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DOC ñ READER Marine Sniper 93 Confirmed Kills 9780425181652 FREE ✓ CHARLES HENDERSON ☆ ❰Ebook❯ ➩ Marine Sniper 93 Confirmed Kills Author Charles Henderson – Tells the exciting true story of Sergeant Carlos Hathcock a legendaryRecord has never been matched confirmed kills This is the story of Sergeant Carlos Hathcock Marine sniper legend of military lo Charles Henderson's 'Marine Sniper' is a dramatized account of the life of a Vietnam War sniper Based on the life and times of Sergeant Carlos Hathcock an American soldier who apparently eventually became the posterboy of the Marine Sniper program the book seemed an interesting prospect at first One I love war books and two I love history books Marine Sniper is set in the Vietnam War Sadly the book was a disappointmentThe amount of melodramatic fictionalization of everything Hathcock did was extremely jingoistic Dialogues were overwritten with Henderson trying to explain the scene or pace along the narrative with incredibly explanatory and thus weird dialogues And the focus on battle tactics or history was minimalThe only thing that made the book tolerable was Hathcock real gritty and human in the parts of the book Henderson allows him to be so

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's silent invisible He lies in one position for days barely twitching a muscle able to control his heartbeat and breathing His Marine Sniper is a true story about Sergeant Carlos Hathcock Hathcock enlisted into the marines at age 17 and went on to become one of the greatest marksmen in the United States Marine Corps At one part of the book Carlos is with Burke and they are both making there way to Elephant Valley At Elephant Valley they would sit and shoot NVA’s After shooting at the NVA’s from a distance in the shadows they take cover Burke and Hathcock are both sitting there for days shooting at them and killing them At night when it was all silent if Burke or Hathcock would hear a noise they would call in a illumination to go off to light up the night sky and they would kill NVA’s that were running Throughout the book it would do flashbacks to when Hathcock was in the United States and go to competitions and win rewards I liked this book a lot because I like to read about the military and how life is for them I think that the author did a great job on this book because it has photos and definitions at the bottom of the page to help people who don’t know things about the military I also like this book because it tells the story of a great Marksman of the United States Marine Corps I think that this book was also great because once I started reading it I felt like I couldn’t stop I wanted to know what would happen next I think that others should read this but only if they know some of the abbreviations that the military uses Also if they want to know want the military life is like in other countries I give this book a five out of five because I think it was a great read and that adding the meanings of things and pictures made the pictures great

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Marine Sniper 93 Confirmed KillsTells the exciting true 93 Confirmed Epub #222 story of Sergeant Carlos Hathcock a legendary Marine sniper in the Vietnam WarHe This is an incredibly whitewashed essentially jingoistic uasi novel rather than a genuine biography In the preface the author freely admits that he ”took the liberty of inventing dialogue for Hathcock’s North Vietnamese and Viet Cong opponents” He also invents their thoughts and I suspect some of the dialogue and thoughts of the Americans as well All of this is frankly absurd and has no place in a book that’s touted as non fiction Also I’ve heard that his fact checking leaves much to be desired though I’m not educated enough in terms of military history to be able to confirm that But it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if he got overly “inventive” with that too