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PDF ☆ BOOK Weck mich nie Á [EPUB] ✼ Weck mich nie Author Martin Krüger – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk She came to the island to escape what she did But the island won’t let her forgetIt was a terrible terrible accident Jasmin Hansen knows she hit something It must have been a deer—that’s what he She came to the island to escape what sheD that night Somebody wants her to pay And when Jasmin uncovers the island’s shocking long held secret she realises there isn’t a single person she and Paul can trustAs the island closes in on her and the threats against her escalate can Jasmin discover who knows the truth of what she did before it’s too late Martin Krüger sure can make a story from what can be considered a psychic dilemma Jasmin Hansen had been in a coma for years after an accident where she swears she killed a man What the story entails is her delving into a trip onto an island with her dog and her little boy Things seem to be drawn out in her belief that people were against her I would like to use spoilers but I can't in good reasoning do it without giving everything away Let's just say the Martin uses psychological sense in following up with the truth This book is a well written novel that leaves you with a sense of doubt Read it and you will find out for yourself

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Y home on the remote island of Minsøy seems the ideal solution for Jasmin and her five year old son Paul But you can’t hide from your memories and Jasmin is haunted at every turn When mysterious messages begin to arrive at her isolated cottage it becomes clear that she isn’t the only one who knows what happene Jasmin Hansen travels to Minsøy to finally understand what happened on the night of the accident She is very anxious at the start of the book and somehow the author of Don’t Wake Me manages to transfer that feeling of anxiety to me as a reader I can’t exactly pinpoint why – it might be the lack of resting points in the narrative – but it is a nice feat You’re jumping from scene to scene feeling disoriented as you don’t know ‘when’ a scene is taking place You are in a constant dream like state but for Jasmin it is her reality Her subconscious knows something that her rational mind can’t piece together yet She feels uncertain and is constantly uestioning herself and her memory The eerie feeling that she has when observing her surroundings is emanating from the pages I’m impressed by the ability of Martin Krüger author and Jozef van der Voort translator to keep me in that state for uite some timeThen I picked up on some very clear too clear and too early hints; I won’t tell you where so that you won’t be looking for them too much when reading this book When I figured out how the story was going to end some of the magic faded and the story gripped me less From that point on I was simply reading to finish the book Don’t Wake Me is a solid thriller with a great atmosphere that I did enjoy reading As said before the plot is not surprising but the setting and delivery of especially the first part of the book are strongMany thanks to Publishing UK and NetGalley for a digital ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review

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Weck mich nieShe came to the island to escape what she did But the island won’t let her forgetIt was a terrible terrible accident Jasmin Hansen knows she hit something It must have been a deer that’s what her husband keeps telling her But Jasmin saw a man’s face and the nightmares won’t stopSome time out at their holida Big thank you to Netgalley and Publishing UK for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewWow holy unreliable narrators Batman The first 40% of this book was a little slow but very atmospheric — honestly a perfect book for this time of year specifically However the pace picked up a little at 40% and from about 75% to the end it went at a breakneck pace Not going to lie — I read the final 50% of this book in one sitting I couldn’t set it downThe setting was excellent — a small island in an unnamed Scandinavian country — and the characters were intriguing As mentioned above the narrator is very unreliable and as a result I spent 99% of the book uestioning what was happening what was reality and what was not and who — of the cast of characters — was someone I could trustSpoiler alertI’m not sure how I feel about the use of mental illness as a plot point As a mental health professional I get uncomfortable when trauma is used as a major plot driver and I also dislike the overuse of Dissociative Identity Disorder and similar disorders — that most of the publiclay people view as “mysterious” or “fascinating” as compared to the boring and common depression anxiety etc However for the most part it worked in this book It did ding my overall rating down a star howeverOverall — an excellent tale A good spooky read perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell Gillian Flynn and Ruth Ware