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READER Ó DOC Daughter of Mine ☆ [Ebook] ➦ Daughter of Mine By Laura Fabiani – Tiziana Manoretti is an only child in her late twenties blessed with loving parents a promising career and a best friend who fiercely protects her When her mother falls seriously ill and the relations Tiziana Manoretti is an only chilHer her feelings for Christopher are deeper than she realizes She discovers herself and others all while her family's resilience and love for one another is tested when confronted with a shocking truth The answers lie in a box found in a closet in Italy and Tiziana must determine if she wants to embrace the heartache and the pain from her past in order to learn forgiveness and find peace in the future I won this book and wanted to give it the fairest review possible I enjoyed reading it Laura does a good job of writing the story and I would be interested in reading another book by her However I think the storyline was supposed to create uestion and wonder in the mind of the reader but I knew what was going to happen very uickly and even though I knew where it was going I still enjoyed getting there Although I am a religious person I don't like it when religion is introduced into a book even my own religion as in the Jehovah's Witness part It always draws me out of the story and into reality But that part was short and I was able to get back into the story right away I would certainly suggest that anyone read this book and judge it for themselves It's one of those that I think most people could enjoy

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Hanage and subseuently given up for adoption Tiziana sets out for the small town of Gaeta in an attempt to find her birth parents Meanwhile her best friend Christopher is sending her mixed messages causing her to wonder if there is to their relationship than just companionship As she becomes intertwined with a handful of interesting characters who help her uncover her past Tiziana needs to decide whet I love escaping into a great novel especially when it features a strong intelligent educated female character in the lead role Daughter of Mine by Laura Fabiani offers just that in the role of 27 year old Tiziana Manoretti a CanadianItalian mechanical engineer living in Montreal Add in a splash of unreuited love family discord a long held secret international travel and good food well you get the ideaTiziana had just successfully finished a project when she was blindsided by her mother's sudden health challenge As it could have a hereditary basis the doctor recommended she be tested That lead to a confrontation between her mother and father on whether to share a secret dad on one side mom on the other The secret was devastating She was adopted It didn't take long before she was on a plane to Naples to visit the orphanage where she was born and hopefully connect with her birth parents Unfortunately someone behind the scenes was putting up roadblocks at every turn There were several things I loved about this book The characters were well developed After a few pages of walking in their shoes I felt I could picture each in my head and understand why they acted the way they did Then there was the attention to the surroundings I can only assume the author has visited the area as the detailed descriptions of both the buildings the countryside the food and the people brought them to life for me Well done

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Daughter of MineTiziana Manoretti is an only child in her late twenties blessed with loving parents a promising career and a best friend who fiercely protects her When her mother falls seriously ill and the relationship between her parents becomes suddenly strained a carefully hidden family secret is revealed and Tiziana's seemingly idealistic world is turned upside down After discovering she was born in a Naples orp I love books about family relationships and this book is full of so many different aspects of family life It centers around Tiziana who when her mother has health issues discovers that she was adopted This sets her on a journey to Italy where she searches for answers about her birth parentsYou wouldn’t know that this is Laura’s first book It is a fabulous story and she makes you feel as if you are in the midst of what’s going on and you can visual being in Italy The characters are well written and you get a sense of familiarity with themI can’t believe it took me so long to read this book but I’m glad I finally did I really hope the author writes another book soon I will definitely be reading itThis is a uick read that you won’t want to put down It will tug at your emotions until the last page and longer