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READ ´ The Dark Tower Boxed Set Books 1 4 ☆ [Ebook] ➠ The Dark Tower Boxed Set Books 1 4 By Stephen King – Set in a world of ominous landscape and macabre menace The Dark Tower features one of Stephen King’s most powerful creations—The Gunslinger a haunting figure who embodies the ualities of the34 Western legend As Roland crosses a desert of damnation in a macabre world that is a twisted image of our own he moves ever closer to the Dark Tower of his dreams and nightmar. I can't help it I'm a sucker for horror novels I love 'em and I unashamedly admit that I am a big fan of Stephen King I've read nearly all of his novels and the Dark Tower series is my favorite Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed his horror classics The Shining Carrie 'Salem's Lot etc; they are fabulously tense scary and just gory enough to make one cringe and get the blood racing However the Dark Tower has it all fantasy mythology science fiction epic allegory adventure horror demons and wizards and monsters oh my I read the first book The Gunslinger in 6th grade and have been hooked ever since just waiting sometimes for years for publication of the next installment If you have any interest in this genre I highly recommend it As an aside many of King's novels tie in tomentionreference this epic

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Linger a haunting figure who embodies Dark Tower Boxed Epub #181 the ualities of the lone hero through the ages from ancient myth to frontier Dark Tower Boxed Set Books ePUB #97. I didn't read this boxed set edition but I wanted to review these as a lumpLet's face it I loved the whole thing There isn't another story out there uite like this one I am not a fan of the fantasy genre I like my science fiction on the hardcore side This series softened my attitude toward fantasy fiction because King applies his softest touch ever here You can tell that he didn't just knock out another tome for the sake of his publisher which is a feeling I get about a lot of his latest work This is the work of King's lifetime of telling stories If you are a King fan there is much here to fascinate youI was almost scared to read the last volume of this work I'd been reading the books as they came out ever since the first one and I was worried an anticlimax was coming King didn't let me down though The ending of the series is just so

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The Dark Tower Boxed Set Books 1 4Set in a world of Tower Boxed MOBI #239 ominous landscape and macabre menace The Dark Tower The Dark PDFEPUB or features one of Stephen King’s most powerful creations The Guns. Warning There are some mild spoilers in this review These are the first Stephen King novels I’ve read I wanted to read the first four set in this series before posting a review Each book now has creases over their spines I’ve enjoyed these novels very much Let’s start with of course The Gunslinger The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed The story plunges us dead into the already long and gritty uest of Roland Deschain of Gilead to reach the Dark Tower In Roland’s world things are happening both in his homeland of In World and beyond it in Mid World A great shift is spreading in what is referred to by the people living here as “moved on” This last known gunslinger is on a manhunt for the man in black aiming to gain information about how to find the tower In the first chapter Roland stumbles across Brown a corn and bean farmer who takes him and his sick mule in for the night Brown is the first person Roland has seen since leaving Tull a town on the edge of the desert where none have dared to cross Tull is where Roland’s hunt for the man in black is temporally delayed when he falls in with a woman named Allie who bartends at a saloon with a piano player named ShebAs the story progresses we get a glimpse into Roland’s childhood when he and his best mate Cuthbert accidentally unmask a child killer who is then hanged at Gallows Hill and when Roland earns his guns in a challenge he made against his teacher Cort It’s also a time in Roland’s life when he discovers a terrible secret about his mother Slingshot back to the present Roland continues on with his manhunt after a bloody farewell to the townspeople of Tull A trap set for the gunslinger by the man in black After leaving Brown’s farm and his mule that had died during the night the wasteland once again opens itself up to the gunslinger before it nearly claims himDried out and delusional Roland comes across a way station occupied by a young boy named Jake Chambers who saves his life Jake has earned himself a pass into Mid World through an unfortunate “accident” that changes his life in ways than one Once recovered the pair sets off to the mountains and into a bizarre journey involving a horny Oracle and a cave full of mutants In the end the hunt concludes itself and after a VERY long night Roland awakens in the killing ground with new knowledge about what he needs for his uest for the Dark Tower And so he sets off once againI really enjoyed this story It was well written fast paced and original I like the characters Roland and Jake The descriptions King puts into his scenes were vivid I even had a dream about Allie walking toward me rubbing the scar she has slashed across her forehead The mutants gave me the creepy crawlies which is a testament to good storytellingMy issues though is how the women are portrayed especially Allie who when her man Sheb isn’t around any male can just paw at her and she pretty much begs for sex from the gunslinger as did the Oracle Granted Roland is a far better prize than the weed eating halfwit Nort and the weak little runt of a man Sheb but it’s exhausting to see women constantly being used as sex objects And yes I’m well aware of when this book was written There were scenes that were a tad murky for me to understand exactly what was going on yet none of this kept me from reading the next installment The Drawing of the Three The story starts with the gunslinger being rudely awakened by a large man eating lobster monstrosity that takes a chomp at him while Roland is asleep on the beach After a narrow escape but not uite coming out of it as a whole man the gunslinger continues on He follows the shoreline to search for the ones the man in black told him to find The Prisoner The Lady of the Shadows and the Pusher Wounded and growing very ill from an infection Roland walks for many wheels miles until reaching a door suspended in midair Did a chickAn oddity yes but Roland knows it’s what he has come to find When he opens the door he gets a peek into our world through the eyes of Eddie Dean known to Roland as The Prisoner Eddie Dean is a junkie and when we meet him he’s in the process of smuggling in cocaine while it’s strapped to him as he’s flying to Kennedy International Obviously this is before 911 While inside Eddie’s head Roland learns plenty of things that later become useful to him yet at the same time he accidentally gets Eddie busted With some uick thinking from both gunslinger and Eddie he manages to get out of it without having any drugs found on himAfter a shootout with a drug lord named Balazar and a horrifying loss of a loved one Eddie bids farewell to a life of smack and drug smuggling to join Roland in Mid World Detta Walker and Odetta Holmes Two people sharing the same bodyDad a chumOdetta is an African American activist in the Civil Rights Movement who had been deliberately pushed in front of a subway train losing both her legs She’s polite caring and all in all a good natured woman Detta on the other hand is a vile mouth shoplifting chick who enjoys teasing men for fun She’s very smart obnoxious and her hatred is a strong and dangerous force DettaOdetta is The Lady of the Shadows and is next on the gunslinger’s list On the same beach another floating door appears Behind Door No Two is New York City in 1964 seen through The Lady’s eyes Using what he’s learned when inside Eddie Roland pulls her into his world By now Roland is extremely ill with a favor Yet he has one last person to meet one major wrong to put to right before his newly formed ka tet can be stable and wholeI loved this book My favorite so far The plot differs from the first which are both good by the way I just enjoy different storylines in any series The Drawing of the Three properly introduces us to these new major characters that become Roland’s ka tet and joins him on his uest for the Dark Tower The book was written using a creative way with words and had a great deal of dark humor which I’m a fan of Tee hee Roland’s perspective on our world was priceless He finds it odd that most people don’t carry weapons and he refers to the police as slow gunslingers He gets excited when he sees how much ammo he can get at a gun store and—compared to his own guns—ours are like toys to him The fact his can literally blow people’s heads off I can see why I thought it was clever and authentic for the story to add that he can’t read most of our writings because the letters in his alphabet are different and therefore can’t pronounce words like aspirin calling is astin instead Eddie had me in stitches laughing with his smart ass mouth and taking on Balazar completely naked As King put it like some kid in a disco contest so jived up he didn’t realize he’d left his entire John Travolta outfit underwear included behind The personal struggle between Odetta and Detta was a hard read but it was supposed to be She had come with a lot of hurt and injustice strapped to her and in the end she emerges as a stronger character One thing I could have done without was the unnecessary back story of characters that play minor roles Having to read about flight attendant Jane Dorning’s time in training on how to spot trouble on a plane pulled the reins on the flow of the storyI’d say though that The Drawing of the Three was a fitting continuation of the Dark Tower series The Waste Lands Ooh things are getting really good nowIn this next book there are loads of goodies waiting There’s a bit of steampunk tossed into this novel Eddie nearly gets eaten by an incredibly large mechanical bear named Mir there’s a dead and twisted city and we get our very own steam locomotive with a fetish for riddles Roland has his ka tet Eddie and the now Susannah Dean After fighting her demons Susannah has merged Odetta and Detta into one and therefore has become a whole person once again She’s also Eddie’s wife Roland is still recovering from his illness and believes he’s going insane Yet his small troupe pushes on following the path of the beam that supposedly leads to the Dark Tower Back in our world young Jake Chambers struggles to find an existence he knows he was part of before After his sudden departure from Mid World Jake returns to his own carrying with him a strong imprint that his old life isn’t where he belongs any He goes on a journey through the streets of New York to try to find this other place even hoping it’ll be there behind every closed door he opens But getting back isn’t that easy Thanks to Eddie revisiting an old childhood hobby they managed to pull the boy back into Mid World I don’t wanna give away too much but I’ll say it’s a very dramatic scene Now the ka tet trio is a foursome and after a brief stop at a peaceful little town they make their way to the not so peaceful city of Lud Oh and along the way Jake makes friends with an animal that’s part raccoon and part badger with the personality of a loyal dog called a billy bumbler Jake names him Oy It isn’t long after the group reaches the gutted and rusted city that they run into trouble Jake is kidnapped and taken to the Tick Tock Man a violent psychopath who rules an underground gang of thugs While Roland and Oy track Jake down Eddie and Susannah go off to find the only thing in which can carry them closer to the Dark Tower; a train that has gone insane after a system degradation called Blaine the Mono The Waste Lands is a highly entertaining novel with loads of action suspense and of King’s clever writing When not reading it I was always wondering what was about happen especially in the city of Lud It was interesting finding out how the books Jake had brought over from his world tied in with their uest I was not disappointed in this third installment yet there were things about it that made me frown For instance the scene where they’re bringing Jake over into Mid World While Eddie works to open the portal inside a circle outlined in bones Roland and Susannah have to keep a sex hungry demon off of him Depending on if the demon is male or female would determine which one of the three it would go after When reading this I was like “Gee I wonder who is about to get buggered” Of course it was Susannah the woman duh This goes back to my earlier complaint I also felt there was a tad too much explaining that bogged the story down at times throughout but all in all this was a damn good book And finally Wizard and Glass Roland Jake Eddie and Susannah are trapped on Blain the Mono who is surging them at incredible speed towards certain death With a stroke of luck and thinking outside the box one of them I won’t say who saves the day They reach their stop Topeka Kansas or Kansas Turnpike They leave Blaine where he rests because as King put it it was just another artifact of a world that has moved on They continue following the path of the beam on 1 70 when a building in the far distance is seen standing in their way The ka tet makes camp and Roland opens up about his younger days as a newly born gunslinger He and his original ka tet Cuthbert Allgood and Alain Johns both fourteen the same as Roland in this are sent on an “errand” by their fathers to a town called Hambry in the Barony of Mejis territory Shortly after arriving Roland meets a beautiful young woman Susan Delgado She’d lost her father and now lives with her aunt Cordelia Roland and Susan are instantly attracted to each other Falling in love is easy however being together isn’tBefore Roland and his kat tet show up at Hambry Susan had already promised herself to a much older man Hart Thorin to be his gilly Again it boils down to sex for the woman And I’m not just pointing it out in the Dark Tower series mind you Just sayin’ it’d be nice to read about female characters who haven’t been sexually abused or who aren’t whores or use sex to get what they want or who are teases And if they’re virgins having their virginity being offered up as some sick prize to which of course the girl always has to go through some humiliating process to prove her purity It’s a pattern that personally I’d like to see broken especially in fiction Anyway back to the storyIn Hambry Roland’s ka tet gets into a spot of trouble with the Big Coffin Hunters when Cuthbert saves Sheemie Ruiz a simpleton with a big heart from licking the boots of Elder Jonas before the man murders him There are other problems for the boys as well when they uncover something very dangerous the Big Coffin Hunters are planning using machines To stop them the boys devise a plan with Susan’s help In the midst of all of this Roland and Susan develop a forbidden love affair that drives a rift between him and Cuthbert when Cuthbert senses Roland losing his focus on their mission Also ol’ Aunt Cordelia who stands to profit from the arrangement made between them and Hart Thorin is growing suspicious about Susan and Roland It takes a mental and sometimes physical toll on both aunt and niece If Susan doesn’t give herself to Thorin come Reaping the town’s version of a fall celebration as a virgin naturally than all her aunt’s dreams of becoming wealthy are gone in a puff of smoke Then there’s the dirty and vile witch Rhea of the Cöos who sticks a poisonous throne in everyone’s side She has in her temporally possession a glass ball called Marilyn’s Grapefruit which allows her to see into people’s lives and even the future which Roland finds out later on It takes hold of her in a very bad way making Rhea an addict for its power Roland has the misfortune of looking into the glass ball himself only to see the hard road he must take and to do so he must leave everything behind even SusanThe story of young Roland and Susan takes up most of this book which as a filler it’s really good We’re learning about our main protagonist and the genesis behind the uest for the Dark Tower It opens up to other areas that I’m curious on how it’ll feature in the books to come I truly enjoyed this novel and the others in the Dark Tower saga Wizard and Glass has all the elements that I liked in the previous in books As a storyteller myself King as unknowingly helped me evolve in my own writing as some other authors whose works I’ve read have done My issues Other than the constant link between women and sex that always irks me Wizards and Glass I feel has too many characters to keep track off and again there’s too much over explaining If you put the book down for a while and then pick it back up again you run the risk of forgetting allllllllll the details given which may or may not matter I also thought the whole Wizard of Oz bit in the end was played out too much Partially that’s due to the fact I’ve seen so many Wizard of Oz references and adaptations over the years which came well after this book was written I did find Roland’s confusion when listening to his ka tet talk about it funny The story kept my interest through and through I’ve already ordered Wolves of the Calla hoping to read the next four books before the movie and TV show adaptation comes out ’cause I’m not watching them until I doSo to Mr Stephen King as I tap my breastbone three times with my left hand I say thankee sai for writing these tales