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FREE READ ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub ñ Connie Briscoe In the past five years after breaking off the previous two at the last moment everyone's happy that she's finally settling down For Beverly and Julian nothing could be better than being in love and planning their wedding That is until Beverly's oldest sister's mar. It's nice to follow up on the three sisters from Sisters and Lovers and I found the seuel even engaging than the original Still the relationships in this book are problematic and I'm not sure whether the author knows so or whether the end is intended as happily ever after Kevin and Evelyn growing apart gives Evelyn the needed room for developing independence This independence is a theme in a number of Briscoe's books and it's one of the reasons I read her over and over again But this particular deployment is unconvincing Kevin's actions and transformation are so confusing that Evelyn's independence seems contrived As for Charmaine she and Tyrone never demonstrate an ability to talk about how to set boundaries with Tyrone's daughter and the armistice between his daughter and Charmaine at the very end seems like a deus ex machina to make the relationship appear healthy Beverly's story is definitely supposed to be the happiest of the three and it very nearly is But the secret her fiance kept seems serious to me than it does to her and her sistersRelationships are hard and complex and that complexity is well shown by this novel I just worry about the disparity between the tone and the message I marked it four stars because it's a book I'll read over and over again The dialogue is delightful the story is well written the chronological structure is smart and effective the characters have grown and changed since the first book and the relationship between the three sisters is a thing of beauty But none of their partners are Prince Charming and I just hope that they the author and the other readers know thatFeminist rubricPositives1 Womens' success outside of romance The womens' work lives are highlighted less than in the previous book but they are still definitely working women whose jobs do than just provide a change of scene from interacting with their partner2 Consensual sex The sex is consensual and the women are active instigators rather than passive recipients No slut shaming no sexual hang ups and no forcing themselves to do things to please their men These women are genuinely confident and comfortable with their sexuality Love it3 Positive relationships with other women The sisters' relationship is the biggest strength of this book There is much understanding kindness and support than in Sisters and Lovers I loved Valerie and Beverly's relationship in Sisters and Lovers so I'm sad that had to be sacrificed on the altar of romantic drama but the sisters' strengthened relationship makes up for it4 Passes Bechdel test5 Characters are racially andor culturally diverse without being stereotypes and without that being their main characteristicNeutral1 Self love not explicitly discussed2 No discussion of systems of oppression or toxic ideals eg kyriarchy beauty myth Negatives1 Virulent misogyny Briscoe does give Valerie a chance to explain her side of the story and gain some of the reader's compassion but her explanation is weak and used to characterize her as a fundamentally untrustworthy friend rather than a person who made a mistake Even in cases where the characters are so black and white and the hatred is justified I don't need misogyny in my romances I get it like everywhere else2 Non consensual relationshipping There are few examples of couples working together to make changes in their relationships and the main dynamic for Charmaine and Evelyn's relationships is that of a constant power struggle3 Appearance generally tied to male approval or disapproval

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FREE DOWNLOAD Ó Sisters Husbands ï ➳ Sisters Husbands Read ➻ Author Connie Briscoe – Ten years have passed since Sisters and Lovers and Beverly now 39 is engaged to Julian a man her family and friends agree is the epitome of a great catch he's gorgeous loyal trustworthy successful and Ten years have pas Riage falls apart and dampens the mood of what should have been the happiest time in Beverly's life Now second guessing her impending nuptials Beverly is forced to wonder if marriage really works Will she stick it out Or will her fears cloud her judgment once again. Sisters Husbands is the long awaited seuel to Connie Briscoe's first novel Sister's Lovers which was published than 10 years ago This story about Evelyn Charmaine and Beverly three very close sisters focuses on the month leading up to Beverly's weddingIn her late 30s this is Beverly's third engagement so everyone is watching for signs of cold feet But Beverly is not concerned Julian is the most wonderful man she has ever been with considerate caring sexy and with a great career that he loves However she starts to uestion the entire institution of marriage and lifetime monogamy when cracks begin to show in both of sisters' marriages especially the than 20 year union of Evelyn and her seemingly fabulous husband Kevin The story is filled with situations of life in the twenty first century balancing career and family blending families with children from previous relationships sharing custody being an empty nester possible physical abuse excessive materialism and good old fashioned family gatherings with traditional food and games It was interesting to see how three women raised in the same home with the same basic values would handle situations differently and have such different reactions and points of view No matter what happens however they support each other and will fight for each other each in her own way aggressively by Charmaine Evelyn the family counselor seeing both points of view and Beverly having never been married looking at many things through rose colored glasses although standing by her sisters and doing what she can in a much calmer tone than Charmaine Of course I'm not going to say what happens with each of the sisters' marriages but I will tell you that it's interesting to see the choices each makes and whySisters Husbands is a really great read and I wish I had read Sisters Lovers first to see the changes 10 years have made in the sisters and their points of view

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Sisters HusbandsTen years have passed since Sisters and Lovers and Beverly now is engaged to Julian a man her family and friends agree is the epitome of a great catch he's gorgeous loyal trustworthy successful and very much in love with her Since this is Beverly's third engagement. This was a good read Although I hadn't read Sisters Lovers I was able to follow the story with no issues The main characters were enjoyable and sometimes delightfully irritating ie Beverly She was so self righteous for someone who knew nothing about real love or good relationships Charmaine loved getting married In her uest to find the one she was at times too tolerant but in the end she learned to balance tolerance patienceEvelyn needed a real life and finally got one I wanted to stand up and cheer Way to go girlThe peripheral characters husbands boyfriends other family were all so diverse and contributed well to the storyI may have to go back and read Ms Briscoe's first book