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Summary ☆ Kindred Author Octavia E. Butler 102 ë [PDF / Epub] ☆ Kindred By Octavia E. Butler – The first science fiction written by a black woman Kindred has become a cornerstone of black American literature This combination of slave memoir fantasy and historical fiction is a novel of rich lite Staring into the barrel of a shotgun and is transported back to the present just in time to save her life During numerous such time defying episodes with the same young man she realizes the challenge she’s been give. I had no idea what Kindred is about prior to reading it I previously read Octavia Butler's Wild Seed and thought it was marvelous and Kindred seems to be her most popular work judging by Goodreads ratings So buying a copy of Kindred without knowing anything about it was a no brainer I even deliberately avoided looking at the book's synopsis before hand I just wanted to get to know the book as I read on I hoped for a pleasant surprise which I did get This is only the second Octavia Butler book I have read and I already worship herKindred is about Dana an African American woman who finds herself time travelling involuntarily to Maryland in the early nineteenth century It is not explained how or why this happen to her the mechanic of it is entirely irrelevant to the story The novel is about her experience of slavery in the past Her fate becomes intertwined with Rufus a white ancestor who is the only son of a plantation owner and who somehow triggers her time traveling trips every time he is in mortal danger a situation that arises freuently to him than to most people While there she experiences the woes of slavery first hand including whipping beating degradation and humiliationThis is a harrowing and emotional read I almost cry manly tears during some of the chapters I never pondered what it may have been like to be a slave it is not exactly a contingency which is at all likely to ever arise However Ms Butler genius that she was made me feel it through the eyes of her protagonist The pains and humiliation of slavery resonates with me even though there ought to be nothing to resonate I kind of winced every time a stroke of a whip is described This is not a comfortable read but highly engrossing and thought provoking The book is very much character centric the relationship between Dana and Rufus is very complex and fascinating Dana's husband Kevin who also become embroiled in time traveling and is marooned in the nineteenth century for years without his wife adds to her complications his reaction to returning to the present time 1976 is entirely believable and again resonates stronglyThe book reminds me a little of Connie Willis's excellent Doomsday Book which is about time travelling to the fourteenth century and also a harrowing yet wonderful read though the emphasis of that book is on poverty hardship and diseases rather than slavery The involuntary time traveling aspect of the book reminds me of Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife though Kindred predates it and Kindred is certainly not a romantic book Octavia Butler was not one of those literary writers who try to avoid the science fiction label like the plague even while using sf tropes in their works she has always loved sf and gladly embraced the genre see photo below That said Kindred is also not science fiction The author described it as a grim fantasy and deliberately did not put any science in it it is described by some literary critics as a neo slave narrative I did consider why the book was written as a fantasy or almost sf instead of historical fiction then I realised that it was probably done so the modern reader can experience the nineteenth century Maryland through the protagonist's contemporary eyes this makes the book very visceralWhile the book was written to make the reader ponder some serious issues such as man's inhumanity to man ineuality and courage in an environment where you are made to feel worthless at no point did I feel like being lectured to The author knows the importance of communicating through the story and I was completely swept away by it Whatever I read next will likely suffer from being compared to this book This goes in my all time greats list Notes• From Torcom Octavia Butler Will Change the Way You Look at Genre Fiction• HERE is another reason to love Octavia Butler• Interesting background info from The PortalistKindred was inspired by the time a very young Butler spent with her mother at work Butler told In Motion Magazine in 2004 that a lot of the motivation behind her novel Kindred came when I was in preschool when my mother used to take me to work with her Kindred follows Dana a writer who travels back in time to the antebellum South and meets her ancestors a white plantation owner and a Black slave The novel argues for the courageousness of people existing under unimaginable circumstances as Dana makes compromises in order to survive slavery Butler's own mother was a housemaid and many of Butler's earliest memories were of the degradations her mother endured at work She told In Motion that witnessing the racism her mother put up with in order to bring Butler a better life helped inspire much of Kindred's message I got to see her not hearing insults and going in back doors and even though I was a little kid I realized it was humiliating I knew something was wrong it was unpleasant it was bad I remember saying to her a little later at seven or eight I'll never do what you do what you do is terrible And she just got this sad look on her face and didn't say anything I think it was the look and the memory of the indignities she endured I just remembered that and wanted to convey that people who underwent all this were not cowards were not people who were just too pathetic to protect themselves but were heroes because they were using what they had to help their kids get a little further Excellent Kindred Infographic with spoilers click on image to see full size

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The first science fiction written by a black woman Kindred has become a cornerstone of black American literature This combination of slave memoir fantasy and historical fiction is a novel of rich literary complexity H. “The ease Us the children I never realized how easily people could be trained to accept slavery” Butler is an author that constantly pops up on Best sci fi and Must Read African American authors lists and I can finally see why This book may be my first by her but it won't be my last Kindred is a fascinating horrific journey through a dark time in American history combining eye opening historical research with time travelI suppose some modern readers will want to compare this story to Outlander and there are some similarities a woman trying to survive in the past lots of blood soaked history and horror the harsh realities of being who you are in that time but not only did this book come first but it is far distressing tied in with historical truth and way about surviving than it is about lusty scenes with a kilted hot dudeIt's a really important what if book about race What if a modern black woman suddenly found herself transported 150 years into the past right into the centre of the antebellum South The book doesn't shy away from portraying the realities of that nothing is sugar coated be prepared for some upsetting scenes But it's also than a gruesome look at historical racism and violence There are many complex and interesting characters both slaves and slave owners Butler has written a book that goes deeper than surface level exploring how people come to accept slavery as the norm and to justify poor treatment of slaves Dana is horrified how easy it is And so was IKindred is so good because not only is it well written and emotionally effective but it also manages to be several different important things complex historical fiction intriguing science fiction and a memoir of slavery For a novel so obviously fictional it feels very real and true Maybe because sadly most of it is I know this is one book that will stay with me for a long timeBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

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Kindred Author Octavia E. ButlAving just celebrated her th birthday in California Dana an African American woman is suddenly and inexplicably wrenched through time into antebellum Maryland After saving a drowning white boy there she finds herself. DNF at 50% with some skipping What came first the egg or the chicken What came first the badly written book or the reading slump Hard uestions to answer but one thing is certain It definitely did not help forcing me to reach 50% of this book I only did it because of my rating rule and because I wanted to bitch about it So here it is again the time for an unpopular opinion I though this book to be TERRIBLE I don’t even know with what to start I understand it is written by a woman of color in a time when it was an extraordinary accomplishment I get and admire that I also get that she had an agenda to prove how easily one can accept slavery even in our modern world However the above is not a relevant excuse for bad writing cartoonish characters poorly conceived plot and ridiculous dialogue Also the use of time travel had nothing to do with SF there was no explanation of the phenomenon and it felt only as a lazy gimmick to prove her point Yes others used it as well but better in my opinion Let’s start with the plot We are in 1976 America a young black woman is married with a white man and she suddenly starts to repeatedly go back in time in the antebellum South so she can save a child and later young man who proves to be her ancestor It uickly becomes obvious that she has to save him every time he is in trouble otherwise she would not exist in the present time So far so good the premise sounds interesting Too bad the execution was poor Firstly the two pair accepted way to easy the time travelling part The same happened with the people in the past You tell me that a person in the 19th century would not freak out and try to murder any source of such an abomination The dialogues between the husband and wife after the first two times she comes back are laughable At first he doesn’t believe her although she disappeared and then he doesn’t understand why she is scared Really I would lose control of myself it that happened screaming my ass into a mental hospital Later when they both land in the past I could not believe how easily they get used to the roles they had to play there her as a slave and him as the white master I totally understand that she had to lay low in order to survive but that doesn’t mean she had to be acceptant in her mind or find excuses for that little piece of shit Rufus And to convinced Alice that is ok to be raped so you can survive NopeI disliked all the characters especially Dana and her detachment; the author did not make me feel anything except annoyance I know I am in minority here but it can’t be helped I can’t find many positive thoughts about this novel