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Pillars of the Earth Read & download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ➾ [Download] ➾ Pillars of the Earth By Ken Follett ➳ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Ken Follett is known worldwide as the master of split second suspense but his most beloved and bestselling booHe artist in stone and Ellen the woman of the forest who casts a terrifying curse From humble stonemason to imperious monarch each character is brought vividly to lifeThe building of the cathedral with the almost eerie artistry of the unschooled stonemasons is the center of the drama Around the site of the construction Follett weaves a story of betrayal revenge and love which begins with the public hanging of an innocent man and ends with the humiliation of a king For the Movie tie in edition with the same ISBN go to this Alternate Cover Editio. This is seriously one of the worst books I've ever read The only reason I finished the book is because I cannot put a book down once I startThe writing is terrible The plotting may be dramatic but I had almost zero interest in any of the characters; they seem to exist merely for events to happen to them like actors in a disaster movie Beyond that there seemed to be three characters in the book Bad guy good guy and good victimized yet able to overcome girlWhat got me most was Ken Follett seemed so proud of his historical research that he mentions every 40 pages took out hisher eating knife Really they didn't have forks how is constantly reminding the audience of this fact important to the story There were other oft repeated throughout the novel as well This seemed like an attempt to fool the audience into thinking they're immersed in the middle ages when the rest of the book could have taken place anywhere in time One fact does not a novel make unless it's a really clever fact The bad characters keeping the amazing building from completion felt like a fountainhead rip off but that might just be meOn the positive side the book is an extremely easy read I might have enjoyed it were I laying in the sun half drunk on something sweet and rum filled Violent sex too if that sort of thing titillates youThank you Wait Wait for warning me of Oprah's evil plan if I can save one person from reading this book my work will done

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E crude Pillars of PDF or flamboyant England of the Middle Ages in every detail The vast forests the walled towns the castles and the monasteries become a familiar landscape Against this richly imagined and intricately interwoven backdrop filled with the ravages of war and the rhythms of daily life the master storyteller draws the reader irresistibly into the intertwined lives of his characters into their dreams their labors and their loves Tom the master builder Aliena the ravishingly beautiful noblewoman Philip the prior of Kingsbridge Jack t. 72 MILLION STARSDid I just read one of the most amazing books I have ever read Yes yes I didI cannot say enough about this book the story the writing the characters etc etc etc Everything is perfect If someone had said to me “Here is a 1000 page book about the building of a cathedral 1000 years ago in England” I probably would have fallen asleep before the end of their sentence But do not judge a book by its description – it is a 1000 page book about the building of a cathedral but Follett does an amazing job of crafting a historical fiction story around it that will keep you engaged from page one until the very endWith 1000 pages there has to be filler right There is not Every sentence every word – all of it adds to the story And events on page 25 may have ramifications on the events of page 825 How the author kept the storyline together intertwined and fully applicable throughout is amazing I picture him referencing a very complicated flowchart covering his entire wall while writing this book Sounds confusing – it is not Despite the intricacies it was very easy to followDo you love to hate evil characters and feel passionate emotions for the ones you love READ THIS I don’t think I have ever wanted to reach into a book and strangle a character than I did with this book Then I found myself audibly cheering and groaning as the relationships of my favorite characters developed succeeded and sometimes failed I was emotionally spent loving and hating these characters – and it might be the most I have ever been emotionally invested in characters in a long time if everI cannot say that this book will be for everyone but it is worth giving it a try Especially if you like any of the following• Historical Fiction• British Fiction• Stories about church vs government• Knights monks kings and other medieval dramatis personae • Character studiesThis comes with a warning though I know I have some book friends who do not like violent depictions of sex If that is a problem for you either go into this story being aware that you will be uncomfortable or steer away from it completely

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Pillars of the EarthKen Follett is known worldwide as the master of split second suspense but his most beloved and bestselling book tells the magnificent tale of a twelfth century monk driven to do the seemingly impossible build the greatest Gothic cathedral the world has ever knownEverything readers expect from Follett is here intrigue fast paced action and passionate romance But what makes The Pillars of the Earth extraordinary is the time the twelfth century the place feudal England and the subject the building of a glorious cathedral Follett has re created th. “The most expensive part of building is the mistakes” Look it's difficult to explain exactly why I liked this book Seriously if you take a look at the blurb note the 973 pages and the fact it's a very long story about building a cathedral in Medieval England you might think I've been smoking something But for me and I'm assuming for a large number of other readers it was so damn compellingI'm going to get the crap out of the way first if you are sensitive to scenes of rape DO NOT READ THIS BOOK Medieval England is a shitfest of misogyny violence accusations of witchcraft and yes rape One of the scenes is especially disturbing and graphic; I actually had to take a break from the book after reading it I should say that it is not portrayed as a positive or even a normal thing Scenes of rape and brutal violence in the book largely serve to make us despise William Hamleigh with a ferocious passion It turns out that a deep seething hatred can really keep you turning pages waiting for that bastard to get what he rightly deserves Anyway yes the main plot is about the building of the fictional Kingsbridge cathedral But really it is about all the characters that come into contact with Kingsbridge its cathedral and Prior Philip their loves desires ambitions conflicts and heartbreaks I was pulled in from the very dramatic prologue when a young woman arrives at a hanging and curses the three men who guaranteed her beloved's executionThere are love stories in here as well as tales of ruthless ambition and betrayal Follett has created some incredible and unforgettable characters Tom Builder Philip Ellen Jack Aliena and Waleran Bigod And of course that snivelling stain on humanity that is William HamleighI haven't read any of Follett's other work but it is not surprising to hear he was a thriller writer before beginning The Pillars of the Earth He has carried that with him into this story Just when everything seems to be going right some catastrophe happens to throw a spanner in the works Just when it looks like Philip is going to succeed some shit happens But it was an effective way to keep me looking over my shoulderIt's a strange book because it's a bloody heart pounding page turner wrapped up in a 900 page serious looking cathedral building package Strange and yet I find myself wanting I guess I'll have to read World Without EndBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube