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Exiles at the Well of Souls Saga of the Well World #2 mobi ´ 352 pages í Jack L. Chalker í [PDF / Epub] ☀ Exiles at the Well of Souls Saga of the Well World #2 Author Jack L. Chalker – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Antor Trellig head of a ruthless interstellar syndicate hadWere drawn across space to the mysterious planet they found themselves in new alien bodies and in the middle of a battle where strange races fought desperately Exiles at Kindle with the control of all the Universe as the prize Take the intrigue of Game of Thrones add the insane shape changing elements of Ovid's Metamorphasis condense it into a single action packed volume and you've got the next entry into the Well of Souls seriesThis book picks up some years after the last volume and introduces us to a new protagonist Mavra Chang deadly competent covert operative for hire as she travels the stars She's given a job free a scientist's daughter who is being held hostage by an evil politiciansyndicate crime lord to force her father to assist in creating a machine that can reshape realityAs readers of the first book can anticipate the players are soon drawn into the hidden Well World a secret planet created by a long vanished supreme race of aliens The Well World's guiding artificial intelligence is capable of shaping the universe into whatever one desires and the entry of these new marooned space travelers promise the means of controlling itThe newcomers are 'processed' given new bodies to match some of the thousands of sentient races that call the Well World home each race living in a hexagonal biome with radically different environments and sometimes radically different laws of physicsWar breaks out complete with shifting alliances and depths of treachery in a book that ends leaving us wanting

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Antor Trellig head of a ruthless interstellar syndicate the Well PDFEPUB #190 had seized a super computer with godlike powers which could make him omnipotent The Council offered master criminal Mavra Chang any reward if she stopp Moving on to #2 in the Well World saga where everything gets epic er It’s been 1100 years since anyone tried to wage war on the Well World and that was a failure ultimately because it was a war of conuest You can’t have supply lines that cross areas where technology doesn’t work and the air in some places is poisonous to 90% of your multispecies army half of whom think the other half is deliciousBut now two spaceships have crashed on the planet and a war to retrieve those craft is inevitableBack in the day I don’t think I reread this one nearly as much as I did MatWoS as I didn’t recall uite as much detail but the overall plot was still all there A couple bits I thought came in the third book so now I’m doubting my memory as to the overall timeline Once again the sheer scale of the story is impressive and I still really want to see this thing brought to lifeIt’s interesting to me how I never gave a second thought to the fact that the protagonist is a Chinese woman and one of the antagonists is a lapsed Muslim Nowadays there would be cries of both racism and political correctness but back in 1978 it wasn’t a big deal at allLooking back we really had a lot diversity in our entertainment in the 70s All of us watched shows about black families like Good Times What’s Happening and The Jeffersons the latter of which had an interracial couple I’m sure the racists hated that stuff back then but we didn’t hear about it all the time And those shows were hits watched by millions of peopleSo having an antihero like Mavra Chang kick ass and take names wasn’t unusual in the slightest It’s hard to think of a character who has toughness and guts than Chang Her backstory which Chalker relates in two paragraphs is brutal and would fill two books on its own An orphan beggar thief and prostitute who becomes a starship pilot and captain eventually turning herself into the most dangerous woman in the human part of the galaxy is just the warm up for what the Well World has in store for her That’s how epic her story is Even the part where her former john becomes her husband and partner in crime who engages in a PygmalionMy Fair Lady transformation of the coarse and streetwise Mavra is something she just casually mentionsObie the computer is still my second favorite character after Chang but I was surprised by how little he’s in this book He has a larger role in the later books I think but don’t uote me on that I am looking forward to the appearance of Gypsy Although I most identify with Nathan Brazil Gypsy is the character I always wanted to beOn to #3

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Exiles at the Well of Souls Saga of the Well World #2Ed Trellig and horrible lingering death if she failed But neither Trellig nor Mavra had taken the Well World into consideration Built by the ancient Markovians the Well World controlled the design of the cosmos When the opponents The premise of the Well World saga is essentially a creation myth billions of years ago a highly advanced race called the Markovians created a planet sized computer that could alter reality and divided the surface into hundreds of eually sized regions each containing a completely different environment and dominant species These species run the gamut from arachnids to reptilians to mammals to things far bizarre From these experiments they seeded the universe with life The Well World remains operational even far into our future when these stories take placeIn this book the first of a two part story arc a human scientist has succeeded in duplicating the Markovians' technology albeit on a smaller scale When he's forced to build and operate a larger version of his creation for a ruthless crime lord everyone in the area is transported to the Well World And when one of their space shuttles crashes on it nearly everyone wants a piece So begin the Wars of the WellWord for word Chalker isn't the best writer His prose can be clunky and repetitious and if you are averse to info dumps don't even bother These books are also not for those who demand hard science Even though technology is responsible for the many wonders within it may as well be magic What I like about this series is the creativity and just plain weirdness on display Decent old school science fantasy fun