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D Bran the Welsh boy whose destiny ties Silver on eBook #9734 him to the Light Drawn in with them are the three Drew children who are mortal but have their own vital part in the story These six fight fear and. Cooper's prose as always is gorgeous and her flair for imagery is enviable but this final volume in the Dark is Rising seuence disappoints as a novel The first four volumes were nothing but buildup and this is nothing but buildup too until five pages from the end Like books two three and four there are random time travelling scenes but here they muddle the plot instead of moving it alongNone of the characters have particularly vivid personalities but the Drew siblings especially Jane always felt real then Will or Bran both of whom suffer from severe Designated Protagonist Syndrome Will has no personality and Bran just wanders over the mountains sulking except when the plot forces him to act noble basically a pubescent Welsh Mr Rochester So naturally the bulk of the book follows Will and Bran doing big important hero things that the lowly Drews are shut out of This is a pet peeve of mine in fantasy lit magical elite shutting ordinary people out of the conflict fully or partially for their own protection even when they are owed an honest and complete explanation for all the scary things happening around them At least Bran Will and Merriman have the decency not to look down on the Drews or John Rowlands which is than can be said of their literary descendants Jace and the Lightwoods in The Mortal Instruments Annabeth in Percy Jackson and pretty much everybody in Harry Potter Lewis and Tolkien had neither taste nor tolerance for this fantastic gnosticism which must inevitably lead to fantastic racism More on them laterThe book also assumes some nay a great deal of previous knowledge of Welsh mythology and history One can tell there is some sort of deep unspoken significance in every person place and thing in this story but good luck deducing WHAT they mean unless you're an expert on Arthuriana andor Wales Not that these plot devices are bad at all per se Lewis and Lemony Snicket both employ a lot of literary and classical references that go straight over most kids' heads But in both those cases the story can still be enjoyed on a surface level without understanding those references Not the case with TDiR I was confused for most of the book Here are some things that confused me The Lady calling Jane Juno The Lady full stop Is she supposed to be some kind of goddess or sacred feminine archetype If so is Jane meant to be some sort of avatar And why bother establishing this psychic bond between the two when Jane is allowed so small a role in the story Mrs Rowlands was the White Rider all along Um how And why What is the Lost Land The timelessness of it suggests Camelot but most of the details would then be wrong Other flaws The whole Lost Land episode does nothing for the plot and everything important that happened in it could have been covered in one chapter The scene with King Gwyddno is almost a rip off of King Theoden's redemption in The Lord of the Rings Not nearly as spectacular though Later I'll elaborate on why I think that's the case Taliesin or Gwion whatever was portrayed a lot better in A String in the Harp Here he does nothing and adds nothing The Drews are literally only there to fill the number of people from the prophecy In fairness Jane gets to talk to the Lady because she's a girl and Barney gets kidnapped Barney gets kidnapped in every book he appears in Simon might as well have been on holiday I've shipped WillJane since Greenwitch and that went nowhere There's a few hints here of BranJane but that doesn't go anywhere either because both boys have far too much Very Important Marty Stu business to attend to There is literally no humor in this book Actually after some light touches in Over Sea Under Stone there's no humor in the entire series I HATE the convenient memory wipe device wherever and whenever it appearswhich leads me to my final pointSusan Cooper has been compared to JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis not necessarily for her prose which is great indeed but for her moral vision of the sweeping conflict of good and evil Psychology Today I would dispute this claimIn fact Cooper doesn't even well define the difference between the Light and the Dark One is good and the other evil mostly because they say so The Light is marginally ethical than the Dark but both sides lie and trick people and WIPE PEOPLE'S MEMORIES and keep secrets from those people even when those people are in great danger and have every right to know exactly what is going onThe good guys in Middle earth and Narnia do not deal in these kinds of shenanigans They don't use deceit even when we'd all forgive them for it Everybody even apparently powerless people like the hobbits and the Pevensie kids are kept well informed And they are allowed to KEEP THEIR MEMORIES even the scary onesThe idea that there's a High Magic above and beyond good and evil would be deeply repellent to either Jack or Tollers but Cooper uses itThere is no Illuvatar or Aslan here in case you were wonderingThe reason for the difference Tolkien and Lewis wrote from a deeply believed Christian worldview Christianity believes that good is actually much powerful than evil and that simple people mortals children and hobbits if you will have just as much a right to participate in history as the learned powerful and greatCooper's worldview going by these books is Manichean and Gnostic Manicheanism is the belief that good and evil are eually matched and eually ruthless Gnosticism is the belief that only super special snowflake people deserve to know the whole truth of things and the stupid uninitiated are better off unenlightened This worldview can also be found in varying degrees in most children's and YA fantasy of the last few decades obviously and obnoxiously in the works of Philip Pullman JK Rowling Stephanie Meyer Christopher Paolini Rick Riordan and Cassandra Clare all of whom use it in much offensive ways than Cooper It is amusingly turned on its head by Terry Pratchett in the Tiffany Aching novels and deconstructed by Jonathan Stroud in the Bartimaeus Seuence So why is this ManicheanismGnosticism a problem Because it subliminally tells kids that they have to be part of a secret glamorous elite in order to be successful or even worthwhile That to be ordinary is to be a loser That simplicity is bad Pound this idea repeatedly into a young impressionable mind and it can create all kinds of problems most of which are related to narcissismI'll stick with Lewis and Tolkien thanks I'm on Aslan's side even if there's no Aslan to lead it

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Silver on the TreeDeath in the darkly brooding Welsh hills in a uest through time and space that touches the most ancient myths of the British Isles and that brings Susan Cooper's masterful seuence of novels to a satisfying clo. Some authors treat magic in a somehow mechanistic way although perhaps no explanation is offered for how the magic worksThe magic user says a spell flames light upThe magic user says a spell he levitatesThe magic user says a spell somebody diesAs easy as thatBut there are other authors who can do than that they create worlds in which magic feels like air filling the atmosphere there seeping through the words that we read so that we feel magical ourselves One of the authors with such ability is Susan Cooper known best for her The Dark Is Rising seuence And this is the last book of the seuence Silver on the TreeJust like in the previous book especially The Dark Is Rising and its Wild Hunt magic runs wild in Silver on the Tree; things happen impossible to be explained; don’t ask don’t ask just enjoy the rideA train that appears from nowhere taking passengers from different times in historyA lost land that is visited when it’s not been lost yetA leap through time and space – will it disrupt and change the future Will it Won’t it How HowThere there this is magic although this does not mean the story does not show an internal consistency There is High Magic; there is Wild Magic; and there are Light and Dark bound by rules and this is the final clash between both The Six must go through different ordeals face nightmares—indeed the original nightmare—and make difficult decisionsJust like the Arthurian legends on which the seuence is based there are hints of Christian influence; I reached a point that to me Arthur seemed like the Father Bran Jesus while Herne the Hunter the Holy Ghost But just like the Arthurian legends the seuence contains than just references to Christianity; they’re always a mix up bag that also consists of the so called paganism and whatnot Merriman’s final speech is just astonishing seen from that perspective somehow implying that the human race do not need supernatural if Divine intervention any that they do not need to wait for another second coming The world will still be imperfect because man is imperfect; bad things will still happen but in the long run the worse will never win over the betterThe only thing that a bit disappoints me at the end is just that I wish memory stays I hope I don’t spoil the end for you by telling you thisI sighed when I closed the book after reading the last page What a magical journey it had been and how I enjoyed it so much

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Silver on the Tree review · eBook or Kindle ePUB Ò ❰Read❯ ➮ Silver on the Tree Author Susan Cooper – The Dark is rising in its last and greatest bid to control the world And Will Stanton last born of the immortal Old Ones dedicated to keeping the world free must join forces with hThe Dark is rising in its last and greatest bid to control the world And Will Stanton last born of the immortal Old Ones dedicated to keeping the world free must join forces with his ageless master Merriman an. This was a disappointing end to a disappointing series It's all too vague says Jane at one point at the start of yet another random adventure a sentiment that unfortunately applies to the whole of The Dark Is Rising seuenceI don't even know where to begin so I'll start with the same criticisms I had with the other four books no explanation about how all the magic works and overuse of capitalized words that signify nothing Now there is a little speech Will gives at the beginning of this book about how there are the Old Magic Wild Magic and High Magic and how there are two poles the Light and the Dark and how the Old Ones are there to keep the Dark at bay etc But this is a summing up of rather than an out and out explanation There's no exploration of the myriad things they can or cannot do seemingly dictated by what is needed by the plot There doesn't seem to be any set rules by which all this magic is governed and any new magic is introduced to fit the plot and isn't really revisited againuestions I have so many uestions that I know now will never be answered such as What does it mean when Will's scar burns Why do Will and Merriman shout at each other in loud situations when they can easily use their telepathy Why does Will have trouble learning Welsh in The Grey King when in Silver on the Tree it says that learning a new language in this case Latin came without effort to an Old One as did any language of the world Chapter 3 The Calling Why do bunches of twigs from 7 different trees make magic grenades If the Drew kids are so important to the whole saving the world adventure why are they continually kept in the dark about what's going on You must do what I say or something bad will happen Okay what do I have to do I can't tell you that Why Can't tell you that either Why is the Lady so weak throughout the whole series and yet when the Dark issues a challenge to the High Magic court of law I KID YOU NOT she appears as if nothing were wrong with her and helps officiate Why would there be a freaking courtroom scene right in the middle of the buildup to the end battle As in both sides are racing to the battlefield and boom court scene Why do the Dark and the Light follow what the High Magic court says when Will himself earlier said No other power orders them Why was there a slight rewrite about what happened when the six Signs were joined What Will remembers here is different that what happened in the 2nd book Why would the revealing of a mole be shocking here when the character was really barely introduced in this volume and exists only for a few pages of the whole saga Why would anyone think this is as good or better than Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Narnia or His Dark MaterialsI could go on but my point is made The writing and descriptions are well done the story imaginative but it's all for naught if the details are lacking and the plot is weak Even the philosophical underpinnings are contradictory and muddled I don't recommend this for anyone above the age of 12 There are far better thought out and sophisticated books and series out there than the Dark Is Rising's simplistic approach to everything So what's my job as an Old One You and only you can find the objects needed to vanuish the enemy Okay where is the first one Everywhere and nowhere Here and there In This Time and Out of Time pointing It's over there Oh there it is That was easy You did have to get a chair to reach up there I guess Okay so the Five of us are here Shouldn't there be Six of us Shut up that doesn't matter right now You don't have to be rude That's the way it is with us Old Ones So where's this thing we're supposed to find I haven't said that part yet Sorry Go ahead I'll say it when I want to not when you tell me pause Okay so we have to find this hidden object Where I dunno All I have is this mysterious riddle Find the thing you're looking for somewhere that isn't here What kind of riddle is that Everywhere else is somewhere that isn't here Well lets start looking then pointing Let's start over there Omigod it's right there Whew That was really hard No it wasn't We found it in the first place we looked You know it's a good thing you won't remember any of this when we're done Okay so I'm a normal human child What do I have to do to defeat the Dark Tsk child there's no such thing But you just told me there was There's a Dark and a Light and the Light is good and the Dark is bad waving his hand in the air Forget everything child you are just a human who can't handle knowing these things Who the eff are you Obi Wan I said forget Forget what Good Now we have a very important thing to do What We must find a hidden object Why Because if We don't find it They will Who's they They With a capital T Okay who are They They are the Dark We are the Light I thought I wasn't supposed to know that When it's convenient for me Now go find it So the end battle is it gonna be totally rad and violent and epic It sure is There's six of us Well actually seven maybe eight but whatever What's our role What's gonna make us beat the Dark The magic sword The six magic signs The albino kid Merlin The old broad No Well yes but not really So what Well we're gonna pick a flower Say what It's a totally magical flower though On a totally magic tree We need seven people and a magical lady to do this Yes Really Yes Really really Yes We need the sword to cut the flower So any one of us could do this No only the albino kid can use the sword The rest of us have to help keep the Dark away How We'll stand around the tree holding the Signs Oh We can't just put them around the tree No We have to hold them One per Sign Yup Whybecause