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FREE READ · Grabben i graven bredvid ¶ [Reading] ➿ Grabben i graven bredvid ➶ Katarina Mazetti – The bestselling offbeat down to earth love story The Observer London now available in the United StatesAn international sensation this addictively readable tale asks the uestion Why is it so impossibl ThEcoming the village's Old Bachelor and an unlikely love that should not be as complicated as it seems Reminiscent of the works of Carol Shields this uirky humorous beautifully told novel breathes new life into the age old conundrum that is lo. I browse produce at the market the same way that I browse books at the library whatever looks appealing at that very moment I judge books by their covers really is there any other logical way to choose them Sometimes an intriguing title an interesting illustration or an author's name will draw me in Each time I never know what it'll be Benny Shrimp what a strange title And probably why I grabbed it off the M fiction shelf at the library Definitely offbeat The story begins with Benny Shrimp meeting each other in an unconventional 'pick up' spot the cemetery How romantic The author does a good job getting under the skin of both of the main characters The story is told in alternating first person viewpoints and unlike some other books the voices of the characters are completely believable I'm not sure if I agree with the reviewers on the jacket coverit definitely didn't restore my faith in love although it did put a smile on my face The author created so many barriers between these two people getting together that towards the end I frantically kept wondering what would happen because the pages were running out and Benny and Shrimp seemed like they were still on two different planets and there was no figurative star bridge in sight The ending was so abrupt and different from what I expected that I'm still trying to figure out whether or not I liked it or if it was a let down Borrowing Christy's phrase the whole book was an unromantic comedy but maybe that's how life is some or most of the time

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P between two middle aged misfits to work The answer lies in the story of Shrimp a young widowed librarian with a sharp intellect and a home so tidy that her jam jars are in alphabetical order Benny a gentle overworked milk farmer who fears b. Some books you fall in love with at the very beginning from page one I was in a with this little novel It begins with Desiree sitting on the bench in front of her husbands grave She is trying to feel bad enough about his death Desiree is a librarian who lives in the city Her apartment is in the minimalist in fashion and she dresses mainly in beige While at the cemetery she sees a farmer who is constantly planting things at the gaudy over the top plot next to her late husbandThat farmer is Benny He has just lost his mother the one person who held his house hold together Benny milks his 24 cows twice a day and her tends to all the farms needs after that he has little time for cleaning cooking or worrying how warm it is in the house Benny hasn't done anything to the house since his mother died so it is full of her cross stitch and fake plants with a thick layer of dust to hold it all togetherSitting next to each other on that bench they see each other smile and the sparks fly Benny and Desiree who he aptly names Shrimp begin a whirl wind romance like none you have ever experienced This novel was originally written in Swedish and now we have the tremendous opportunity to read this hilarious book by this inspiring author If there was anything lost in the translation you would never know it This novel is intelligent hilarious romantic happy and melancholy all at one time I would not be surprised to see this one on all the BEST SELLERS list very soon


Grabben i graven bredvidThe bestselling offbeat down to earth love story The Observer London now available in the United StatesAn Grabben i MOBI #233 international sensation this addictively readable tale asks the uestion Why is it so impossible to get a relationshi. I hated EVERYTHING about this book The terrible stupid plot line with its stupid conflicts and twists that I had to read TWICE because each event was delved into in excruciating detail by each character the chapters alternated from Benny's voice to Shrimp's The crappy poetry intro to each chapter The annoying characters especially the librarian who lived up to all stereotypes of a librarian by being plain and boring and shrimpy AND all the stereotypes of crazy women by being moody and obnoxious and over reacting to everything The amazingly awful metaphors the author was fond of seriously like 5 per page My favorite She had muscles down there like a milkmaid's hands after a whole summer up in the mountain pastures And yes its referring to what you think its referring to And then there was the ending It was unexpected but that didn't make it any less terrible Since none of you will hopefully punish yourselves by reading this book I will spoil it for you They don't end up together but Shrimp convinces him to father her children Which he agrees to even though by now almost engaged to someone else And of course she thinks he's NOT going to so she's crying or screaming or doing something irrational but then he's there waiting to seduce her The end What the hellAnyway Don't read it note I didn't even mention the creepy co worker librarian with anti social tendencies who spies on people instead of making friends