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WaylanderZe from its hiding place deep within a shadow haunted land He would be hunted He was certain to fail But he must try the old man commanded commanded in the name of his son the king who had been slain by an assassin Waylander was the most unlikely of heroes for he was a traitor the Slayer who had killed the king. Final rating 455 starsI have read first two books in the series starting with publishing order and i have to admit i was a bit confused at the world in this one because i didn't understand that it happens before Legend The king beyond the gate until i figured it out by certain hints I thought all books happen years and years in the future but this book proved me wrongOverall this would be a first book in the series if started chronologically But I wouldn't recommend starting out with this one better to start out with publishing order it will be much easier to catch the hints and terms Anyway this series is great because most of these books are stand alone despite characters appearing sometimes in other books What I also loved was the fact that this book was about how the organization of the view spoilerThirty which were a fraternity of warrior monks hide spoiler

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Armies waged war on the Drenai lands intent on killing every man woman and child The Drenai soldiers were doomed to ultimate defeat and chaos would soon reign Then a strange old man told Waylander that the only way to turn the tide of battle would be for Waylander himself to retrieve the legendary Armor of Bron. This is the first book in the series chronologically; it is listed in publication order here By this time we all know the big picture the Drenai lands are overrun by an unstoppable force the last groups of Drenai army continue desperate struggle against overwhelming odds the simple farmers become reluctant heroes etc The main character of the book is an infamous assassin who managed to piss off almost everybody and is hunted by seemingly almost every single person in the world A very insignificant event he helped a tortured monk while recovering his stolen horse set events in motion which gave him a chance to redeem himself by recovering a great relic for battered Drednai army The main idea of the book is about redemption I think it is slightly overplayed as a lot of bad people start doing good deeds without any visible motivation In the end deux ex machina is used yet again cheapening otherwise very powerful last pages The character of Waylander himself is interesting but I really wish the book would start earlier when he was still an assassin for hire we only see his evil deeds in his flashbacks 35 stars for a good book with some minor annoyances mentioned above which prevented me from rounding it up to 4

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Waylander Free read ☆ 105 ✓ ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Waylander By David Gemmell ✸ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk All of Waylander's instincts had screamed at him to spurn the contract from Kaem the cruel the killer of nations But he had ignored them He had made his kill And even as he went to collect his gold he All of Waylander's instinAll of Waylander's instincts had screamed at him to spurn the contract from Kaem the cruel the killer of nations But he had ignored them He had made his kill And even as he went to collect his gold he knew that he had been betrayedNow the Dark Brotherhood and the hounds of chaos were hunting him even as Kaem's. Waylander The Drenai Saga #3 Waylander #1 David GemmellWaylander is a fantasy novel by British writer David Gemmell published in 1986 It is the first of three Waylander stories followed by Waylander II In the Realm of the Wolf and Waylander III Hero In The ShadowsThe assassin Waylander is doomed to travel the world in search of revenge against those who killed his family After allying with a priest a fellow assassin a young woman and three children in her charge Waylander gradually redeems himself and tries to save the kingdom that is plummeted into chaosتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز ششم ماه ژانویه سال 2011 میلادیعنوان ویلندر کتاب سوم از سری درنای؛ نویسنده دیوید گمل؛ دیوید گمل پس از کتاب اسطوره که در سال 1984میلادی منتشر شد، در سال 1985 میلادی کتاب «پادشاه آن سوی دروازه» که ادامه‌ ای بر کتاب نخستش بود را به دست ناشرانش سپرد، و با چاپ ویلندر، سومین جلد از سری کتابهایی که «سری درنای» نام گرفتند کار خود در دفتر روزنامه را رها کردند و نویسندهٔ تمام وقت شدنداین تازه آغاز موفقیت‌های این نویسنده بود و پس از آن با بیش از سی جلد کتاب به یک چهره تبدیل شدندداستانی گیرا و پر کشش است، در دنیای درنای میگذرد، اما ادامه اسطوره نیست ا شربیانی