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REVIEW Á Infamous Bargain ó ➻ Infamous Bargain Free ➱ Author Daphne Clair – What other choice did she haveYou're not so irresistible you know Briar told KynanWealth good looks power and sex appeal Financier Kynan Roth had all the superficial advantages Briar was looking for o What other choice did she haveYouShe going to convince the cynical Kynan of that when to rescue her father she had just committed the cardinal sin of marrying him for his mone. What Naksed said


Had all the superficial advantages Briar was looking for other ualities in a husband compassion understanding and above all trust But how was. This is my first book by this authorand I really enjoyed it The story is about a marriage of convenience that turns out to not be so convenient when the heroine experiences remorse over her decision to marry the hero in order to save her father from facing federal indictment charges The hero looks at the marriage as a marriage of convenience with a bride price attached The heroine views herself no better than a prostitute that has sold herself for 5M They have to work past the hurt and learn what is at the heart of the matter This is a very intense very hot read that had me turning the pages There were moments when I wanted to just shake the heroine and tell her to grow up But since that happens in most of the HP's I read I figured I couldn't fault the author

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Infamous BargainWhat other choice did she haveYou're not so irresistible you know Briar told KynanWealth good looks power and sex appeal Financier Kynan Roth. Re Infamous Bargain Daphne Clair brings us a very thoughtful look at that classic HP trope that is still a winner even after 50 years of HPness DC is doing the blackmail the h into an MOC to financially bail out her family tropeThis is a great book and I give it 4 stars cause all the best elements of a classic HP are present sweet virginal heroine kind to small animals and stepmothers check with added bonus of feist and spiceOur sunny but pragmatic h is forced by her dubious investor father's massive stroke to make a deal with the H His money about 5 million or so and his business expertise to ward off the circling vultures in exchange for her Lurve Force Mojo inspiring Unicorn Grooming body and heir carrying abilities With the added bonus of an accomplished h social hostess as her beloved step mum gets flustered even having the Ladies Bridge Club over for tea and the h is a pro at the society stuff The H is getting an even bigger add on bonus with an h who has dignity and can season all that grace and class with a sometimes fiery temper brooding hero with past emo damage and nefarious designs on sweet virginal h's body double check with added bonus that H has a kinda romantic side tooThe H suffered thru the drama of his parent's marriage imploding over the Luscious Lures of a Femme Fatale OW who was the tender age of 21 to the H's 17 She drove his 38 year old father round the bend in a frenzy of fevered longing Unfortunately the H felt those fevered longing pains for the Temptress Tart OW too and THAT caused an irreparable rift between the H and his once beloved father when he spent a mandated kid visit with them one summer infamous bargain of H blackmailing h into marriage triple check score His money to rescue desperate father and aforementioned stepmom in exchange for h's sweet passion and a couple of kids Is it any wonder this is such a great book No and then you have added double word score bonus of a honeymoon trip to the Waipoua Forest to visit the great Tane Mahuta which is either the God of the Forrest or the Lord of the Forest and incorrectly referred to in the book as the Father of the Forrest oops minus half a point You also get the invaluable knowledge that Visa can buy your hair color but being able to crack a joke about said hair color without your H thinking you're getting a dig in on how your marriage came about is priceless DC has a very fine sense of balance as the H and h embark upon their marriage They both have verbalized the monetary and the physical reasons they have married There truly is NO illusions or protestations of the love in either the build up to the marriage or the actual start of the marriage itself Yet as we follow the H and h through the getting to know each other phase and the proposition phase and the initial unwillingness of the h to believe that her father is pimping her out there is also a lot of interaction between the two of them that makes you understand that in any other 'regular' social interaction and dating situation these two would naturally be a couple They work together really well when they forget the reasons they married and drop their snarky attitudes and baggage Of course that also means that the moments where they pick the baggage up again like when the H buys the h's childhood home and kinda treats it as a uid pro uo Purple Passion situation things can get a little awkward I liked how that played out too cause the h would do something spontaneous like make a joke about her enhanced hair color and then get embarrassed when she had to ask the H if he felt cheated on his investment DC has a really great time playing around with the double entendre's that naturally are embedded in everyday situations especially when you both know you married and are conjugating in a pretty basic financial transaction We get to see the emotional trauma engendered by the situation as well as the h has some very humiliating boudoir moments when she recalls the reasons they are there to begin with The H is getting a groove on and the h just can't respond as enthusiastically as she normally does It was realistic it was sad and it was really well done The only complaint I actually really have about this book is the fact that Briar the h remains so clueless for so long about the fact that Kynan the H is head over heels for her She should have known by the end of Daddy Long Legs that he was mad about her cause believe me any guy who spends the afternoon reading a romance to his girl in a single bed is truly lost to love even if he scores afterwards Eventually of course things are going to come to a crescendo and in this book they do when the H's father's Tarty Temptress OW wants the H to break the trust to give her the money she would lose per the H's father's will if she marries again The OW makes her plea in front of the h and the h who has by now learned uite well that the black and white of things is really shades of grey helps the H to see that are two sides to every story and that his interpretation of things isn't always the correct oneThe H had always felt that the Tarty Father Stealing OW had come on to him at 17 But the h realizes that that is just how the OW is a person The OW doesn't know how to act in any other way around any male and that for all her sins of which there were many the OW really did love the H's father and the father did not love her back So the OW spent 16 years wildly in love with a man who really did not love her back and probably did not even like her that much Besides which the H's father was almost forty when he and the OW had their thing so to blame everything on her was definitely a biased opinion There were a whole lot of factors beside the staggering perky chest area of the OW at play and the H finally comes to realize thatHis ability to make peace with the past plus his recognition of his own biases against beautiful women help him come to the conclusion that the reason he went ahead and made this Infamous Bargain with the h to begin with is that he fell in love at first sight did not want to even admit it to himself and therefore used any excuse he could to get her into his clutchesThe H's awakening pairs nicely with the h's understanding that the only reason she even thought about selling her body to the H was because she was falling in love with him too and the bargain she willingly entered into gave her a get out clause of the H has to pay to play so SHE never had to make her heart vulnerable either Neither one of them have the courage to admit any of the above tho until the h realizes she is preggers and the H has his gestalt that if he really loves the h like he thinks he does he is going to have to let her go The h's unexpected preggerness nicely sets us up for a big mopey moment when each one thinks the other is going to dump them and run But the H gathers up his manly courage and confesses that he is wildly in love with the h right as she is taking a chance and declaring her love back It was a lovely romantic moment that was totally enhanced by my favorite line below full of uality manly snarkIs insanity a symptom of pregnancy by any chance See she should have paid attention to the DLL incidentSo the moral of this story for Kynan is to always remember Blackmail may get the girl in your bed but it comes back to bite your rear when you fall in love with her And the moral for Briar is Never use your daddy's massive stroke to disguise the fact that you really want to throw your unicorn grooming license on the bonfire of a fiery dragon ride Own your feelings young lady and just admit it Okay lesson learned and true love for evah rules for another fantastically romantic HPlandia HEA HurrayThis one is a great HP classic and while I may cringe at some of the financial transaction sounding moments it really is a very well written story The OW wasn't nice by any means but she was understandable tho I was glad to see her vanish into the HP mists as all OW should doI put this one on the reuired HP reading list Because this is such a common HP trope that is very uncommonly well done Every HP voyager should have this book on their trip list to really appreciate how satisfying an outing that old Blackmailing MOC to True Love trope can be