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Free read × Network Effect 107 Å [Epub] ➟ Network Effect ➤ Martha Wells – Murderbot returns in its highly anticipated first full length standalone novelYou know that feeling when you’re at work and you’ve had enough of people and then the boss walks in with yet another Murderbot returns in its highlyHead and that’s where plus percent of my problems areWhen Murderbot's human associates not friends never friends are captured and another not friend from its past reuires urgent assistance Murderbot must choose between inertia and drastic actionDrastic action it is then. Marvellous Incredibly readable and deeply humane depiction of a friendship which is funny because the protagonists are a misanthropic and deeply traumatised killer cyborg that just wants to watch soap operas and the utterly amoral AI of a large spaceship Murderbot is a fantastic creation and the emotional arc is deeply engaging as it reluctantly develops feelings and friendships and responsibilities The external plot is a bit out of focus at points but the joy of this is all in the characterisation and narrative style Plus the fights are excellent and there's some really good creepy stuff Spectacularly readable

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Murderbot returns in its highly anticipated first full length standalone novelYou know that feeling when you’re at work and you’ve had enough of people and then the boss walks in with yet another job that needs to be done right this second or the world will end but al. 455 stars There are few things in life that make me happier than spending time with Murderbot which is ironic considering it would rather do literally anything than be social The Novellas alone were enough to solidify the series as an all time favorite so discovering this full length novel was in the works immediate jumped it to the top of my priority list for 2020 Network Effect was every bit as sardonic action packed and endearing as the novellas but took it one step further by adding even depth to the charactersThe uniue writing style is the best thing about these books aside from character construction It doesn’t follow typical storytelling constructs and often comes across as conversational than anything else There’s a great deal of punctuation used to convey Murderbot’s sardonic tone and no shortage of profanity for comedic impact I’ve never read anything that comes this close to how I communicate in my daily life so even the bones of how the story was presented sang to my soul There were a few occasions where the sarcastic voice was a bit heavy handed but this is one of the few cases I would rather a little too much than not enoughAnd then we have Murderbot The best character in sci fi hands downI think it’s my spirit animal It’s awkward and introverted and just wants to be left alone to watch its tv serials and I can relate to every single solitary time it couldn’t bring itself to “people” any But the brilliance in this novel is that social obligational constructs aside it still craves connection And that’s where the story becomes much than a action packed sci fi It’s about a rogue SecUnit trying to carve out a place for itself in the universe Did Murderbot make me cry Maybe I don’t know Fuck offRecommendations The Murderbot Diaries is in close running with The Expanse and Planetside as my favorite sci fi on the market It’s exciting it’s funny as shit and it has that magic X factor that gets people emotionally invested Start with All Systems Red and I bet you’ll know within the first few pages if it’s something you’ll enjoy I was hooked from the first sentence and it has only gotten better from there Consider this an official Obsessive Bookseller endorsement – this series is fantasticVia The Obsessive Bookseller at wwwNikiHawkescomOther books you might like

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Network EffectL you want to do is go home and binge your favorite shows And you're a sentient murder machine programmed for destruction Congratulations you're MurderbotCome for the pew pew space battles stay for the most relatable AI you’ll read this century I’m usually alone in my. Post release thoughts aka Review I loved this book so much and that of course means I am at a loss to describe it I also read it almost three months ago and am only now attempting to write this review This means BULLET POINTSBut first I do want to say that I was very pleased with the first outing of Murderbot in novel form as opposed to novella I enjoyed spending a longer page count with Murderbot whose character arc continues to develop in a pleasing fashion I will be sad and displeased if Wells goes back to novellas I am typing all of this full well knowing that the next Murderbot book is going to take place before this one and it is going to be a novella I guess I am in “denial”•Murderbot once again has to save the pesky humans this time after they are all abducted•ART is back And oh my god it’s even better than before view spoilerMurderbot and ART have the closest thing to a romance arc an asexual android and fully bodiless AI can have complete with unexpected baby If you would have told me that Murderbot #5 was a closet romance novel I would not have believed you but I can tell you I am delighted about it hide spoiler