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The Book of RamaThe Book Of Ram is a book with a fresh perspective written by noted author Devdutt Pattanaik It which outlines th. Book of Ram by Devdutt bose Pattanaik Ramremainsserenein hismajestyAuthor Dr Devdutt PattanaikPublisher Peguin IndiaPrice Rs 250 Author his passions his career and his versatility Dr Devdutt Pattanaik b1970 is a multi faceted personality mastering different streams of life After passing out his MBBS from Grant Medical College Mumbai he spent 14 years working in the Pharma and Healthcare companies such as SIRO and Apollo After that he started afresh as a marketing consultant and got associated with prestigious organizations like Sanofi Aventis and Ernst Young He is also a mythologist by passion He topped the Mumbai University course in Comparative Mythology and lectures extensively on the relevance of sacred symbols rituals and stories and their significance in modern times His articles appear regularly in First City magazine Delhi and Times of India Mumbai He lives in Mumbai His passion always being mythology drove him to writing and lecturing extensively on relevance of sacred stories symbols and rituals in modern times And it is in this capacity that he has joined Future Group as Chief Belief Officer where his role is to help construct the culture of the entire organization He regularly writes in Economic Times Corporate Dossier Times of India Mumbai Hindustan Times First City Magazine and Sunday Midday His books have been published by VFS Haworth Inner Traditions Indus Source Penguin India and EastWest Publications displaying his command over writing superbly Few of his books include Shiva – an introduction VFS India Vishnu – an introduction VFS India Devi – an introduction VFS India Hanuman – an introduction VFS India Lakshmi – an introduction VFS India Goddesses in India – five faces of the eternal feminine Inner Traditions USA Indian Mythology – Stories symbols and rituals from the heart of the subcontinent Inner Traditions USA Man who was a woman and other ueer tales from Hindu lore Haworth Publications USA Shiva to Shankara – decoding the phallic symbol Indus Source India MythMithya A Handbook of Hindu Mythology Penguin India The Pregnant King Penguin India – this was his first work of fiction and The Book of Kali Penguin India based on his talksThe Book In this book Dr Devdutt explores the eleven different iconic symbols of Lord Ram presenting relevance of Ram in modern times by examining him in his various roles as Dashrath’s son Lakshman’s brother Vishwamitra’s student Sita’s husband Ravan’s enemy Hanuman’s master Ayodhya’s king Vishnu’s incarnation Valmiki’s inspiration the Ramayan’s protagonist and Hindutva’s icon The book tells about various perspectives of Lord Rama as Eka vachani – the king who keeps his words – always Eka bani – an archer who strikes his target perfectly with the first arrow Eka patni – a husband who is eternally devoted to his single wife All his aspects show him as ‘maryada purushottam’ who is perfectly able to balance his life with social values his Raghu vansh and the solar dynasty He is known to be the 7th avatar of Vishnu Ram word brings peace and harmony in lifeMy views The author doesn’t want to preach via this book This is a well researched book which can be kept in one’s personal library and can be read time and again whenever a person wants some peace or solacement This is a though provoking book with each angle of Ram being reflected clearly that can be carved upon in one’s life This book answers to many whys and hows those were unanswered till now In each man on this earth there is a part of Ram and Ravan each with varying percentage Similarly in each woman there is Sita Ahilya Surupnakha and Mandodri A man’s personality has been reflected by many icons – Ram Lakshman Hanuman Angad Bali Sugriv Jatayu Dashrath Bharat Shatrughan Ravan Vibhishan etc similarly woman’s face has been reflected in many icons – Sita Mandodri Ahilya Surupnakha Mandodri etc Logically in today’s world it is your karmas or what you do in your actual life that defines what icon a woman is and what icon a man isThe book is a must read for all ages all genders It is short crisp and with a precision

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review The Book of Rama ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¼ [Epub] ➝ The Book of Rama By Devdutt Pattanaik – The Book Of Ram is a book with a fresh perspective written by noted author Devdutt Pattanaik It which outlines the entire story of the Ramayana taking into consideration various accounts of tStandard Sanskrit Aryan version to the Dravidian version all the way up to the Burmese and the Thailand versions. Devdutt Pattanaik is extremely good in digging out obscure stories and presenting it to the reader at an appropriate juncture and the right format I also like the way he compares different mythological heroes He summaries the well known parts of Ramayana but also makes space for the obscure and less known sources It is of course well researched as he brings in the perspectives of Ramayana in different interpretations But what made me give a 3 star for this book is his penultimate chapter where he vaguely expresses his opinions on the politics of Ram which is none of his business As a mythologist it his job to interpret myths and educate the crowd about mythology ; not the politics of Ram But I would still recommend this book to anyone who is vaguely interested in Ram and mythology

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E entire story of the Ramayana taking into consideration various accounts of the great Indian epic right from the. Before I begin my review my Pranam to Devadutt Pattanaik for once again being the medium to the answers I seek in my life If not directly at least providing some insight into the topic as my mind is shrouded in the fog of uestions ignorance and even some cynicism Please accept my gratitude for reaffirming my beliefs in humility humanity true sense of dharma karma and everything I envision my life to be based on Thank you So muchBefore having picked up the book before even knowing about the book I had my reservations about Ram and what he stood for in my mind You would know what instances I'm speaking of which led to such a judgement of him If not the constant Agni pariksha that Sita had to go through her support of him even with all the unfair accusations hurled at her should make it clear The staunch feminist in me refuses to accept such instances But upon knowing that justice is served throughout epic I'm relieved After all how would a story be filled with learning points of the protagonist not have a weaker side to balance his stronger side Balance is nature after all The Book of Ram acts as not only Ram's advocate but an omniscient presence in the story in the form of Pattanaik's views justifies and analyses every moment in Ramayana and even beyond the epic pulling in instances from other mythological works to compare and give a better insight into the epic And to you readers who are contemplating whether to buy this book or not if you are exhausted and burnt under the scorching sun of the harsh desert that Kaliyug is Devadutt Pattanaik readily brings you the oasis The Book of Ram And if this book doesn't give you even a modicum of peace I don't know what will