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Free read Genet AUTHOR Edmund White ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ➬ [Ebook] ➧ Genet By Edmund White ➸ – Bastard thief prostitute jailbird Jean Genet was one of French literature's sacred monsters in works from 'Our Lady of the Flowers' to 'The Screens' he created aIn novelist Edmund White whose elouent and often poignant chronicle does justice to the unruly narrative of Genet's life even as it maps the various worlds in which he lived and the perverse landscape of his imaginati. Interesting but exhausting Jean Genet's life was every bit as sordid and chaotic as his fiction but this book was a good 200 pages longer than it needed to be “If he lies pressed against me he gently twines his legs about mine and our legs are merged by the very soft cloth of our pajamas; he then takes great pains to find the right spot to cuddle his cheek So long as he is not sleeping I feel the uivering of his eyelids and upturned lashes against the very sensitive skin of my neck If he feels a tickling in his nostrils his laziness and drowsiness keep him from lifting his hand so that in order to scratch himself he rubs his nose against my beard thus giving me delicate little taps with his head like a young calf sucking its mother” Jean Genet

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Bastard thief prostitute jailbird Jean Genet was one of French literature's sacred monsters in works from 'Our Lady of the Flowers' to 'The Screens' he created a scandalous personal mythology while savaging the conven. I first heard of Genet in senior HS French along with Beckett Ionesco and the Theater of the Absurd I sight checked “Saint Genet” by Sartre its a huge work and saw a production of “The Balcony” Impressed and at the same time revolted I must say I’ve never forgotten the outlier intellectual Jean Genet Edmund White’s bio was a splendid way to learn details about this author Professional and factual White does not allow the sordid aspects of Genet to get in the way of thorough research Genet was prolific intellectual and very literary compared to the under belly life he led Sartre is too in love with him to give us facts and jumps to many philosophical answers fraught with emotion and tied to his own Existential ideas while White’s ualitative style opens the dark doors sympathetically to a character you will not soon forget

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Genet AUTHOR Edmund WhiTions of his society His career was a series of calculated shocks marked by feuds rootlessness and the embrace of unpopular causes and outcast peoples Now this most enigmatic of writers has found his ideal biographer. I picked this up because I wanted to read a gay biography but phew this book was way than I reckoned on This book is a scholastic feat I have no doubt that every fact in here had been combed through and verified and there's definitely evidence that White not only collected a great deal of secondary source material but sought out primary source material with interviews and travel This is exactly how to go about biography as a referenceHowever this is not how to go about making a biography as a good read because the level of detail is so dense that it's overwhelming We go through every minute detail of Genet's life comparing them to his art and then back to life again with so much probing that it's like reading an autopsy of a life The amount of information here obscures Genet's character funnily enough like describing every individual leaf of a tree wouldn't necessarily give a reader the shape of the tree itself For all that Genet would have been incredibly flattered to have a biography like this and there might be people who are interested in Genet enough to delve that deep but it is one exhausting read