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The Spanish Bridegroom review ´ 103 ✓ ➶ [Reading] ➸ The Spanish Bridegroom By Jean Plaidy ➫ – To restore the power of Spain and bring England bak to the iron embrace of Holy Church the young Phillip agrees to marry Mary Tudor Set against the glittering courts of sixteenth century Europe the To restore the power of Spain and bring England bak to the iron embrace of Holy Church the young Phillip agrees to marry Mary Tudor Set against the. I admit i finished this one a while back and i've struggled with what to saywrite about ithere goes nothingJean Plaidy also known as among others Victoria Holt was a familiar name to me since i occasionally enjoy a read with a touch of Gothic and i have over the years read a few of her books Now if Holt only wrote Gothic romances Plaidy is know for her historical novels a genre i very rarely enjoy since the personality transplants for the sake of sales are a little too extreme sometimesThis book was literally dropped in my lap by a friend who gushed and gushed so much that i decided to give it a trythe things i do for my friends sometimes Is it worth reading yes but only because she is very good at setting the mood and transporting you to Philip's time the background setting is appealing and that is pretty much the only reason why it gets 3 stars from me Philip married 4 times Maria of Portugal Mary Tudor Isabelle of Valois and last wife Ana of Austria his longest and most fruitful i hate that word marriage and she isn't in here why Philip was by all accounts a serious hard working man very conscious of the big shoes he was filling and determined to do and better than his father Charles V ever didand yet he is portrayed here as a sad little insecure softie trembling in sight on ueen Juana but who nevertheless doesn't blink an eye or bat an eyelash when its time to burn a supposed hereticconfusingMad ueen Juana she's the reason why i gave this one 4 stars even though she' s the focus of book at all Her portrayal by the author is frankly fascinating and in my personal opinion very well achievedi shall say no None of these marriages were love marriages so although i understand the tittle i also find it odd no matter how much he may or may not have ended up caring about themdid they love him the position did their love mean the same as love means to modern ears it got me thinkingOne other word of advice the language is dated the pace is slow and some less patient people might get frustrated and want to jump a page or twoyeah guiltyIf you know your facts by all means go ahead its entertaining enough that you can read to it and it won't alter your perception of history like i said the settings are good and worth itAs an introduction i suppose its ok as long as you keep in mind this is part of a genre called historical FICTIONHappy Readings

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S powerful novel traces the story of Phillip II and of the women who came to know this cold blooded monster only as a devoted father and sensual lov. Jean Plaidy is as enjoyable as ever I admire the way in which she approaches history and the overlap in characters across her novels I've never found her books spectacular or memorable but they are always a good read

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The Spanish BridegroomGlittering courts of sixteenth century Europe the Spain of the dreaded Inuisition and the tortured England The Spanish PDFEPUB or of Bloody Mary thi. This was one of the first historical novels set in this period that I ever read I don’t remember much of it except Phillips marriage after Mary just a couple of scenes really Therefore I didn’t give this a much higher rating but honestly since I remembered the book after decades I would recommend it Especially for younger readers just starting out in historical fiction