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Boonville“A brilliant new voice twitchy corny sly cackling and sad but most of all racing with vitality and goosing you to keep up Boonville is the creepy and hilarious coming of age story the territory deserves not your parents’ Vineland but your own”  Jonathan LethemBoonville is the story of John Gibson the reluctant heir of an alcoholic grandmother who fled the normalcy of her own “American family” to live in the redwoods surrounded north The writing is highly virtuosic You can't help being impressed by Anderson's skill with the language and his fertile imagination But all that talent is exhausting And when you strip away all the colorful characters and their eccentric interactions there really isn't much story left I don't see that he has published a second novel in the seven years since Boonville but I hope one is in the works one that is focused on the reader's experience than the writer's performance It could be killer

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Ern California hole in the wall town of Boonville where she is known as the “suirrel lady” In her will she leaves John her decrepit cabin Needing a change from the pastel and air conditioned life in Miami John ditches his girlfriend and condo and heads to Boonville to claim his inheritance He soon discovers it is not the hippie free loving town he assumed it was and the locals with the exception of Sarah McKay a commune reared hippie by ass Too funny The people who don't get this book have obviously never been to Mendocino County OK so perhaps the unbelievably truthful and wacky descriptions of the California locals makes it a bit unreachable for the average Joe and I agree sometimes the characters lack depth but boy was this funny

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doc å Boonville ✓ ✓ johnscyclingdiary ¸ ❮Epub❯ ➤ Boonville ➣ Author Robert Mailer Anderson – “A brilliant new voice—twitchy corny sly cackling and sad but most of all racing with vitality and goosing you to keep up Boonville is the creepy and hilariouOciation are not happy to see a new face especially a handsome outsiderJohn and Sarah are two young people actively searching for self and community in a small town of misfits rednecks and counter culture burnouts Boonville is the darkly comic tale of how they try to reassemble the facts of heredity sexuality personal expression love death the possibility of an existence without God and what happens whey they choose to make art from their lives I did not like this book yet I couldn't stop reading it I skipped large portions the rebellious young woman arguing with her commune hippie mother about auras and abusive stepdads the baseball game that goes on for 10 pages etc just to get to the dialog between the hippie chick and the newcomer to Boonville It's a real town on the way to Mendocino but this novel portrays its citizens as crystal sniffing hippies with uestionable parenting skills or as redneck losers who practically get away with murder when they're not getting wasted at the saloon until a fight breaks out I don't know the locals have seemed pretty nice every time I've passed through the town The author must really hate hippies