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review Jennifer Government Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ [Reading] ➾ Jennifer Government By Max Barry – In Max Barry's twisted hilarious and terrifying vision of the near future the world is run by giant corporations and employees take the last names of the companies they work for It's a globaliseIn Max Barry's twisted hilarious and terrifying vision of the near future the world is run by giant corporations and employees take the last names of the companies they work for It's a globalised ultra capitalist free market paradise Hack Nike is a lowly merchandising officer who's not very good at negotiating h. A satire about neoliberalism leads to its ultimate goal that shows the immense flaws and unlogic of this fairy tale Imagine the opposite of a state dictatorship like communism or state communism with state owned companies and directed market economy Instead companies own everything and the state belongs to them One may ask where there is a difference to our actual situation Well in this case it is official and no farce is held all few years and called a democratic election In this gritty sick world and setting many tropes and ideas to caricature privatization and globalization can be set in place Instead of hitting on Milton Friedman Friedrich von Hayek and their successors one should spread novels like that cause laughing about something has two great effects Once it doesn´t make one angry or sad and secondly it´s the only appropriate reaction to this whole mambo jumbo yada yada economic system Readers who liked the idea might like Richard Morgans' novel Market Forces which deals with a similar scenery And leftist non fiction in general

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For a subcontracting deal and lease the assassination to the experienced NRA Enter Jennifer Government a tough talking agent with a barcode tattoo under her eye and a personal problem with John Nike the boss of the other John Nike And a gun Hack is about to find out what it really means to mess with market force. There is so much I want to say about this book It is so jammed packed with interesting ideas and characters that there are a million places to start Perhaps I’ll just get the crude and vulgar out of the way firstThe world of Jennifer Government reads like an Ayn Rand wet dream Corporations have free reign in what is called the United States of America but actually comprises North and South America Australia New Zealand and the British isles or for you George Orwell fans out there Oceania The government makes Nozick’s Night watchman state look like Soviet Russia and even most basic services are provided by companies The teacher jotted something in his folder McDonald's sponsored schools were cheap like that at Pepsi schools everyone had notebook computers Also their uniforms were much better But all is not happy go lucky in this Capitalist Paradise Where the government does not have a monopoly on violence those that deal in violence are attracted to the highest bidder A corporate Cold War is on the verge of heating up and in this case the customer isn't always right The battle lines have been drawn Every Team Alliance company is in competition with every Team Advantage company Every customer who flies TA airline will buy a computer from Compa instead of IBM Boeing is with us because otherwise United Airlines won't buy from it With this as the backdrop we are introduce to a wide cast of characters whose threads eventually get entangled with each other and much bigger eventsJohn Nike because in this world you are your job or at least your last name is your company is what John Galt would be if Ayn Rand had a halfway decent editor He condenses Jon Galt’s infamous ninety page radio speech into two paragraphs that absolutely represent the spirit of the age Look I am not designing next year's ad campaign here I'm getting rid of the Government the greatest impediment to business in history You don't do that without a downside Yes some people will die But look at the gain Run a cost benefit analysis Maybe some of you have forgotten what companies really do So let me remind you they make as much money as possible If they don't investors go elsewhere It's that simple We're all cogs in wealth creation machines that's allI've given you a world without Government interference There is now no advertising campaign no intercompany deal no promotion no action you can't take You want to pay kids to get the swoosh tattooed on their foreheads Who's going to stop you You want to make computers that need repair after three months Who's going to stop you You want to reward consumers who complain about your competitors in the media You want to pay them for recruiting their little brothers and sisters to your brand of cigarettes You want the NRA to help you eliminate your competition Then do it Just do it He is a ruthless amoral sanctimonious asshole and thrives in the world corporations have constructed It's my job to increase sales Is it my fault that killing kids to create buzz was the best way to do it If Government had the muscle to enforce the law it wouldn't have made economic sense but they don't and it did this is the world we live in If you don't take advantage of the rules you're a suckerIf it doesn't have a dollar sign in front of it isn’t connected to a board of directors or doesn't wear a short skit he isn’t interested He is pure id in the empire of idJennifer Government the book’s namesake is a bit rougher around the edges hemmed in by Government limitations that prevent her from seeing justice done In order to pursue a murder investigation she has to convince the victims' families to pony up money for a budget The Government's budget only extends to preventing crime not punishing it For retributive investigation we can only proceed if we can obtain funding She fit nicely into the loose cannon cop trope while still delivering both a softer side with her daughter and a interesting backstory than most who populate the trope In a way Jennifer felt bad busting into such a nice place in full riot gear and scaring the crap out of everybody But in another accurate way she enjoyed it a lot The world itself is uite dystopian All the places in the USA are homogenized be they LA Australia or England The overwhelming cultural impulse is to do anything to get ahead to get yours and to hell with other people People have internalized this to the point where that commit immoral actions child abduction murder assassinations etc or suffer psychological breakdowns when they finally burn out It is a culture driven by consumerism and consumption at the cost of overseas workers the environment and our shared humanityThankfully things like this The cheap roads were clogged even at six thirty but he was only four blocks from a premium Bechtel freeway and that was eight lanes two dollars a mile and no speed limit Would never happen in AmericaWell at least this would never happen Prison housing prices have really jumped lately Some of these places you do fifteen years' labor and come out owing them for food and board Not in the good ole US of AWell at least emergency services will never devolve into this Sir I need to know if the victim is part of our register If she's one of our clients we'll be there within a few minutes Otherwise I'm happy to recommend I need an ambulance I'll pay for it I don't care just comeDo you have a credit card sirYes Send someone nowAs soon as I confirm your ability to pay sir This will only take a few seconds Yup no way that happens here in the land of the free and the home of the brave Goddamnit world this book was not supposed to be a how to guideAnyway doomsday prophesying aside this was a very fast read Chapters were just a few pages long and the action jumps among a wide cast of characters The writing is sharp see below for some of my favorite uotes and Barry does a great job bringing this Calitalizm nightmare to life I did think the ending was a bit lacking much like Lexicon but I greatly enjoyed this book in spite of this If you like economic dystopias or just think the setting sounds fun then by all means check this outAlso if you are feeling ambitious start and run your own nation at Nationstates a site affiliated with this bookNow without further ado funhorrifying uotes Companies were getting a lot tougher on labor contracts these days; Hack had heard stories At Adidas if you uit your job and your replacement wasn't as competent they sued you for lost profitsI want to commandeer your vehicle for Government business We pay three hundred dollars per hour of use plus any necessary repairs Also you have the satisfaction of knowing you've helped prevent crimes in your communityThree hundred up frontCompanies claimed to be highly responsive but you only had to chase a screaming man through their offices to realize that wasn't trueThere was no place for irony in marketing it made people want to look for deeper meaning there was no place in marketing for that eitherThere are lots of other brilliant and funny lines as well you should read it and see them for yourself

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Jennifer GovernmentIs salary So when John Nike and John Nike executives from the promised land of Marketing offer him a contract he signs without reading it Unfortunately Hack's new contract involves shooting teenagers to build up street cred for Nike's new line of trainers Hack goes to the police but they assume that he's asking. If asked to write the foreword to some 20th anniversary commemorative edition I would say that Max Barry's Jennifer Government is like a bottle of Diet Neal Stephenson served with a twist of Christopher Moore or perhaps a dash of Tom Robbins There is something uncannily similar between Snow Crash and Jennifer Government in the comic book pacing; in the hyperbolic and impossible but chillingly familiar geo political climate that he illustrates; in the characters that reek of auto erotic caricature and yet are so well drawn so believable and sympathetic and damn plausible You can see YT dropping out of school because of girls like Haley McDonald's You can see NRA franchises competing against La Cosa Nostra in the burbclaves You can imagine Hiro Protagonist sub contracted by Jennifer Government to fend off Violet ExxonMobil You wonder how the milieus of these novels aren't linkedBut even if you haven't read Snow Crash even if you aren't making those comparisons you will find this one wholly enjoyable It has an immediate start thrusts you headlong into the story already in progress but makes sure to catch you up just as uickly And it never loses this momentum The chapters coming at you fast each about 3 5 pages and are fairly dialogue driven Before you know it you'll find you've burned through 100 pages THIS IS NOT A BAD THING The narrative draws you in the prose gets out of the way and the characters encourage you to get investedBorderline 5 star review There is a whimsy to this tale that draws on a lot of familiar dystopian capitalist tropes eg the libertarian anarchy of free market capitalism run amok; it borders on cliche but doesn't uite cross the frontier into hackneyed territory That it gets that close that the prose taps its toes on cliche's fences is where we lose the fifth star in the rating But that the narrative goes there so unabashedly in all of its over the top banality that is a beautiful thing