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Finding Love Again Read & Download â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [Ebook] ➣ Finding Love Again By AlTonya Washington – Winner of the Romantic Times BOOKClub Magazine Reviewer’s Choice Award 2005 Lawrencia DeZhabi never dreamed her desire to craft a career of her own would land her a Oblems the couple could never have imagined Ivan and Lawrencia will fight to reclaim their love when separation betrayal and loss keep them apart and dim their path to love. I purchased this novel at the Romantic Times conference held in Saint Louis in 2005 I'm behind in my reading I know Long story short I relocated and just got around to getting my books from my parents basement Still coughing from all the dust LOLOn to the review I loved this novel very well written I felt every emotion I believe the author intended for me to feel It's a classic classy love story I love ALL the characters Wanted to beat Hester myself I don't want to spoil the story I would highly recommend this novel to all the romance readers I think you will enjoy the story and fall in love with Ivan and Rencia DeZhabri

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Winner of the Romantic Times BOOKClub Magazine Reviewer’s Choice Award Finding Love ePUB #9734 Lawrencia DeZhabi never dreamed her desire to craft a career of her own wou. Although Ivan was an absolute pig for half the book I thought it was pretty good It was nice to see Rencia stick to her guns and pursuit a career despite her husbands male chauvinistic attitude It did take Ivan and Rencia a really long time to work things out I don't know if it was realistic that a couple is apart for 3yrs and remained married wo seeing other people I think if they dated others it would have added a bit spice to the story Overall I enjoyed it and would recommend

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Finding Love AgainLd land her a job as the face for one of the industry's leading cosmetics companies Her husband Ivan was none too thrilled and the once in a lifetime opportunity created pr. Finding Love with an Alpha MaleThis story was a reread for me which is a rarity The story was released after editing and revisions were made The second time around was a better read If you looked up a photo in the dictionary for Alpha Male Ivan's picture would grace the page on prominent display He was such a manipulative man I found his behavior hard to accept at times he even demeaned his wife Rencia wanted to find a job and feel worthy and Ivan treated her like it was the 1950s One day while Rencia and a friend had lunch at a restaurant an executive and owner of a fashion enterprise chose Rencia as the face of their new cologne after admiring her natural beauty Rencia lied to Ivan about the offer and when he found out his indifference and poor treatment caused a breakup in the marriage for a few years As time passed it seemed the marriage would never survive but finding love again is always a possibility if love is never loss