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ResponseTally honest portrayals of the moral complexities of urban life uses alternating perspective to give readers a fascinating and chilling insight into the minds of those on both sides of a hate cri. Paul Volponi's latest novel Response takes on the dilemma of a hate crime in a racially divided community Three African American teens go into Hillsboro mostly white and Italian to steal a car and make uick money The car theft never happens but as the boys walk home they are chased by three white teens in a black Land Rover Asa and Bonds run for their lives never looking back If they did they would have seen that their friend Noah tripped and fell flat on the sidewalk With a metal bat Nick Scat one of the teens beats Noah about the head while his friends Tommy and Joey steal his sneakers and rip his diamond stud from his ear Laughing they get into their Land Rover and race away Noah calls his friends about the beating and they summon 911 In the hospital surrounded by his family Noah is uestioned by the police while his friends in a police car finger the perpetrators who claim they were protecting themselves from a robbery The police investigate the crime to Noah as a hate crime Volponi uses many different characters' voices to give their own viewpoint and the result is chilling as racial prejudice stereotyping and bias abound Noah is a young father and his love for his daughter Destiny Love is unuestioned But Noah is not perfect; he has been arrested before he is in his fifth year of high school and is not sure how much he loves DeShawna Destiny Loves' mother The reader struggles along with Noah as the court's justice system promises results his high school and teachers are divided over the hate crime and life keeps throwing curve balls It is only with his inner strength goals for his future and the love of his family that Noah waits for the final court judgment This book is a sure winner young adult readers will devour it talk about it and pass it around It is a hard fight from the first look at the dark silhouetted figures on the cover to the final bang of the judge's gavel

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M of a vicious beating that leaves him with a fractured skull Was the attacker just protecting his turf or did he assault Noah because hes black Awardwinning author Paul Volponi known for his bru. This is the author that is closer to what I write than any other YA author His writing makes you look at both sides changes you from your encounter with it and feels real Off to find of his books to read in the upcoming week Penuin VIking House Press for some reason that matters right nowThe story of a young wanna be car thief attacked by a bat is one I'll not forget right away

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Response review ↠ 103 ´ [Read] ➵ Response ➼ Paul Volponi – Noah and his friends go to a predominantly white neighborhood with a plan steal a car sell it to a chop shop and make some fast cash But that never happens Instead Noah a teen father is the victim of Noah and his friends go to a predominantly white neigNoah and his friends go to a predominantly white neighborhood with a plan steal a car sell it to a chop shop and make some fast cash But that never happens Instead Noah a teen father is the victi. Volponi does it again with another short novel that is fast paced and filled with hard to answer ethical uestions Noah and his friends go to an Italian American neighborhood to steal a Lexus Before they are able to they are jumped by three boys who shout racial epithets and beat Noah's head in with a baseball bat Noah survives the attack and finds himself at the center of a racial controversy Was the other boy right to defend their community from theft Or was Noah and his friends targeted because they are black The fast moving prose is interspersed with police interviews of the suspects adding to the drama Volponi does not come up with simple answers to the complicated uestions that are raised here Part of his skill is in formulating the scenario and the uestions but allowing the teen reader to make up their own mind Even the attackers are not cardboard each emerging as a person themselves So much is done in such a short number of pages that it is staggering Noah's own family is not stereotypical at all His complicated relationship with the mother of his baby girl is eually deep and complex Noah's eventual response to his attack is nuanced and matureSure to be a popular read among teen boys who have probably already discovered Volponi this book is appropriate for ages 14 18