girl he wanted with his blue eyes sweet words and good look but not herWhen Jonah first stumbled upon Sarah that he realised life is than what he knows about and live in Despite having all of the thing he have he still feels empty deep inside and his search of a meaningful life and eternal contentment begunI fell for Jonah's parents in this one They are so funny I legit laugh over their talks about religion And the plot twist of the character Carmen I did not see that comingOne third of the book is a recollection from the previous ones It is as a way for those who follows this series to recalls and those who started with only this book to take a glimpse of whats happening If you are new though its already satisfying reading only this book you have to read the preuel followed by the seuelsThe ending of this book is in the previous seuel but rest assured it doesn't spoil anything because this book is about Jonah's journey both towards searching of faith and SarahOverall I love all four books eually and I am excited to read the fifth and last one All the best Norhafsah and Iman team I hope theres people would be touched by this series