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Read Ñ Eve Was Framed Women And British Justice 109 Ï [KINDLE] ❄ Eve Was Framed Women And British Justice Author Helena Kennedy – Eve Was Framed offers an impassioned personal critiue of the British legal system Helena Kennedy focuses on the treatment of women in our courts at the prejudicesDisadvantaged group to those whose cases are subtly affected by race class poverty or politics or who are burdened even before they appear in court by misleading stereotype. Incredibly clear sighted analysis of the state of the British legal system in relation to women in the early 90s Shocked at some of the arguments I read surrounding why rape in marriage shouldn't have been made a crime at that time we should feel ashamed at how long it took us to change the law in this areaHappy to see that many of Kennedy's suggestions for reform have been taken up albeit a decade or 2 late Would love to read an update from this woman on her current views of the system and it's issues

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Prejudices of judges the misconceptions of jurors the labyrinths of court procedures and the influence of the media But the ineuities she uncovers could apply eually to any. I don't usually read non fiction I find it dull and boring and only really read it out of necessity But in this book I found a kind of compromise While it does tell you facts and figures and is detailed in its evidence it also tells stories of the authors experience and narrates courtroom drama in a way that keeps you interested in what Kennedy is trying to tell youAnd on that subject what she is trying to tell you is perfectly argued This novel might be slightly out of date in its citing of laws passed ten years ago especially when legal precedent is constantly changing but generally what was true then is still true now unfortunately While it doesn't take into account recent improvements in legal training and police handling of many legal cases it pretty much sums up the poor treatment women experience in the British Justice system in a succinct and entertaining way If you're afraid this book will just paint women as victims as Eves who have been framed don't be She incriminates women as much as men and talks an eual share about female criminals as she does about female victims But being a feminist reading of the law she obviously also discusses how female criminals are vilified far than men for committing a crime a 'masculine' act which involves transgressing the boundaries of what is expected of women in society The way she handles sensitive topics such as rape domestic violence infanticide prostitution etc is skilful and her elouent argument against the 'Chivalry Theory' changed the misconceptions I had about women being treated gently than men in our legal system She also tackles the prison system and how many women are sentenced to imprisonment for minor crimes for which a man would not be Her attack on double standards is witty and intelligent and only made me fall further in love with her and her writingHer final uestioning of whether we want euality with men or to be treated fairly and her discussion of the vast difference between these two approaches was fascinating Her resounding conclusion was we must demand fairness and that different but eual treatment of men and women will lead to the same outcome a fair one Finally the way she uses language that can be deciphered by those without a legal mind means I will suggest it to everyone who has an interest in law feminism politics or current affairs; it is a brilliant easy and emotive read

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Eve Was Framed Women And British JusticeEve Was Framed offers an impassioned personal Framed Women PDF #201 critiue of the British legal system Helena Kennedy focuses on the treatment of women in our courts at the. This book is so important Not only does it tackle women's issues brilliantly but it never fails to keep in mind that class and race are also major factors in women's discriminations I'd highly highly recommend it to everyone; especially white men