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Read Tell Me Youre Mine ePub Ç Kindle Edition ´ johnscyclingdiary à ✰ Tell Me Youre Mine Epub ✶ Author J.S. Scott – A chance encounter between a secretive billionaire and a plus size PR expert could be the perfect solution to both their problems or a delicA chance encounter between a secretive billionaire and a plus size PR expert could be the perfect solution to both their problems or a delicious scandal in the making in New York Times best selling author J S Scott's new British Billionaires seriesI am the type of woman who always plays it safe In my professional life as a public relations fixer and in my personal life especially when it comes to the opposite sex Really who needs the wild highs and the I want to die because he left me lows of a relationship? At least that's what I thoughtuntil I met him Damian No Last Name Given is sexy as sin and I'd developed some JS Scott does it again Damien is determined to cover for his twin brother until he meets sexy Nicole She changes everything now to somehow tell her he has a twin without her finding out first So enjoyed this audible book

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Rue identity He'd held his last name back for a reason Oh no I couldn't make some once in a lifetime misstep with an ordinary businessman When I screwed up it had to be one for the record books and it had to happen with one of the most powerful men in the world And oh yeah he also absolutely had to be the biggest man whore on the planet Once I knew the truth I could have easily convinced myself that the kiss wasn't all that earthshattering if Damian Lancaster hadn't boldly swaggered into my office the very next day to apologize and to make me a business offer I couldn’t possibly refuse Goodbye sanity; hello madness Nichole meets Damian on an airplane after she bombs a presentation to Damian’s board She ends up telling him all about it after he sees her text to her friend and also sees she has never had an O She ends up trying to fix Damian’s rep really twin doing the bad stuff by pretending to be his girlfriend Finds out he lied about brother really being the troublemaker before they get togetherI love J S Scott’s billionaire’s They are strong alpha and bossy men who when they fall they fall hard and Damian Lancaster fell hard for Nicole Ashworth Damian and Nicole are a good match one doesn’t overshadow the other even though Damian was a bit bossy he has met his match in Nichole After a case of mistaken identity with a very unflattering picture Damian hires Nichole’s crisis management company to help smooth things over for Lancaster Inc as his company is taking a hit in the press as a result of the bad publicity Along the way Nicole and Damian start on a journey neither of them expected Tell Me You’re Mine is a great start to this British Billionaire series by an author who has a talent for writing about yummy strong men as well as women who can hold their ownI absolutely enjoyed the narrator as he did a wonderful job with this story and his accent was excellent I definitely hope he does the other books in this series as well

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Tell Me Youre Mine Kind of weird instant attraction to him the moment he settled his chiseled body next to mine on a flight from London to Los Angeles His sexy British accent did crazy things to my previously dormant female hormones which had eventually led me to do the most impulsive thing I'd ever done in my entire life I kissed him while everyone else in business class was sleeping Or had he kissed me? All I knew was that we were both very willing participants and that panty melting embrace had rocked my entire world while it was happening Unfortunately that moment of spontaneity would haunt me once I found out Mr British Hottie's t Audio Review4 starsThis was my first book by JS Scott and it won’t be my last I love this writing style Sexy British billionaire meets American PR rep Damian and Nicole’s connection upon first meeting was so sweet Like total swoon I totally fell for Damian from their first encounter He is gorgeous cocky British and wealthy He also had an extremely sweet side There were immediate sparks and I loved the connection between them instantly Damian has a big heart He is doing his part to help his brother out even that means being being dishonest with the woman he is falling for I love the family dynamics in this one Nicole is a confidence strong young woman She is hard working and focused She is taking over her mother’s company after her recent deathI loved the banter between Nicole and Damian and also the passion and emotion between them Their connection is beautiful and sweet and there is some light drama that adds an element of suspense and keeps me engaged in the story I’m a new fan of JS Scott’s work and I will be looking for of her books very soon I also love the way Damian’s twin brother’s story was set up at the end and cannot wait for his story next Elizabeth Powers and Rupert Channing brought this story to life with their narration I truly enjoyed it