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Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling New Riders Games characters ´ 100 ✓ ❰BOOKS❯ ✬ Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling New Riders Games Author Chris Crawford – As a game designer or media storyteller you know that the story is everything As a game designer or media storyteller you on Interactive Kindle #180 know that the story is everything However fi. Crawford is a well known idealist in the gaming industry and nowhere does it show than in this book The whole purpose behind this book is Crawford criticizing games in favour of interactive storytelling and then selling his way of crafting interactive storyworlds all the while stating how difficult it is but also how much artful than video gamesHis analysis of the industry circa 2004 goes to show that he has been a recluse since 1992 and has looked down on games since or maybe even before that While he puts out some good arguments for trying to create interactive storytelling applications and some of the observations about video games are correct it is clear that his focus on turning his eyes away from the video game industry has made him blind to some real advancements in the fields he cares about the most like character interactions and emergent storytelling What I found the most frustrating about this entire book however is that it isn't obvious what the use of interactive storytelling would exactly be other than an experiment to show you can do itWhat Crawford suggests throughout the book is to create a system akin to creating a narrative AI and the strangest thing about it is that he goes the whole way from stating that the biggest problem with games is lack of choice and that interactive storytelling is all about choice and effect all the way to encouraging designers to create roadblocks and pointing players in the right direction So what is this supposed to be in the end A similation A game with narrative focus A game with its conflict going away from mechanics which by the way is a silly way of putting it when the book spends 50% of its length explaining the MECHANICS of such conflictsNot only that Crawford also states many times that he himself hasn't yet created a fully satisfying system and the guy has been at it for than 20 years From what he wrote about the specifics of the system it seems it is uite basic despite all the hard work he had to accomplish to bring it to life I kept wondering if toiling over such a system was worth the time and effort and after reading this book I'm pretty sure it serves no purpose other than showing people it can be done and then nobody would have any reason to experience these storyworlds and even less reason to be astonishedThis is the point when Crawford would criticize me and fall back on his ultimate defense I just don't get it and I haven't understood or realised the potential and importance of the genre The thing is I'm pretty sure Crawford is in a vast minority of people who had done that and 8 years after this book was completed I still fail to see how interactive storytelling would be the next big thing and I'm pretty sure Crawford is lamenting the fact and asking himself Why are people so thick and can't see the genius in this method Of course he has his answer the video gaming industry is to blame Action games are to blame And since interactive storytelling is supposed to be art though how exactly is it anything than a simulation system build on tons and tons of code I fail to understand surely it is in the right yesI'm sorry to say but the only person who this book will be useful to in its entirety is Crawford himself who can look at it sitting on his bookshelve and pat himself on the back for all the great revolutionary ideas he has which will someday be relevant damn it Everyone else can find some basic assumptions about the gaming and interactive industries which will provoke some thought and maybe discussion but besides that this is 350 pages of self congratulating self appreciating theory which has yet to bear any real weight apart from being an experiment Interesting experiment to be sure but probably not something that will have a big if any effect on how we create interactive experiences

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Ely on different technologies and learn the storytelling lessons to be garnered from each of the past methodologies. I'm going to have to re read this when I am back to working on my interactive narrative projects There's a lot here and some of it explains why the interactive narrative story I was working on didn't go so well

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Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling New Riders GamesGuring out how to tell it interactively can be challenging This work provides examples of contemporary games that r. I thought this edition was greatly improved from the first It cleaned up a lot of the slower parts of the first edition and organized the chapters in a much coherent manner It is a good introduction to interactive storytelling for anyone who is interested but doesn't really know what it's all about I would highly recommend it if you're interested in this sort of thingChris Crawford is a fantastic writer I love his cynical grumpy old man style which I think is a lot how he is in real life although I've never met himyet Sometimes he can go off on a ranting tangent but most of the time he has control of himself or his editor made him tone it down a bit If you want the uncensored Chris Crawford experience just check out his website He also tells a lot of entertaining stories which make the book enjoyable and he uses very helpful and informative examples Mostly they are from movies such as The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars but at least most readers would have seen both of these and understand the examplesWhat I most liked about this book was that he simplified a lot of the ideas that were a little to complex in the first edition And of course this edition is updated to include his most recent foray into interactive storytelling Storytron It doesn't explain how it was a failure; for that check out storytroncom But it does explain how it was supposed to work and he does that uite wellHe doesn't spend nearly as much time talking about practical methods to pursue interactive storytelling; probably because there really are none He encourages experimentation although some could argue he doesn't encourage it enough Some times he will say that one way is the only way and all other ways are stupid but then later he will say that he couldn't get that way to work It can be a little confusing but my suggestion is to just ignore those comments and get what you can out of the book