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The LetterLetters are funny things you know A piece of paper with some handwritten words can change a person’s life The time has come for them to go their separate ways It’s been a hard decision for two men so very much in love but Luke and his partner Brandon are. The Letter is part of an old series by Willa Okati about a little community of artists in which strange things happen In the first book A Year and A Day the desperation of a man allows him to resurrect his late lover In Unspoken a wandering minstrel brings back love and hope in the life of a lonely man In this last Brandon and Luke are taking different path in life They were an happy couple but Brandon has a job that doesn't allow him to leave and Luke is taking a job offer that will bring him far from their community They talked and both agreed that it's better like that to not having regrets in the future But the truth is that Brandon has not express his real feelings and he is deeply in pain from Luke's decision On the other hand Luke is only waiting for Brandon to say him don't go since he himself is not so sure of his decisionBut in this world where communication seems so easy for real people don't talk And so without a otherworldly intervention Brandon and Luke will loose all they have And the intervention the sign takes the form of a bunch of letters it's uite nice to see that what the modern world the technology the fame of success is destroying an old fashion thing like a letter will saveThe book is really all here not much the fashion of this short story lies all in the words both said in the past by old Brandon and Luke who talked through their letter and said in the present by this new couple who will learn from the mistake of their predecessorsI like very much when Willa Okati writes fairy tales since the only possible definition of this tale is fairy It's not a full paranormal story there are not angels or demons who make their appearance it's a feeling it's almost like one of those old tales that people tell beginning with you will not believe it but

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The Letter Read & Download Û 4 ↠ ❰Epub❯ ➟ The Letter Author Willa Okati – Letters are funny things you know A piece of paper with some handwritten words can change a person’s life The time has come for them to go their separate ways It’s been a hard decision for two men Letters are funny thingParting so that Luke can head to New York and follow his dreams It seems however that someone or something doesn’t want Luke to leave his beloved He and Brandon discover a chest of letters in their attic which details their relationship down to the last mom. A wonderful story of true love and the tests we put it through when we take it for grantedThere can be no greater sign of undying love than sacrificing a profitable career for love I know as my husband gave up his career to allow me to pursue my profession in a new city over ten years ago We at least did not go through the angst of contemplating separating before making the decision to move and for him to leave full time workI started this series at the end so now I'll have to go back to the beginning and read and I added them to my wish list shortly after starting The Letter

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Ent except that these letters were written in Should they listen to the guidance given by the mysterious writer of the letters Should they give in to the urge to stay together no matter what Should Brandon fight for his man The answer is in the final letter. A very enjoyable fairly short story about a couple who find a box of letters dated 1948 The letters are from Brandon to Luke and their names are the same as the present day couple It spooks them when the events reflect exactly the events in their current life The last letter holds the key to the future of the present couple A uick fun read for a lazy afternoon