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Rosamund had jilted Drew to become engaged to Howard It seemed logical for Holly and Drew to pretend to be lovers while they waited for their real loves to change their mind Penny Jordan's heroines are one of a kind 🙄😒😣 They deserve a special shelf I will think about it 🤔Holly's POVs left me tired 😪 I liked Drew he was very kind VERY patient with Holly's insecurities 💖 I also liked that he was a normal working man not the typical jerk tycoon that we find in many stories of HPlandiaI just needed pages for their HEA 👌

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Beyond Compare Harleuin Presents #1282It was a mistake It just had to be Surely Howard would come to his senses and realize Holly was the one for him When he did she'd be waiting Meanwhile though Holly Witchell Re Beyond Compare Penny Jordan takes the opportunity to give us another sneaky Alpha H pretending to be a Beta to get his girl The poor H has been in love with our cuddlesome baby bunny h since she was 16 But unfortunately our h is also as befuddled as a baby bunny and thinks she is in love with another guy But PJ makes the h sweet and winsome enough to avoid a lot of exasperation with her as the h later says she didn't know anything else at the timeThis one opens with the 22 yr old interior decorating stencil specialist h crying on her very kind boss's shoulder about how her long term boyfriend since school has dumped her for the local rich mean girl back in her home village The boss wisely doesn't comment except to say the h can do a lot better in the boyfriend stakes but she privately thinks the h has no clue and it is only propinuity and continuity that makes the h think she loves this guy The h on the other hand thinks her world has come to an end In the usual PJ style the h is a virtual orphan as her parents have emigrated to New Zealand to live near her brother The h is a lovely little black haired curvy pixie and very charming and sweet She is womaning herself up to attend her ex's engagement party back in the home village he so thoughtfully included an invitation after making sure she was free to attend The befuddled h thought he was going to propose then she got the big shock that she was dumped and he was marrying the local rich witch instead Naturally the h has accepted and now feels forced to attend her boss suggests taking another man along as an escort but the h doesn't know any other men She has always dated the cheating slime slurper and worked very hard on her career The weekend arrives and the h duly drives herself down to her home village there is glass on the road and the h drives over it puncturing two tires The H who is a hunky color blind farmer and wears green socks with his evening clothes happens along and rescues her He convinces her to stay at his farm instead of the local pub and finagles the garage into keeping the h's car longer so he can be her escort around The H is near 30 and had to leave school at 16 to take over his dead father's failing farm This is a very smart H tho and he soon turned the farm around and got an education Now he drives a Range Roverplays the stock market and can afford pricey designer stone washed jeans He also does magnificent woodwork and redid his house in examples of his craftHe isn't much good at decorating tho so the h immediately offers to do the finishing designs on his kitchen in repayment for him letting her stay with him The H is great with that since it will keep his befuddled h in his clutches longer as long as nothing is done in baby pink By the baby pink rejection we can tell this H is really a seekrit Alpha The time for the engagement party arrives and the h and H are all set to go They run into another couple who are old school friends and based on their comments the h gets a wonderful idear She tells the H that they should pretend to be in love and make their erstwhile ex's jealous and hopefully breakup the engagement The h who was having mopey moments all over the H mistakenly assumes that the H is heartbroken too The H being a kind but cagey kinda guy doesn't disabuse her of the notion as long as she keeps clinging to his manly chest that way I confess this is one of PJ's funniest H's ever in a drily laconic sorta way I fell off my chair laughing when he asks the h if they should do the starry eyed can't look away just in love impersonation or the established cozy cuddle warm glow sort The h takes the first option So fake just in love impersonation in place the h and H wander into the part and give their exes a nasty shock Things progress with the h doing faux marbling and stenciling of the H's cabinets and meeting his mum and her new hubby and some sweet roofie kisses from the H Since this H is so obviously besotted PJ doesn't bring out the big gun sick Alpha chest sponging techniue tho some cabinets get a bit of a swipe There is an interaction with a friendly bullock where the H has to dramatically rescue the h from a misplace cowpie and the H let's his wild side loose when he gets the h to make over him too Then prances around in very skimpy boxers to show off his six pack The h gets a good oggle or twenty in at all that manly muscle and furry chest before shy blushes overcome her fascination and she runs out of the room Eventually the h and H succumb to their big moment of passion and then the h who by now is fashing herself over the H still being in love with his ex while she has forgotten who her's even was thinks that she was just a sub for the evil mean girl Eventually the local elderly Lady of the Manor holds her annual birthday party and the evil mean girl makes her play She has ditched her erstwhile fiance and wants the H in his place The H uickly puts a stop to that nonsense and since his beta mask has slowly but surely been eroding away while his frustration over not having the h permanently grows he forcefully tells the h that he loves her The h has been a very naive dumb bunny but she uses her ears to hear for once and uickly avows her true love back The H explains that evil mean girl is an 'avaricious scheming stupid woman' and he has been in love with the h since she was 16 and he gave her a ride to school in a snowstorm The h protests that he let her believe he was heartbroken too and the H wittily explains You assumed she had and I well it was the most attention you'd paid me in over five years and I wasn't going to spoil it by telling you I wasn't sharing your misery' You gotta love a love an H like this not only is he kind a roofie kisser has six pack abs and is willing to let his lady redecorate anything she wants as long as it isn't baby pink he has a great sense of humor too and in HPlandia you just can't ask for anything than that

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Beyond Compare Harleuin Presents #1282 Book ´ 192 pages Download ò Penny jordan ì [PDF / Epub] ✍ Beyond Compare Harleuin Presents #1282 ☁ Penny Jordan – It was a mistake It just had to be Surely Howard would come to his senses and realize Holly Was determined to make Howard Neston appreciate what he had lost in jilting her for her glamorous schoolmate Rosamund And who better than Drew Hammond to help her after all Delicious Hero I loved it Heroine was a bit blind to what really mattered but she got there eventually These two had terrific chemistry