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House of Chains Doc ´ 1015 pages ☆ Johnscyclingdiary Î ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ House of Chains Author Steven Erikson – An alternate cover edition can be found hereIn Northern Genabackis tribal mountain warriors raid southern flatlands Years later Tavore Adjunct to the EmprTavore Adjunct to the Empress enters the last Malazan stronghold New to command she must hone recruits to House of PDF resist There will be slaughter Yet another apocalypse on Raraku's restless sands It is as it should be Retribution is at hand for the rise of the Seven Cities rebellion as the new Adjunct to the Empress arrives to lead the Malazan army to face Sha'ik and her Army of the Apocalypse The Holy Desert of Raraku continues to emanate despair even so now than ever after the Chain of Dogs left in its trails the miasma of vengeance and grief House of Chains weighed like a ton of bricks on my psyche which was the main reason it is one of my least favourite albeit still a really good book Aside from the depressing setting of the Raraku the Army of the Apocalypse was rife with treachery within as power hungry men and mages vie to make use of the madness and rage of the Whirlwind Goddess and the ensuing chaos to further their ambitious goals As much as I tried I also failed to fully empathise with the Sha'ik In stark contrast the Malazan army as disciplined as it can be was fraught with uncertainty over the ability of the new Adjunct Tavore of House Paran and its relatively fresh recruits Erikson did a marvellous job at empathically portraying the thoughts and emotions that such regiments had to confront particularly focusing upon the points of view of two vastly different individuals; a new Fist who was never than just a soldier who became captain of a noble house and a wearied returning veteran of Raraku Within the story of Adjunct Tavore and her army there were touching moments as well as pretty hilarious ones which made it endearing by far The numerous subplots and POVs in this instalment initially appeared to be tenuously linked at most However and undoubtedly Erikson showed how masterful he was in weaving all these threads together into a staggering pattern that initially confounds but eventually makes sense as revelations come to the fore I also appreciated some level of continuity from the life changing events that took place in Memories of Ice which flowed well into the narrative As before there are still tonnes of new characters to familiarise with But regardless of the sheer size of the cast character development was always superbly done Taking a different direction from first three books a full uarter of this volume was largely dedicated to introducing a major character to the series Karsa Orlong of the Teblor a tribal giant race that thrived on the notion of glory from domination and killing wrought from distorted histories and false gods started off as an arrogant bloodthirsty and violent warrior that was extremely difficult to like Through the development of his arc Karsa became one of the most complex characters thus far He is in eual measures brutal and badass as hell still arrogant but also possesses an almost unorthodox sense of compassion and honour Even with all what we have seen so far in this book we have yet to fully appreciate what he is truly capable of and his role in the larger overarching plot Witness Yes you are witness Even so what I Karsa Orlong shall shape you cannot imagine No one can By this fourth instalment it will be difficult not to come to the realisation of just how deep and steeped in sorcery and magic this world truly is There is just so much to learn about the pantheon of gods and the ascendants the ancient races and warrens and then there is light dark and shadow Shadow is ever besieged for that is its nature Whilst darkness devours and light steals And so one sees shadow ever retreat to hidden places only to return in the wake of the war between dark and light And this brings to one of my favourites yet another complex and intriguing character that demonstrated a kindness and compassion that belies his ascendant stature Cotillion the Patron God of Assassins otherwise also known as The Rope is an enigma and though he appeared to be playing another mysterious game of thrones altogether he does so with a certain sense of dignified reluctance an

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The Whirlwind of her sister Sha in the Holy Desert The power struggle of the seer's warlords threatens the soul of the rebellio It is astonishing how every book in this series seems to get better than the one before The sheer size of the cast is phenomenal however it seems like each character has an important role to play in the grand scheme of things and there are no 'bit part' players New characters such as Karsa Orlong L'oric and Trull Sengar become favourites straight away and that is down to Erikson's skill as a writer I will admit that I go a bit sentimental when we find out what characters such as uick Ben Kalam and Fiddler are up to when reading To the extent where it transpires that Strings is Fiddler I actually did a mini fist bump and silent whoop to myself lol In the first few books the world Erikson was describing was so vast and complicated it was sometimes confusing and I had to read certain sections than once Yet now that we are revisiting some of these places again it adds to the overall creation and heightening of the picture that Erikson is trying to paint for us The book takes place after the events of Deadhouse Gates and Memories of Ice A lot of the story is almost the opposite of the path Coltaine walked on the Chain of Dogs As previous books in the series I love finding out about the God's motives and as a previous reviewer stated these sections are 'Homeric' when the God's converse with humansmortals I am interested to find out about Cotillion This book made him seem human and emotional than we were given witness to before and that intrigues me I won't delve too much into the plot I will say that I am looking to start reading Midnight Tides straight away as I can't wait to be thrown headfirst back into Erikson's world Peace James x wwwyouandibookswordpresscom

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House of ChainsAn alternate cover edition can be found hereIn Northern Genabackis tribal mountain warriors raid southern flatlands Years later A huge downgrade after the masterpiece in Memories of IceErikson started House of Chains the fourth book in the Malazan Book of the Fallen series in an unprecedented step Unlike the previous three books House of Chains started as a totally character driven book that focuses solely on a completely new character Karsa Orlong This made for an awkward start because at first the story didn’t feel like reading the same series and Karsa took a while to warm up to due to his primitive and savage culture However Karsa ended up being one of my favorite parts of the book because of his spectacular character development and how pivotal he became to the overall storyPicture Karsa Orlong by Sam BurleyOther than Karsa the great thing about this book to me was every time the book relates the story to what happened in Memories of Ice These correlation didn’t happen a lot of times but every time it did the scenes were always golden uality The other great stuff that happened in this book was the development that was put to the world building and the returning characters that appeared in the first bookJust like how the plot line in Memories of Ice serves as a direct seuel to Gardens of the Moon House of Chains serves as a direct seuel to Deadhouse Gates This means that a lot of familiar faces do make a return as the story continues in the Seven Cities after the end of Deadhouse Gates; at the same time connecting the story to what happened in Memories of Ice and beyond However this isn’t a masterpiece like Memories of Ice In fact this was a struggle for me to finish I don’t have a lot of things to say here My main issues with this book lie with the story being uninteresting and mostly boring to read The majority of the characters were uninteresting and Erikson’s prose here wasn’t as engaging as the previous three books Let’s take Tavore After all the mention of her name in Deadhouse Gates turns out she’s one of the weakest characters out of Erikson’s gazillion characters Not only that the new POV Onrack is hands down one of the most boring POV I’ve ever had in my experience of reading a book I fell asleep not once not twice but several times on his POV I just can’t seem to connect myself with the majority of the sub plot in this book; they didn’t spark any emotions in me other than boredom For example the silly and mock scorpions battle ended up becoming one of my favorite part of the book; even better than most of the real battle and serious plotline I honestly don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing All hail Joyful Union The last 10% of the book was also great but it was too late to redeem the majority of the struggle I had with the book “One day perhaps you will see for yourself that regrets are as nothing The value lies in how they are answered” I’m genuinely surprised by the amount of 5 stars ratings for this book; this was okay at best in my opinion it's barely a 3 stars read It’s boring and most of the time not memorable House of Chains was a major step back from the bar that Memories of Ice has set If I’ve waited a whole year for this book I would’ve rated it even lower I will continue to the next book Midnight Tides after a week break; I have finished four books in the series within sixteen days and I need a little break after this disappointment The good thing about this is that after asking my friends’ opinion of this book a lot of them do agree that it’s easily the weakest installment of the series I’m hoping that each book after this will only be awesomeYou can order the book HERE You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions