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Yours in Scandal Summary ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ ❮Download❯ ➵ Yours in Scandal Author Lauren Layne – A political golden boy and the woman of his dreams take the risk of their lives in a sexy romantic comedy of strange bedfellows and second chances by New York Times bestsNd respectability Then she’s approached by Robert to organize the party of the season Curious considering he’s her father’s most formidable opponent And alarming too Because Addie can’t help but fall for the righteously popular candidate with the movie star smileNow it’s Robert’s choice Does he pursue a future that holds his legacy Or the woman who holds his heart. “I’ll have to marry you so I have every single day to try to convince you to love me back”“You convinced me You convinced me a long time ago” Robert Davenport is New York’s youngest mayor and also labeled Man of the Year His campaign manager wanted him to get the scoop on Adeline Blake Governor Brennan’s daughterAdeline Blake is the reformed Addie Brennan She “disappeared” for a few years and came back different hoping to change her image She’s now an event planner and has been asked to organize a party for the mayorThroughout their meetings Robert finds himself getting relaxed when he’s around her as if showing her his “real side” He’s someone who has always put his career first It wasn’t until he met Adeline when he started to evaluate his future saw jobs terms elections only for it to feel inadeuate Suddenly he finds himself wanting someone to share it all with There are so many elements that make it a Lauren Layne classic the New York setting main leads with a successful career a swoon worthy romance and good male and female friendships

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A political golden boy and the woman of his dreams take the risk of their lives in a sexy romantic comedy of strange bedfellows and second chances by New York Times bestselling author Lauren LayneFresh off being named Citizen magazine’s Man of the Year New York City’s youngest mayor Robert Davenport decides it’s time to strategize Next move a bid for the governor’s se. 35 stars This was such an enjoyable fun uick readRobert Davenport is the mayor of New York He is planing to aim for the governor’s seat His campaign manager advised him to go after his opponents former scandalous daughter and try to gain some secrets out of her Adeline Blake has decided to change her life and to become responsible She changed her appearance and now she’s hiding in plain sight as an event planer This book was really amusing It’s that kind of book that you read in a day and it’ll brighten your mood My only complain is that it was short and needed depth Other than that it was a fun book to readA copy was kindly provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest Thank youSong recommendationDancing with our hands tied by Taylor SwiftHow did we by Skyler Stecker

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Yours in ScandalAt In his way an incumbent with a flawless reputation He also has an Achilles’ heel an estranged wild child daughter with a past so scandalous it could be Robert’s ticket to victory And Yours in Kindle a charm so irresistible it could be Robert’s downfallRebellion is a thing of the past for Adeline Blake As New York’s premier event planner she’s all about reform a. 4 Timely Stars Spoiler Free A uick ReviewLauren Layne does not disappoint with this stand alone With everything being political today and no escaping tabloids she takes a man who has done right as the Mayor of NYC with eyes for the Governorship and pairs him with a woman who could hold the keys for everythingExcellent Yours in Scandal Man of the Year #1 Yours to Keep Man of the Year #2 gifted copy was provided by authorpublisher for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways