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Attorney David Adams is the last hope for an adolescent runaway being targeted by an assassin and sought by the FBI in a breath catching novel by the Charts bestselling author of An Uneual DefenseHaving abandoned corporate law David Adams is now the voice of justice for the city of Austin’s vulnerable outcasts His new client is Parker Barnes a trembling twelve year old r This is another book in the David Adams series by Chad Zunker David left his high paying corporate job to open a small law office with a partner He works in family law and the outcasts He is called to help Parker Barnes a 12 year who is arrested for purse snatching It turns out Parker is running from some bad people for what he witnessed The FBI is on the case but information keeps leaking David uses his circle of friends and an investigator to help him with the case I really enjoyed the story and the writing is particularly good I like the way Mr Zunker writes and how he portrays the disenfranchised The book was fast paced with lots of action I recommend the series and happy have an advance copy from Net Galley for an honest review

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Runaway Justice David Adams #3’s letting on Especially when a hit man sends the boy running to the only safe place he knows the streetsWith both the feds and a killer on Parker’s trail the hunt is on Teaming up with a pro bono investigator and utilizing his reliable band of street savvy friends David must find Parker first if he’s to save the boy from an undeserved fate And maybe even save himsel OMG I think this is the best one yet I could not put it down It was an easy read that kept your attention was believable and well written David Adams a lawyer mostly for the at risk neighbors of his law firm helps a twelve year old runaway wanted by FBI for what he may have seenor is he the guilty one Davids friends help protect Parker while David works to solve the crime Amazing book

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epub è Runaway Justice David Adams read ´ chad zunker ✓ ❮Download❯ ➹ Runaway Justice (David Adams, #3) ➾ Author Chad Zunker – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Attorney David Adams is the last hope for an adolescent runaway being targeted by an assassin and sought by the FBI in a breathUnaway and foster care poster boy arrested for petty theft Dealt a rough hand in life he reminds David of his own childhood This should be a simple if heartbreakingly familiar case Until the FBI muscles inParker is also a suspect in the murder of a federal witness No matter how desperate Parker’s denial David fears there’s so much to the kid’s hard luck story than he Just what did 12 year old Parker see This is an enjoyable easy read thriller with everything I want likeable main characters slimy bad guys betrayal and even a set of homeless detectives kind of There's nothing earth shaking or new here but it's a story well told with believable dialogue even from Parker who you will be cheering for It's a definite page turner I read it in two daysI've never read anything from this author before but seeing as this is the third in a series I will go back and check out the first two books Thanks Net Galley for introducing me to a new author